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    Garth the Country Umbreon [Inactive]


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    Garth the Country Umbreon [Inactive] Empty Garth the Country Umbreon [Inactive]

    Post by Dandelion Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:09 pm

    Garth the Country Umbreon [Inactive] Garth10

    Garth the Umbreon
    Theme Dance of Thorns
    Text Color #42426f - Cornflower Blue
    Item Blue Scarf with an embroidered Cornflower design in various shades of blue and purple thread.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cismale
    Age Adult
    Species #197 Umbreon, The Moonlight Pokémon - Dark Type
    Height 3'03" || 1.0 m
    Weight 59.5 lbs. || 27.0 kg
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Platinum:: When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it gains a mysterious power.
    Pokemon Crystal:: On the night of a full moon, or when it gets excited, the ring patterns on its body glow yellow.
    Level 30
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Docile
    Characteristic Capable of Taking Hits
    Moves Helping Hand (Level Up)
    Charm (Bred)
    Pursuit (Level Up)
    Quick Attack (Level Up)
    Quote "What can I do ya fer?"
    History Garth was the name the young boy of the family gave him and his home was one of the Miltank farms that provided fresh nutritious Moomoo milk to the larger cities. His playground was the lush green pastures on which the Miltank roamed and the boy who named and trained him taught Garth that it was his responsibility to look after the large normal types, to herd them into fresher pastures and keep them safe from theft.
    The Miltank humored the young Eevee in his attempts to control them as the little normal type ran back and forth across the wide open meadows. If he fell and grazed himself, far from the farmhouse, he learnt to pick himself up again without complaint. A farm boy had to be tough and if he ever seriously hurt himself the eldest Miltank, a motherly pokemon with bright blue eyes, would give him a drink of milk to get him back on his feet enough to limp homewards.
    He grew up larger than a usual Eevee and well-muscled from the constant exercise. Because he spent more time outside in the fields than inside the homestead the only time he got to spend with his official trainer was when the boy set out his dinner on the back porch and give him a friendly scratch behind the ears while he ate and the stars came up out as the boy talked about his hopes for the future.
    One glorious night when the moon was full in the deep indigo sky the boy had given taken the blue scarf from around his neck and wrapped the fluffy-furred kit in it.
    It was little wonder that during this time the white-speckled Eevee came to evolve into a white speckled Umbreon out of sheer contentment with his simple life.

    As his trainer grew up the Umbreon found himself old enough to leave the farm when the milk was delivered, riding on the family's cart as they rumbled into the main town. There, while the milk was unloaded and sold, the boy and his Umbreon played a game with the other local boys and their Pokémon. It was a rough contact game between Pokémon where a ball was knocked around the town square while the humans gave orders and encouraged their Pokémon. Garth was one of the best at it and greatly admired for his skill, something that made him proud. Often he found himself partnered with another Pokémon entrusted with guarding the Miltanks, a Glaceon less powerfully built than himself but with a keen strategic mind who often boasted that he had been to Snowpoint. As their trainers were best friends the two grew close, sharing the same rewards after each won battle and joined in the bonds of near brotherhood.
    It took Garth a long while to figure out that he reason he always felt so happy whenever the other Eveelution acknowledged him or thanked him was that he had a crush. As an Umbreon he was broad shouldered and strong with his fur carelessly ruffled from working and the splodged marks across his nose giving him the cute appearance of freckles but he had never thought of the female pokemon that watched the games in the same terms as the Glaceon that was his best friend.
    The Dark Type spent more time off the game court with his Glaceon friend, picking the ripest juiciest berries for him and having no idea how to express his crush. He was a working Pokémon, used to actions not words. After all he had never needed to persuade the Miltanks to move paddocks. Not knowing what to say Garth continued to simply be friends with the Glaceon, quietly hoping that the other Eeveelution would come to recognize and return his feelings.

    Garth's trainer was growing up quickly; the boy soon promised that when he left home to go to school he would take the Umbreon with him. In a few weeks the date was set for the two to leave on the adventure of visiting the big city. It was then that the rumors started to flow in and the news reports on the radio that left his human family locking the door after they left out his food and visiting the market once a month instead of once a week.
    One day they simply packed up the cart with what supplies they had left, scratched the Umbreon behind the ears one last time and left him behind. At night the surrounding lands came alive with the sounds of howling and the Dark Type kept watch over the fields.

    Knowing his duty Garth looked after the Miltanks with dedication, eating the wild berries that grew out of the formerly neatly tended gardens and drinking the sweet milk for himself now it no longer went to market. It was lonely without a trainer to watch the stars with and the Dark Type bitterly regretted not being able to confess his feelings before he was forced apart from his friend. Cornflower, the motherly miltank who had taken a shine to the little Umbreon, fed him her milk whenever he felt particularly down, the sweet taste reminding him of the joy he had felt when he came to evolve.
    It was at night that the infection passed over the night time fields and the farm was attacked. Cornflower, peacefully sleeping, was attacked by a Pokémon with eyes that gleamed red in the night. His rings glowing a bright yellow Garth leapt up to defend her only to find himself looking into the discolored red eyes of his long term crush. The other Eeveelution snarled at him tearing open the kind Miltank's stomach with a twist of his sharp jaws and spraying the dry grass with rivulets of red. The other normal types jumped fences in a blind panic as they fled the scent of blood. Garth couldn't control them and he couldn't bring himself to hurt the one he had once cared so strongly for, even as the Glaceon dug his teeth in Cornflower's insides. Terrified of the strange mania that had come over his dearest friend the Dark Type fled.
    He ran away, far away from the place that was his home until his legs could no longer hold him...
    Bulbapedia "Umbreon has a sleek black body, a pair of crimson cat or fox-like eyes, long, pointed ears, four slender legs, and a bushy tail. It has yellow bands on its tail and ears, and its forehead and legs have yellow rings on them. Its rings are said to glow at night, striking fear into anyone nearby."
    Appearance A young country born Umbreon with an unusual birthmark of white fur across his face including several speckles across his cheeks in a pattern similar to freckles. Garth wears a deep Blue Scarf with a Cornflower embroidered on it in darker coloured thread. It was given to him as a gift and keeps his neck warm though it is starting to wear.
    Farm work has made him rather large and strong for his age though he has grown up suddenly and can be a bit clumsy as he underestimates his strength and size. Garth is rather attractive for a simple country boy. His rings glow brightly when he feels troubled or excited and glow more faintly when embarrassed. Often he forgets to groom properly and his fur can be rather messy as a result. He is tall and broad shouldered.
    Accent Southern, country accent, slight slur to words.
    Religion Unknown
    Motivation ?????
    Personality A simple country Umbreon he has always enjoyed simply looking up at the stars and enjoying life. His life has taught him to live through actions rather than words and he often has trouble articulating his thoughts without beginning to stutter or dropping into a thick accent. Often Garth finds it easier to obey orders rather than think for himself but is devoted to his friends and would not harm them. Though he does not consciously know how to use it he sometimes uses Charm to appear more attractive.
    He often appears rather slow to others, in thought as well as movements but that is simply because he never bothers to focus on specifics in planning and is prone to misunderstanding. He has trouble around Pokémon he has a crush on, having no experience of expressing his feelings so he simply tries to take care of them as well as possible in hopes that they might make the first move. He also on occasion gives gifts to his crushes because he is concerned about their safety. He is also rather easily infatuated. The taste of Moomoo milk reminds him of home and makes Garth happier even if he doesn't drink enough to heal him more than a negligible amount and he actively seeks it out in any place he enters.
    His favorite colour is Cornflower Blue.
    Team notes Permanent
    Affiliations TinyDragon maybe?
    Name Origin Name apparently means Faithful.
    User Notes Vaguely based on Garth from the Havemercy series.
    His favorite drink is milk.
    Wears his scarf proudly, its familiar smell is comforting to him.
    Sometimes slurs his words when nervous, making him appear less intelligent than he is.
    Is homosexual and has had crushes on other guys before but doesn’t know how to express them properly. He is a lot more comfortable with actions then words.
    Charm bred from father Skitty, has not been trained but sometimes uses it accidentally.
    Adopted from Kaze, original profile.
    Development Notes Adorable

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