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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]]


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Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] Empty Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]]

Post by Silverishness Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:46 am

Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] Black_White_Drayden

”The Spartan Mayor”
Text Color #CD9B1D
Theme(s) None
Item Leather Messenger bag, Heavy brown trench coat, Water Pouch, Flask (Sentimental; is currently empty), Small medical kit, very limited food rations, comb, hair pomade
Weapons Bowie knife, Sword, small handgun with very limited ammo
Gender Male
Age 58
Species Human
Weight 257.8 lbs
Height 6'6”
Occupation Former Unova Gym Leader/ Former Teacher
Party Drayden is a master Dragon tamer, but also enjoys all species in the Dragon Egg group.
Pkm 1
Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] Spr_6x_612
Species- Haxorus "Guillotine" [F]
Level- 70
Ability- Mold Breaker
Attack list-
-Outrage (Learned)
-Dragon Dance (Learned)
-Poison Jab (TM)
-Earthquake (TM)
Text color- #C76E06
Pkm 2
Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] Spr_6x_697
Species- Tyrantrum "Lock" [M]
Level- 64
Ability- Strong Jaw
Attack list-
-Crunch (Learned)
-Ice Fang (Egg)
-Thunder Fang (Egg)
-Poison Fang (Egg)
Text color- #EE4000
Pkm 3
Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] Spr_6x_635
Species- Hydreigon "Tank" [F]
Level- 65
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
-Draco Meteor (Tutor)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Flash Cannon (TM)
-Surf (HM)
Text color- #4169E1
Pkm 4
Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] Spr_6x_330
Species- Flygon "Ballista" [F]
Level- 60
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
-Earthquake (Learned)
-Dragon Tail (Learned)
-Roost (TM)
-Thunder Punch (Tutor)
Text color- #93DB70
Pkm 5
Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] Spr_6x_695
Species- Heliolisk "Chakram" [F]
Level- 64
Ability- Dry Skin
Attack list-
-Rain Dance (TM)
-Surf (HM)
-Thunder (TM)
-Focus Blast (TM)
Text color- #FFCC11
Pkm 6
Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] 254
Species- Sceptile "Javelin" [F]
Level- 60
Ability- Unburden
Attack list-
-Leaf Storm (Learned)
-Dragon Pulse (Tutor)
-Focus Blast (TM)
-Giga Drain (Tutor)
Text color- #8CDD81
Quote "It is not the passage of time that causes Pokémon and people to age. When the energy that flows in their heart dries up, that's when they get old. The heart's energy is powered by truth, ideals or maybe dreams... No doubt it changes depending on what you most hope for in life."
History Born and raised in Opelucid City, Unova, Drayden began life in the shadows of legend, myth and wonder. As a child, he was fascinated with all things dragon and it soon became a fierce passion that would burn throughout his life. As the latest in the line of a long legacy of dragon tamers, Drayden eagerly picked up his first partner, an Axew and began his training. He was enthusiastic and energetic in his training which would only be interrupted when the family went to Hoenn annually to visit family.

At first, Drayden dreaded these visits, especially when he and his Axew were hungry for more experience. But one year, he found something truly special; a boy his age, with a small dragon of his own. Drake was spirited, adventurous and proved a capable tamer himself. Naturally the two became inseparable on their trips, always running out and exploring on their own. Each year, the visits were more and more anticipated until their own journeys prevented the routine. However, letters were still sent and they kept in as close contact as two men could while separated by continent and ocean.

Drayden's own journey was fruitful and satisfying; he'd become a powerful trainer along with his beloved partner pokemon. They were a true team, a family, and it was almost all he could ask for... almost. Though his best friend craved adventure and conquering life itself, Drayden found himself longing for something less turbulent. A home, a wife, his own children... The roads past Opelucid seemed less and less inviting as the years ticked away, and suddenly, Drayden became vastly aware that if he were to pursue that dream of a family, the dream of passing on his love and passions to his own little demons, it would have to be now.

He met a kind woman, Lydia, born and raised in his hometown just like he had, who was eager to produce her own children. The two fell into a whirlwind romance and they quickly married, eager to jump into the next stage of their lives. But as the months passed with no pregnancies, they began to suspect something gone awry. After rigorous testing on Lydia, their doctor was baffled;  she was completely healthy and functional. The tests turned to Drayden and finally, news. But the dragon tamer's heart shattered as he learned that he was sterile, and his short marriage was completely turned upside down.

Without even a chance of having children of her own, Lydia left him, ignoring the possibilities of adoption. She didn't want someone else's unwanted brat. She wanted her own, and she wasn't going to waste her precious years waiting for an adoption to go through. Abandoning Drayden as well as Opelucid altogether, the dragon tamer found himself alone with his ailing parents. His dream was gone. His wife was gone. Everything was gone. He drowned himself in alcohol for several long months, miserable.

But his pokemon were there. They had always been there.

With little else to occupy his time, he turned his attention back towards Pokemon and away from the drink. He rediscovered his passion for legends, especially those rooted in Unova and began to set his sights for attaining Gym Leader status. He longed to teach, and while he could no longer teach his own flesh and blood, he didn't mind offering his knowledge to anyone who sought it.

It took some hard years, but he finally managed to gain ownership of the Opelucid City Gym. For the first time since he first set out adventuring with Drake, he felt satisfied. Like this was right. He prided himself with his work, helping younger tamers become stronger and stronger, enthusiastic to face new challengers and guiding his beloved hometown. Though the yearning for his own children never left him, he was satisfied enough by his pupils. Once he met little Iris, her natural talent for dragon taming and her thirst for life made her one of his favorites, and he eagerly shared with her whatever knowledge he could divulge.

Not all was peaches, however; a new movement called Team Plasma swept through his region, his city, taking its citizens hostage with their hypocritical ideals about Pokemon battling and ownership. This was when he met Black, who would eventually champion Zekrom himself. Though he lamented being unable to do much else other than offer advice in his growing age, he was proud to see a young capable trainer see the realization of a prophecy. He was even more glad to see the boy return to Opelucid and offer his assistance to keeping the peace as a policeman. For a few years, all was well.

Until the sky opened.

The freezing blasts nearly completely destroyed his beloved city, killing some and wounding more. Though there were other young trainers taking care of the source of the problem, Drayden had to stay back and help Opelucid heal. But she was an old city at heart, her infrastructure and foundation cracked beyond repair. And though they managed to reconstruct most of the city, it crumbled when the last threat swarmed over them-- the Epidemic.

Opelucid fell quickly. There was so much death, so much destruction, Drayden and a few handful of others were scattered to the winds as they fled the flames of the city. He and what few survivors he'd manage to save went to the Unova League to the North, hoping to find refuge. But the desert wasteland of the League wasn't meant to support a large population long and soon, Drayden found himself and his fellow Unovans in trouble. Desperate for aid, he turned back to his fabled legends, setting his sights on Dragonspiral Tower.
Appearance Drayden is a large-statured imposing figure with a beard that looks like teeth and/or is eating his face. Regardless, the man is intimidating. He is obviously healthy and takes very good care of himself, his age having little bearing on him other than the color of his hair.
 -Being a teacher of younger kids had given Drayden an immeasurable pool of tolerance and patience.
+Fantastic Sense of Humor+
 -Drayden places his good health in the hands of his sense of humor; if he wasn't able to take things in some sort of decent light, he would have had a heart attack ages ago.
 -Every hardship is temporary.
 -Highly confident in not only his well-trained pokemon, but also his own body.
 -Hard-working and eager, Drayden accepts responsibility with ease, but knows when a task is out of his capabilities. He is willing to allow another person, as long as they are capable, to lead him, if this is the case.
 -Prefers to handle a situation with his own two hands. Hands.
 -It often never occurs to Drayden that there is a choice to not help someone in need.
 -Who said Chivalry was dead?
 -Enjoys the more refined things life had to offer, like the arts, history, Mythology and education.
 -Eloquent; uses very dramatic and descriptive language.
 -It's incredibly difficult to actually arouse Drayden's rage. Unfortunate once it occurs, but it is there.
 -His mild nature is due to his ever-present patience.
+Quietly vain+
 -Though he often doesn't outwardly boast, he does enjoy listening to others' praises and adoring words.
 -A bit of a show-off; has a tendency toward dramatic flair
 -Does an inordinate amount of physical labor to stay in shape.
+Well-read and knowledgable+
 -Drayden spends most of his free time delving into legends and myths
 -Is always eager to share his knowledge with others willing to hear it
 -It would be better to say he "quickly assumes". Being older, he believes in his experiences with people and trusts those experiences over many other things. He is, however, open to being wrong.
 -Doesn't enjoy causing others trouble unless very heavily provoked.
 -Doesn't enjoy bringing others true hardship or death.
 -Known for being "bland"; the guy doesn't particularly live a sinful or excessive lifestyle.
+Recovered alcoholic+
-He refuses to touch the stuff now; it symbolizes everything in the darkest time of his life and even the smell is offensive. But he knows that since he was an addict before, he can fall to it again, and now is certainly not the time for that.
User Notes -Affiliated with:
-Longtime friend, Drayden considers Drake a brother, despite the latter's shenanigans.
-Prized former student.
-A fond acquaintance, Drayden counts himself lucky to know Zekrom's chosen Champion.
-His relationship is more business than anything. Though he still cares about the man and hopes for his safety.
-Fancies her

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Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] PCP637Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] 635Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] 196

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Drayden the Spartan Mayor [[Dragonspiral||Leader]] RGgji6G


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