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    Resistance: Blaine


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    Resistance: Blaine Empty Resistance: Blaine

    Post by Blaine Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:42 pm

    Resistance: Blaine Blaine

    Text Color #FF8C00
    Weapons A 16-shot Glock 22 pistol, Ka-Bar black fighting knife
    Item Cane, a sentimental Volcano Badge on his coat, Trademark Sunglasses, translator
    Gender Male
    Age 65, Aging Adult
    Species Human
    Height 5' 5"
    Weight 127.8lbs
    Occupation Scientist, Former Gym Leader
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Blaine Spr_3r_038
    Level - 62
    Attack List
    - Extrasensory (learned)
    - Flamethrower (learned)
    - Fire Blast (TM)
    - Confuse Ray (learned)
    Pkm 2
    Resistance: Blaine Spr_3r_078
    Level - 57
    Attack List
    - Inferno (learned)
    - Take Down (learned)
    - Bounce (learned)
    - Fire Blast (TM)
    Pkm 3
    Resistance: Blaine Spr_3f_126
    Level - 81
    Attack List
    - Fire Blast (TM)
    - Fire Punch (learned)
    - Flamethrower (learned)
    - Smog (learned)
    Pkm 4
    Resistance: Blaine Spr_3f_058
    Level - 35
    Attack List
    - Take Down (learned)
    - Fire Blast (TM)
    - Odor Sleuth (learned)
    - Fire Fang (learned)
    Pkm 5
    Resistance: Blaine Spr_3f_112
    Level - 65
    Attack List
    - Stone Edge (learned)
    - Earthquake (learned)
    - Surf (HM)
    - Fire Blast (TM)
    Pkm 6
    Resistance: Blaine Spr_3f_006
    Level - 70
    Attack List
    - Dragon Claw (learned)
    - Flamethrower (learned)
    - Fly (HM)
    - Fire Blast (TM)
    History Blaine has had a very, shall we say, colorful history. From young trainer to Rocket Scientist, from Gym Leader to now once again taking up the vial to cure this epidemic raging the lands. But to know Blaine, one must go back to the beginning.

    Blaine is a native of Cinnabar Island, and has lived there since before the Pokémon Lab was built. A long time ago, when Blaine once got lost in a treacherous, freezing mountain range, he was guided out of the mountains by a Moltres. This is what inspired him to train Fire-type Pokémon and started his passion for Pokemon. Before long he was a renowned Fire Trainer, but his passion for science began to draw his attention. Blaine joined Team Rocket because of his interest in science, and saw them as a way to combine his love for both into one career. He worked for them for years, and his most renowned experiment was also the one that started the end of his career. While he was working under Team Rocket, Blaine combined some of Mew's DNA with his own to create a hybrid Pokémon named Mewtwo. Unfortunately, his power was too much to control despite their best efforts, and Mewtwo went crazy, destroying the lab and escaping. Questioning Giovanni's character after that incident, seeing the pain and suffering they had put his creation under, Blaine began to have second thoughts about Team Rocket. After hearing of Red's clashes with Team Rocket, like protecting Mew from them, Blaine officially left, attempting to make up for his evil deeds.

    He built a Gym on his home island of Cinnabar, right inside the volcano, and became one of the Gym Leader's necessary to reach the Pokemon League. With his specialty being Fire Pokemon, his badge was the Volcano Badge and of course he sweetened his gym with his hidden passion, riddles. But his life was not always peaceful. During the initial experiments, some of Blaine's hand was infected with Mewtwo's DNA, and thus he was able to track the synthetic Pokémon. Because of this, Team Rocket attempted to abduct Blaine to review Mewtwo's whereabouts. But to no avail. When the volcano on Cinnabar Island erupted, destroying the town and leaving Blaine and his Pokémon homeless, Blaine relocated his Gym to the Seafoam Islands. Rocket never sought him out there. He remained on the islands a whole year after the volcanic eruption back on Cinnabar. Even now he plans to rebuild his Gym one day, after getting rid of the walking dead of course. But for now the former Gym Leader has once again taken up the coat of a Scientist in an effort to combat the deadly virus, and will stop at nothing to rid the world of suffering yet another of Team Rocket's mishaps. He practices his craft in the safety of an underground laboratory, guarded by several militia from a faction of resistance members he joined. Red was charged as his own personal guard and Blaine never hesitates to use their unique situation to aggravate the younger male.
    Appearance Blaine is fairly physically fit for an older man. He trains with Red on occasion and goes out to hunt new infected to bring to his lab for experiments so he can still move around. The cane he carries is mostly just for show, as he can walk just fine without it. He can always be seen in slacks, a button down shirt, and his white lab coat, of course with his trademark sunglasses. He only takes his sunglasses off when he is troubled or when thinking up new riddles. As a sentimental token he keeps a well polished Volcano Badge on the left breast of his coat, and when thinking of the past can be caught subtly touching it. He usually has a wild grin on his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes.
    Personality Although he's serious for most situations, he also had his comical moments. He may use riddles to lighten up the dark atmosphere, and they are the only way to get into his underground lab. He continuously changes the riddles in order to aggravate Red and keep him from interrupting him when doing something he knows the trainer will disapprove of. His favorite pass time is aggravating the younger male, and sometimes tricking him into participating in an experiment, though usually those are just for his own amusement and not for any real scientific purpose.

    As the Epidemic rages on, Blaine is becoming more and more desperate for a cure. He started out with very safe, very typical experiments for creating an antivirus, but when all of those proved to be too weak for this particular mutation he started branching out. He has even taken to using his own body and blood for experimentation, keeping 'live' undead in cages in his lab to test his serums upon. As his desperation grows, his mental state deteriorates. The sounds coming from his lab are horrific and blood curdling, the only one brave enough to join the man in his lab being Red, and that is only because he has to.
    User Notes

  • -Keeps only one memento of his family, a picture of his daughter and her husband holding their then five year old daughter Fenix. His grandchild who took after him in almost every way.
    -All of his Pokemon have the TM move he would hand out to trainers after defeating his Gym, Fire Blast
    -Rarely uses his gun, as he wants the infected alive for testing new antidotes.
    -Prefers to use his survival knife

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