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    Nyiera the Umbreon ((Inactive))


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    Nyiera the Umbreon ((Inactive)) Empty Nyiera the Umbreon ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:13 pm

    Nyiera the Umbreon ((Inactive)) Umbreon

    Text Color #9F9F5F
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #197/Umbreon/Moonlight Pokémon
    Height 3'00”
    Weight 55.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it gains a mysterious power.
    Level 36
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Hardy
    Characteristic Capable of taking hits
    Moves - Bite (relearned by Move Relearner for a Heart Scale)
    - Faint Attack (learned)
    - Psychic (TM)
    - Shadow Ball (TM)
    History Nyeira was always a strange kid. Even as an Eevee in the wild she tended to be completely different from other wild Pokemon. Not only did she want to interact with other people and Pokemon, she thrived on the attention. It didn't matter who she spoke to or what she did, all of her actions had major impacts in the environment around her and she wanted to see how much of an impact in the world she could make. And oh, did she learn how to make one.

    It started out small at first, doing little favors like taking things to places a Pokemon didn't have time or was too weak to get to, but then the favors soon began to grow. Soon she was tracking thieves and bandits, clearing out entire camps of wicked Pokemon looking to make easy money. Her first major 'mission' earned her the new form of an Umbreon and a reward from a local Gym Leader's Pokemon in the form of a TM, Shadow Ball. It quickly became her favorite move. She would use it in pairing with her Quick Attack for a while, loving how easy it was to take out someone distracted from another attack. From then on she decided to try her hand at more difficult tasks. Like mating. She took a mate from the town which now called her hero and while she did really like him life on the road was much more exciting so she often left him behind to keep traveling.

    An odd turn for her was when she started helping the people who originally she was trying to work against. When a band of thieves asked for a few favors Nyiera found she had no problem doing them, even going so far as to rob someone she had helped not a few months back. It pricked at her conscious at first, but the prizes were good so she shrugged it off. They were grateful and after numerous favors they rewarded her with a new TM, Psychic. Thrilled with this new ability she used it to actually steal from the thieves and ran off with a number of their goods without them ever noticing.

    Of course she still did the little favors for anyone that asked, especially since they usually seemed to pay. The life of a rogue Pokemon for hire was quite a rewarding one if you weren't overly picky on what kind of jobs you did. Heck, one of those was just fetching a stolen prize from some local human and he wound up teaching her a move for giving him back this sparkly fish scale thing. Her second favorite move other than Shadow Ball quickly became the new move Bite. The guy told her that she should have learned it a long time ago as an Eevee, but probably evolved before she could. Not one to sweat the details of rewards she moved on to bigger and better things. Like meeting the gang of assassins.

    Now that was a lively bunch! They were such odd folk, but they rewarded better than almost anyone she had ever met, and it wasn't like she hadn't killed anyone in self defense before. What more was putting a price on their head? Nyiera happily joined and soon found herself rising through their ranks thanks to the skills she had earned from all of her previous quests and missions. Despite living her whole life as a wild Pokemon she had skills to rival and professionally trained and raised Pokemon which earned her much respect in the Brotherhood. But when the Epidemic hit she soon found that killing people and Pokemon wasn't enough, because a lot of them weren't staying dead.

    Horrified the Brotherhood was forced to temporarily disband, no one very trusting of each other once a few of their own members started to turn. So with a shrug Nyiera returned to her second home in the mountains, where she had first learned Shadow Ball and where her mate lived, but found it overrun with the crazy bastard Undead. Fighting her way back out of the town she was forced to concede to a life of wandering. While before she had wandered all over every region she quickly found it wasn't as much fun without people giving you all kinds of free stuff just for helping out. Life on the road alone was...well...lonely.
    Appearance Nyiera is a normal Umbreon, though a little small for her kind's average.
    Personality Honestly, she is an enigma even to herself. She has so many contradictions in her personality it is almost laughable but somehow she form a whole, functioning being. First off, she loves to help. Anybody. Do anything. One minute she will be crusading for justice to get back a precious stolen item and then the next she is the one stealing something. All because someone asked. She loves to laugh, have a good time, and getting a drink with some friends, but then ends up brawling with her drinking buddy just to make a little extra money.

    Balls to the wall is her style. Forgoing stealth and shadow to which her kind thrive on, this girl will charge head on into danger and damn the consequences. She usually comes out on top with only a few minor scrapes and bruises, but a few times she has come frighteningly close to killing herself with her reckless tactics. She likes to charge in with a good Special Attack to weaken her opponent before going in for the kill with a critical Physical Attack. Balances both styles well but is the master of neither.

    But Legends help you if you ask her to do something for you. Nyiera will ask a thousand questions on what you want her to do even though they really only get you to say the same thing a thousand different ways. She knows exactly what you want but she likes screwing with people to the point of them snapping at her or looking at her like she is stupid. She isn't, she is just completely obnoxious.
    User Notes -100% based on my newest Skyrim character, lol. I am having so much fun playing her that she had to burst into EJ. Get ready for a hell of a lot of obnoxious! XD
    -All of her moves, except for Faint Attack, were learned as payment for one of her services or quests.
    -The first major 'mission' was Nyeira earning the title of Arch-Mage adapted to EJ, lol (which I still am three quests away from in the real game sadly)
    -Knows Sil's Dmitri from their work together in the Brotherhood.
    --Umbreon image from Silver Island Forums, free image allowed as long as link and full credit given to the artist GlassPanda. (And I truly do credit them. I never would have made an Umbreon without seeing this pic, it is exactly what I always wanted in an Umbreon. Everything else is too butch. So perfect...)

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