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    Team Magma Leader Maxie


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    Team Magma Leader Maxie Empty Team Magma Leader Maxie

    Post by Maximum Mon May 02, 2016 7:52 pm

    Team Magma Leader Maxie 120px-Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_Maxie

    Maxwell "Maxie" Matsubusa
    Text Color 9b4d51
    Theme(s) I Am The Fire
    Item -Rubeus has a bag that he carries some of the extra/heavier stuff in
    -Universal Communicator
    -Keystone (in Glasses)
    -Old Team Magma Coat.
    -Rations for him and his Pokemon
    -Spare Glasses.
    -Moon Stone
    -Go-Goggles that fit over his glasses
    -Flint and steel
    -A few notebooks and files from Team Magma. Kept in plastic bags and generally not removed from his bag. Also a few pens and pencils just in case he wants to record something. Has a few blank notebooks just for that.
    -Several bottles of Fresh Water. 3 Hyper potions, 1 Full Restore, 2 Full Heals, 5 Antidotes
    -Cheri berries, Pecha berries
    Weapons -His Pokemon
    -Hunting Knife
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Birthdate July 24
    Age 38
    Species Human
    Weight 114 lbs.
    Height 5'5"
    Region of origin Hoenn
    Occupation Former Leader of Team Magma/Geologist
    Party Rubeus, Shale, Obsidian, and Lignite were Pokemon he actively used in Team Magma. Dunite was a Pokemon he trained, but due to the difficulties of raising a Trapinch to full evolution, he never used him in scenarios where using an unevolved Pokemon would be risky. Heliotrope was originally more of a pet, but Maxie decided to train the lizard before the Epidemic and then especially afterwards. He has not lost any of his personal Pokemon.
    Pkm 1
    Team Magma Leader Maxie 323
    Team Magma Leader Maxie Pokeball
    Name- Rubeus
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- ee6a4a
    Species- Camerupt
    Level- 65
    Ability- Solid Rock
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Earth Power (Level)
    -Flash Cannon (TM)
    -Earthquake (Level)
    **Lifelong friend and steadfast companion. Has a collar with a cracked Cameruptite in it.
    Pkm 2
    Team Magma Leader Maxie 169
    Team Magma Leader Maxie Pokeball
    Name- Shale
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- a45acd
    Species- Crobat
    Level- 64
    Ability- Inner Focus
    Attack list-
    -Cross Poison (Start)
    -Acrobatics (Level)
    -Confuse Ray (Level)
    -X-Scissor (TM)
    **Obtained while in Team Rocket.
    Pkm 3
    Team Magma Leader Maxie 262
    Team Magma Leader Maxie Pokeball
    Name- Obsidian
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- 4a4a4a
    Species- Mightyena
    Level- 63
    Ability- Intimidate
    Attack list-
    -Sucker Punch (Level)
    -Swagger (Level)
    -Roar (Level)
    -Sunny Day (TM)
    **Used as a support Pokemon, and normally paired with Lignite. Has a Heat Rock on her collar
    Pkm 4
    Team Magma Leader Maxie 229
    Team Magma Leader Maxie Pokeball
    Name- Lignite
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- a45a4a
    Species- Houndoom
    Level- 60
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (Level)
    -Foul Play (Level)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Solar Beam (TM)
    **Has a Life Orb on his collar.
    Pkm 5
    Team Magma Leader Maxie 330
    Team Magma Leader Maxie Pokeball
    Name- Dunite
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- 94d59c
    Species- Flygon
    Level- 58
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Boomburst (Pre-Evolution Level)
    -Bug Buzz (Pre-Evolution Level)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Earth Power (Pre-Evolution Level)
    **Wearing a Silk Scarf
    Pkm 6
    Team Magma Leader Maxie Heliolisk
    Team Magma Leader Maxie Pokeball
    Name- Heliotrope
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- f25e55
    Species- Heliolisk
    Level- 55
    Ability- Sand Veil
    Attack list-
    -Thunderbolt (TM)
    -Dragon Pulse (Tutor)
    -Glare (Bred)
    -Surf (HM)
    **Shiny. Wearing a Rocky Helmet. He often likes clinging to Maxie's back and peeks over his shoulder at things.
    Quote "Some wrongs cannot be atoned for, no matter how you try to right them."
    "But you should try anyway."
    History Maxie was born in the city of Pewter to parents that could barely afford to support him. He was fortunate that they didn't begrudge him for this, but they had to work long hours to barely keep themselves afloat financially. This led to the child learning how to take care of himself from an early age, and he matured more quickly than others his age. This put some distance between him and his peers, and he often took to playing by himself or reading. He had an interest in the nearby mountain and caves, but his lack of Pokemon prevented him from going too far. A traveling trainer with a Camerupt and several Numel passed through the town one day, and one of the young Numel attached to Maxie and vice versa. He wasn't sure how he could ask his parents to let him keep the pokemon, for feeding the Numel properly would be an added strain on them, and he didn't want to inflict that on his parents. When he asked them, they offered a solution. If he was willing to train the Numel and battle other trainers or do odd jobs around town, he could earn money to feed his Pokemon. Deciding to take the opportunity, he talked to the trainer again, and he was allowed to keep the young Numel that he named Rubeus.

    He was at first nervous about training and battling, but he found he had a certain knack for it. It also allowed him to explore the various caves and eventually, Mount Moon. One of his fondest memories of this time is when he and Rubeus had stayed out a little too long accidentally and wandered to a secret part of the mountain during the full moon. Here the young pair saw Clefairy, and remembering a myth about the Clefairy gathering to dance under the full moon, Maxie immediately started belly crawling so he wouldn't accidentally disturb them. Rubeus stood as low to the ground as his nubby legs would allow, and the pair finally found the small pool where the Clefairy gathered. The dance in the moonlight entranced the pair, and the Clefairy then placed a small stone down before scattering into the night. Given that one of the fairies looked towards the "hidden" pair and winked, they got the impression that they had been spotted and that the stone was a gift for them. When Maxie stumbled over to see what it was; he wasn't sure, but the strange black stone was beautiful. Heading back home when it was so late and dark inside the mountain was a bad idea, so the pair spent the night under the stars.

    When he made it back home the next day, he was fussed at by his parents, but he didn't take it to heart much. There was someone in town who could tell him more about the stone the Clefairy had left for him, and upon learning it was a Moon Stone, he was excited to learn about what the stones could do. He barraged the old man with questions, but he didn't seem to mind the excitable youth. This would be what inspired Maxie to get interested in stones, and his enthusiasm for learning shone through in his studies. Despite how well he did in school, he despaired to learn just how much college cost. He tried to start saving his trainer money and cut back on any extra luxuries, and he continued doing jobs around town to get any spare cash he could. Unfortunately, his father got terribly sick, and all of his savings were needed to keep him alive. His father survived the illness, but Maxie was back down to no money. While he knew he couldn't blame his father for getting sick, he was frustrated and started to despair if he would ever make it to college.

    It was almost a miracle when a recruiter for some organization took interest in his high grades and interest in geology. Especially his interest involving evolutionary stones. The organization, called Team Rocket, offered him a scholarship on a single condition. As soon as he graduated, he was to work for them for a time. Deciding this was his only shot, he took it, disregarding the fact that he had heard one or two not so savory things about this supposed organization. He loved learning at a higher level, and worked hard to earn his degree and not disappoint his parents or benefactors. He even managed to graduate early. Almost as soon as he had his diploma, he was sent a message to meet his new boss as soon as possible. There he was given a uniform and a Zubat, and he was informed that he was one of the grunts. Which meant that he was to do what he was told regardless of if he agreed with it or not. Maxie wasn't a particularly rebellious child, but that was due to his parents trusting him. Now he had someone trying to tell him to shut up and listen no matter what. Sparks of defiance formed, but he knew better than speaking his mind now. As long as they didn't actually try making him do something against his nature, he would play along.

    He named the Zubat Shale, and several of his fellow grunts gave him weird looks for it. He didn't care though, for when he ran into flocks of zubat every day, having a name for his was convenient for calling. Or at least that's what he told them. He really abhorred the idea of only referring to Pokemon by species name, but he felt that telling them that might not work in his favor. He didn't think on that long, however, for one of the other grunts, named Archie, took an interest in him, and Maxie was originally determined to not let the other man get close to him. He didn't have any plans of staying with this organization as soon as his time was up, and he didn't see the point of making friends with his coworkers. It didn't help that Archie was also his polar opposite in personality and occasionally rubbed Maxie the wrong way. Despite this, the man's determination eventually wore down Maxie's walls, and the two often became partners on missions. Maxie didn't mind him as much, and they bonded over a mutual love of Pokemon.

    Rubeus evolved into a Camerupt, and Shale evolved all the way to Crobat, much to the surprise of all of his coworkers besides Archie. The reaction to Shale was another tick to the checklist of Maxie's suspicions involving the darker nature of the company. He hadn't missed how many of his superiors had owned Golbat for supposedly long periods of time, and the off color comments about their other Pokemon. Archie was the only one he could confide in on the matter, and there was a sneaking fear that his boss was eyeing Rubeus. This all came to a head when Archie and Maxie were assigned to work on a boat; the duties they assigned Maxie there pushed his limits on what he would allow, and he outright snapped at his supervisor a few times. The supervisor, secure in his own power, decided to lay down the law with threats. He told Maxie that he was to shut up and do as he was told, or he would take Rubeus away. This pissed Maxie off, but what made him explode was the next statement made in the supervisor's pure hubris. He commented that he might just take Rubeus anyway since Camerupt were rare for the area, and Rubeus was a powerful creature. Fear for his friend and rage for being manipulated in such a way erupted into a blazing inferno, and he challenged the supervisor to a battle. The fight escalated to the point where Maxie finally ordered Rubeus to use Earthquake. On a boat.

    This doomed the ship, and it practically split in two at the force of Rubeus's attack. Maxie was able to recall Rubeus before something happened, and he gave the ball to Shale with the order to get out. He didn't expect that he would get trapped, and when he started to sink under the water, he was certain he wasn't getting out of this alive. Due to some miracle, Archie was able to find him before he completely succumbed to drowning and dragged him to shore, where Shale landed and fretted over him. The two men were apparently the sole survivors of the accident, and they realized they had an opportunity to leave Team Rocket. They were merely grunts in the organization, and no one would look for their bodies. They couldn't go back home though, or they would likely be found. They decided to go to Hoenn to set up new lives. It gave Maxie a heavy heart to realize that he would never see his parents again, but it was probably for the best that they never knew what he had done.

    Since they had so little to start with, Maxie and Archie decided to live together and work odd jobs to stay fed and keep up living costs. The two of them grew even closer during this time, and Maxie was actually happy with his life. Archie's more outgoing personality couldn't be contained however, and while Maxie didn't begrudge him making new friends, he couldn't help but feel slightly left out. Ever since he almost died to drowning, he couldn't stand deep water, and this meant he couldn't even participate in a lot of things Archie liked doing. Eventually, Archie and his friends start up a team that was like an ocean conservation group, and at first, Maxie didn't mind it too much. He wasn't enthused with the idea, but he tried not to let his personal fears bleed through. Then Archie started coming back home with injuries from various sources. Wild Pokemon, poachers, chemicals. Or, on the nights that worried Maxie the most, he didn't come back at all. Archie often got tattoos to cover up the scars, but Maxie wasn't fooled, and each time Archie came back hurt, Maxie became a little bit angrier. It was almost as if Archie didn't care that he was getting terribly hurt or could die from these excursions, and he would just shrug off any of Maxie's comments about it. Finally, Maxie had it, and he snapped at Archie. He was done being walked over and his feelings ignored, and raged at the much larger man for his transgressions. Archie fought right back, and their relationship was torn to shreds. Archie packed up and left that night, and Maxie felt as if it was good riddance.

    To this day, Maxie denies that he made Team Magma to spite Archie, and given his original goals for the team, the denial is believable. However, the fact that the team was practically the same except for goals of preserving the land have led some to believe otherwise. He eventually ran into the Groudon myth, and when presented with the realization that the legendary could make more land, he realized all the ways that that could benefit people. The idea eventually consumed him, and he dedicated Team Magma to waking Groudon and activating its Primal form. Despite a child's interference, his plans still progressed as he needed them to. When they obtained the submarine, however, he realized that he had a major problem. He wanted to wake Groudon and activate its Primal form himself, but to do so, he'd have to get onto a submarine. Which, by principle, meant going into deep water. The only solution he could come up with was to take something that would knock him out for the duration he'd be in the submarine underwater. He could deal with being in the underwater cavern, because the water wouldn't be everywhere in the cavern, but he had to get there first. When they made it to the cavern, Maxie was still under the effects of the medicine, and it showed. He was much more emotional than normal, and his overt giddiness weirded out his team members.

    Despite this, Archie and Sapphire were ultimately unable to stop him, and he awoke Groudon and activated its Primal form. He was even more ecstatic at his success, and when they made it to the surface, he was on cloud nine. He crashed immediately when one of his scientists gave him foreboding news. Groudon was elevating the temperature even higher than expected, and if it rose anymore, then it would soon become lethal to all above ground life. His horror at realizing that he had just doomed everyone when he had just been trying to help threatened to overwhelm him, but he managed to focus on the chance that they could stop this. He gave Sapphire what she needed to challenge Groudon, but with the regret that he had to make a child do this. He was immensely relieved when Sapphire was successful, but guilt over his actions and how he had let things spiral out of control gave Maxie a heavy heart. However, Tabitha and Archie managed to convince him to at least try righting his wrongs and look to the future.

    He made plans to reform Team Magma and began fixing ties with Team Aqua and Archie before the world apparently decided to not let him have that chance. Pokemon were getting sick and turning on their human partners violently, and there was an evacuation call in Lilycove. Maxie understood if some of the grunts already left the base, and he then gave an official order for everyone to leave. Lilycove was too massive a city to be safe, and he especially wanted his younger members to get to safety as soon as possible. He gave the same order to his admins, as well. Some of his team elected to stay with him, but the huge horde of undead scattered them. Maxie had to stay on the move for a long time since staying in one place for too long was dangerous, and he thanked the powers that be that Dunite had evolved not too long before the Epidemic started. Thanks to the virus apparently burning out more quickly in hot areas, Mt. Chimney became safe enough to make a place for long term stays, but Maxie still migrated with his Pokemon to prevent attracting undead to his few safe places.
    Accent Nothing of note
    Maxie is considered short for an adult male, and his small frame does nothing to help this. Never heavy to begin with, he's lost even more weight during the epidemic, and he is now on the edge of being underweight for his height and frame. His fair skin refuses to tan as much as burn, so he is still pale. He is by no means muscular, but he is toned from learning how to fight with swords and knives. His dark red eyes and stern demeanor are the main reasons he is even remotely intimidating. Even before the epidemic, he kept his red hair long, and he continues to leave it that way. Now he keeps it in a short ponytail to ensure that it doesn't fall in his face in inopportune moments. Unfortunately, all of this together causes people to mistake him for a woman until he speaks, and even then they're not always sure. He still wears the glasses with the Keystone in them, though he does have another pair of glasses should those break. He currently wears a dark red turtleneck. The shorts were switched out for black pants, and the uniform boots had to be replaced with red and black work boots. He also has a red hooded cloak with the Magma emblem that he'll wear if he's trying to keep his face out of the sun. He has a black messenger bag to carry his items, and the Rapier is usually kept on his hip.
    Religion Sometimes it's best to leave legendaries alone.
    Personality -Reserved
    He generally treats people he doesn't know in a business-like manner, and often doesn't form close relationships.
    -Explosive Temper
    When he gets angry, the situation usually escalates to shouting very quickly. He generally refrains from turning the fight into a physical match, but he can be utterly terrifying when mad.
    If he gets mad enough to get physical or desire to inflict pain, he loses all self-preservation skills and he will do anything to take the person in front of him down.
    -Easily irritated
    -Tries to act calm
    Despite his temper, he generally puts on a calm, logical face, and it's usually accurate to what he's feeling.
    It's usually easy to know what he's feeling. Does not have a good poker face.
    -Creature of habit
    If he's used to doing things a certain way, it can be a little difficult to make him change methods. Usually falls into a routine, and sticks to it.
    -Acts Confident and self-assured
    Even if he isn't actually feeling so, he tries to act it.
    Team Magma's operation was very smooth under his leadership.
    -Easily ruffled
    If his routine is messed up, or unexpected things happen, he is obviously startled, and sometimes needs to take a minute to fully process it.
    Doesn't like asking for help. Usually a person has to force him to accept help or otherwise refuse to take no for an answer. If they're insistent and logical, they'll find him eventually caving to their offer.
    -Guilt over what he did and then what he almost caused trying to wake Groudon
    -Tries not to let this overwhelm him
    -Looks forward
    Even though his plans for the future of Team Magma were tragically cut short by the epidemic, he still likes to think about a possible future for the world and his place in it.
    -Doesn't always think things completely through
    Earthquake on a boat. Enough said.
    His plan for awakening Groudon is an obvious example of this.
    If he has dedicated himself to something or someone, he will fight tooth and nail for it.
    He is an incredibly quick learner, and has an extensive knowledge on many subjects.
    Keeps his word, and doesn't keep many secrets.
    Doesn't apply to fighting. He fights dirty.
    -Selectively Secretive
    He has skeletons in his closet, and he would prefer if people would leave them be. He regrets ever getting involved with Team Rocket for many reasons, and he doesn't regret accidentally causing the deaths of several Team Rocket members. The only good things that came from joining were getting Shale and meeting Archie.
    -Can be affectionate
    This is something reserved almost solely for his Pokemon. Pets for no reason; even occasional hugs. If someone catches him like that, he will turn red and act like nothing happened. Archie is the likely the only human he acted this way towards.
    Affiliations -Tabitha- Admin
    -Courtney- Admin
    -Blaise- Admin
    -Archie- Idiot. Regrets that he wasn't able to properly patch up their relationship before the Epidemic.
    -Sapphire- Child that had to deal with his hubris.
    User Notes -He has a phobia of deep water. Can handle flying over it better than trying to actually travel on the sea.
    -Maxie had a resistance account thanks to the previous user that had him, and I posted this profile under that account. However, after some speaking with the admins, it was decided that since the account only had four posts and almost all of them were in the basket, it would be okay if I simply put him on my main account.

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    Team Magma Leader Maxie Empty Re: Team Magma Leader Maxie

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