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    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]]


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    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] Empty Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]]

    Post by Silverishness Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:14 am

    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] 346px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Falkner

    Falkner Hayato
    "The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon"
    Text Color 76B1BF
    Theme(s) Things
    Item Poke Comm, falconer gloves, a box of matches, water pouch, some food rations, goggles.
    Weapons Night stick, Dagger, Mace, His Pokemon
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/His/Him
    Birthdate 4/23
    Age 16
    Species Human
    Weight 110.3 lbs
    Height 5'2"
    Region of origin Johto
    Occupation Former Gym Leader/ Volunteer Police Officer
    Party Falkner has always loved birds and the thrill of flying. Many of this team he has had for years under the tutelage of his estranged father.
    Pkm 1
    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] Spr_6x_018
    Name/Gender- "Typhoon" [M]
    Text colour- D2994C
    Species- Pidgeot
    Level- 64
    Ability- Keen Eye
    Attack list-
    -Hurricane (Learned)
    -Heat Wave (Tutor)
    -Defog (Tutor)
    -Roost (Learned)
    **Falkner's oldest friend and ally. Carries Pidgeotite.
    Pkm 2
    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] Spr_6x_227
    Name/Gender- "Zephyr" [F]
    Text colour- 727C9A
    Species- Skarmory
    Level- 58
    Ability- Sturdy
    Attack list-
    -Roost (TM)
    -Iron Head (Learned)
    -Stealth Rock (Egg)
    -Whirlwind (Egg)
    **Child of Walker's Skarmory.
    Pkm 3
    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] Spr_6x_334
    Name/Gender- "Gale" [F]
    Text colour- 74D4FC
    Species- Altaria
    Level- 47
    Ability- Natural Cure
    Attack list-
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Toxic (TM)
    -Cotton Spore (Learned)
    -Roost (TM)
    **Keeps Leftovers
    Pkm 4
    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] Spr_6x_468
    Name/Gender- "Breath" [M]
    Text colour- C8D4D0
    Species- Togekiss
    Level- 54
    Ability- Serene Grace
    Attack list-
    -Roost (TM)
    -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
    -Water Pulse (Tutor)
    -Heal Bell (Tutor)
    Pkm 5
    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] Spr_6x_663
    Name/Gender- Kamikaze [F]
    Text colour- FE826A
    Species- Talonflame
    Level- 50
    Ability- Gale Wings
    Attack list-
    -Brave Bird (Learned)
    -Flare Blitz (Learned)
    -Roost (Learned)
    -Tailwind (Learned)
    Pkm 6
    Falkner the Gym Leader [[Tin Tower Team||Leader]] Spr_6x_178_m
    Name/Gender- Tempest [F]
    Text colour- 81B83C
    Species- Xatu
    Level- 61
    Ability- Magic Bounce
    Attack list-
    -Heat Wave (Tutor)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    -Psychic (TM)
    -Signal Beam (Tutor)
    **Carries Choice Specs
    Quote "My dad told me something when I was a kid. He said 'Falkner, bird Pokémon don't just fly with their wings, they soar through the sky because that's what they want to do with all their heart.'
    History Falkner's parents loved each other. A vagabond and a school teacher, Falkner's father, Walker, quickly fell for the spirited, beautiful woman he'd one day call his wife. They had a normal courtship, with its ups and downs like any other relationship, and decided to get married.

    Falkner's mother, Cecelia, never liked talking about their wedding day. Though Falkner didn't find out for many years, Cecelia and Walker had had five wedding days, and on all but the last, he had left her waiting at the altar. When confronted, he revealed that the idea of such intense commitment terrified him. As he was a vagrant, a nomad, being only in one place was too much. One experience, one town for the rest of his life? It sounded like hell.

    Still, Cecelia loved Walker too much to leave him. Together, they had Falkner. Secretly, Cecelia hoped that having a child would help change Walker, and in the beginning, he did. He was there more often -though not consistently- and was a decent presence in early childhood. However, as Falkner grew older and became more and more attached to Walker, the man grew more distant. Too often, Falkner was outside, watching the skies for the familiar silhouette of his father. Since Walker was the Violet Gym Leader, more often than not, the little boy would spend his time there, hoping to catch a glimpse of his father in action and to play with all the little birds.

    It was because of Walker, of course, that Falkner had his adventurous spirit, as well as his love for bird pokemon, flying, and police work. And when Walker wasn't around, Falkner explored these loves with the childlike vigor that defined him. Through these passions, he found his best friend, Bugsy, and together they explored caves and forests together.

    Around when he was 10, his mother developed a sort of illness. An illness that not only confined her to the house, but devastated Walker. More and more, he'd abandon his post at the Gym, especially on days where Cecelia was particularly terrible, and would stay out longer and longer each time. As Falkner grew in strength as both a person and a trainer, eventually came the day where Walker passed the Gym's ownership to him. Little did the starry-eyed Falkner realize that it was the last time he'd ever see his father, the last legal responsibility now severed.

    Falkner took his father's mantle with pride, despite everything, and did his best to care for his mother in the meantime. He was an active member of the community; whenever he wasn't at home or in the Gym, he was patrolling the town's perimeters as a sort of junior officer. After all, a sleepy hamlet like Violet had little in the way of security and there were rumors of Rocket rising again.

    As the years passed, he found himself content. He was busy and somewhat lonely, but he kept much contact with Bugsy. His mother's illness gradually took a more complete hold on her, but for the moment, they were happy. And through that time, Falkner was faithful that Walker would return and see what a fantastic job a young man such as himself had done to keep the city so well functioning. What parent wouldn't be proud of their 16 year old son nearly single-handedly running an entire town?

    Unfortunately, that bliss did not last. It started on a simple day. A day that Falkner had gone through many, many times already in his short life. Maintenance at the Gym, inspecting Sprout Tower, making rounds in the evening. However, Falkner had heard cawing. A lot of cawing. As he looked up, her found himself in the shadow of a giant flock of Murkrow. He'd never seen such a giant flock, nor the way they so obediently followed their head. It was almost impossible to see a wild Honchkrow... and that one was so big...

    The swarm came soon after. Land pokemon that were following the flock, red eyes blazing and maws open and drooling. There was no time to react, no time to try and push back. Dozens died in mere minutes. Immediately overwhelmed, Falkner was only able to make it home to grab a few things and try to move his ailing mother who refused to oblige. "I'm already dead," she whispered to her horrified child, the screams in the city on a crescendo. "Get out of here. Find Bugsy and stay alive. Please."

    Unable to argue, their windows shattered and walls creaked under the weight of massive pokemon swarming the house. His heart breaking, he abandoned his mother and ran as she screamed to keep the Infected's attention away from him as Falkner escaped. All around him, the city was stained with blood, the screams already beginning to die. The trainers in his gym had either fought against the horde and been brutally massacred or they had fled to the sky, only to be swarmed by ravenous flying pokemon. Violet had fallen.

    On the ground wasn't safe. In the air wasn't safe. He desperately tried calling Bugsy on his Comm, but it seemed just about everyone else had the same idea. Just how widespread was this?

    It didn't matter. He had to find Bugsy.

    Accent None
    Appearance Falkner is a healthy, albeit shorter, adult of his age. The few hellish weeks that the Epidemic has provided have kept him dirty and somewhat underfed, but otherwise, he's quite healthy. Especially in comparison to his best friend, Bugsy. He's still in his normal clothing, things he would have worn to the Gym, and some sensible traveling shoes.
    Religion Worships any Legendary Bird, but most commonly prays to Ho-Oh and Lugia
    Personality +Daddy Issues+
     -Walker leaving had a hard, detrimental effect on Falkner. As a child, he idolized the man, his love of flying and bird pokemon inspired by the awe and love he felt for his father. For a long time, he deluded himself to the fact that Walker would one day return, a hope that died with years and years of cynicism.
     -Running a gym at such a young age, coupled with a missing father and a sick mother, did far more harm than good. He grew up too quickly, too jarringly.
     -Desperate for approval and attention from a father figure.
     -Serious. Really only lets loose around Bugsy and his pokemon. Everyone else receives a tuned facade.
     -Authoritative. All about that authority. Having to fend for himself for many of his formative years was hard on him, and then he honed his disciplinary side with rookie police training.
     -Has a difficult time changing his mind, voluntarily or not
     -Falkner rarely ever severs a connection he's made with someone -person or pokemon- once he's made that connection. With how he was raised, anyone that showed kindness to him and earned his trust has that honor for life.
     -If he has made the conscious decision to remove someone, that other person has done fucked up big time.
    +Led By Faith+
     -Faith for the gods he worships, faith in his negligent father, faith in humanity as a whole, what have you. Even in the face of the fresh hell that is the Epidemic, he knows there is hope.
     -Could be very well described as pious.
     -Much of it is blind faith, and he will follow it to his death.
     -Despite his impressive facade, Falkner has a fragile inner core. Walker's abandonment and the trauma of watching his mother wither left him emotionally crippled.

    Affiliations Bugsy
    -Falkner treats Bugsy -also calls him "Bev" or "Bevy" sometimes, when things are more serious- more as a brother than a best friend.
    User Notes -Near perfect memory. Can recollect things just about flawlessly. Because of this, he can digest large amounts of information at a time.
    -Can play certain songs on an ocarina.
    -Can whistle super fucking loud.


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