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    Garth the Infected Grovyle (inactive)


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    Garth the Infected Grovyle (inactive) Empty Garth the Infected Grovyle (inactive)

    Post by Nightfall Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:47 am

    Garth the Infected Grovyle (inactive) SxIj2O6
    Image by Moon Moon
    Garth the Infected Grovyle (inactive) Fp2phj
    Image by Winter

    Text Color #FF0000
    Item None at present
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #253, Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokémon
    Time of infection 24th November 2011
    Height 2'11"
    Weight 47.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry "It lives in dense jungles. While closing in on its prey, it leaps from branch to branch."
    Level 30
    Ability Overgrow (boosts the power of Grass-type moves when low on health)
    Nature Naughty (+Attack, -Sp.Def)
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning (+Sp.Atk)
    Moves Leaf Blade (level up)
    Energy Ball (TM)
    Solarbeam (TM)
    Screech (level up)
    History When Garth was still a Treecko he was like any other pokemon waiting to be chosen by a new trainer, so they can start there journey together. He was picked by a young girl eager to leave on her journey, so after she said her goodbyes to her family and friends they where off, with the soul purpose of entering pokemon contests. He didn't really like the opening parts, where he had to look all elegant and such, but he enjoyed the battle part very much, even if he did have to make his moves look nice, it was worth it if he got to see the look on his opponents face after he defeated them.

    About three years later, when he had evolved into Grovyle his trainer abandoned him in the middle of a forest, telling him because he wouldn't evolve to his final stage that he wasn't any use to her. He was in so much shock at hearing that from her that something triggered inside him, that upon seeing the next pokemon in his sights, he attacked it, killing it brutally to get his rage out. But once doing that, the trigger turned into a snap. He looked at his blood soaked hands and started grinning, then the grin turned into laughter. He had never felt anything like the thrill of killing another, it was the best feeling he had ever felt. But he couldn't stop with just this one, he had to keep it up, he had to keep this feeling flowing inside of him. He would lure them in, thinking that he wanted to be friends, then when there backs where turned he would kill them as well. He started to get well known in the forest that just the sight of him sent all the pokemon running. It was becoming harder and harder to find prey and even harder after the infection hit.

    The infection made things much harder for Garth to find victims, only because of those horrid undead taking all of them from him, and they didn't give him what he wanted when he took one down, they didn't scream in agony as he ripped them open and spilled there guts, they only continued to fight back and try to do the same to him. There blood was also dry and starting to turn black, a clear sign that they where dead. He became infected on a moonless night. He was sleeping in a tree when he was jumped by a Noctowl, it bit him on his left shoulder and tried to tear out his neck, but he managed to cut off its head with a Leaf Blade before it even had the chance to take a chunk out of him, but he was to late and he had already been infected with the virus, but it didn't mater, as long as he got to kill he was willing to die ten times over. He simply laughed at the thought that he would become undead in a matter of weeks, or even days. But he would be sure to take plenty of other living pokemon alone with him before that day came.
    Appearance An ordinarily sized Grovyle with bold yellow eyes. He is sometimes seen covered in blood after butchering one of his victims, but washes this off before he feigns friendship with other Pokemon to lure them in. The leaf protruding from his head is slightly torn around halfway down.
    Personality Garth is a complete psychopath to say the least. He enjoys nothing more than stalking, befriending and then brutally killing any Pokemon he comes across, be it living or infected. Despite his young age, he is intelligent and quick-thinking, although he sometimes gets too excited and plans too far ahead, leading to things not working out too well for him. He is still very bitter and resentful about what happened to him.

    Garth is remarkably cunning and possesses a very dark sense of humour. He also tends to become impatient and restless if he is forced to wait to make his kills, often beginning to act hostile and rude towards anyone in his presence to vent that frustration. He hates humans and any Pokemon who used to be owned by them, viewing them as nothing but pawns for their selfish needs. He is addicted to killing because it gives him a thrill, and only hopes to end as many lives as possible before the virus takes over his mind completely.
    User Notes --He will lure his victims in with false security before killing them.
    --After he kills he will wash off the blood a few hours later so he can lure in his next victim.
    --He's infected, but not yet completely undead.

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