Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive


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    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive Empty Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive

    Post by Dandelion Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:21 pm

    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive VLyabMz


    Volkner Voltaire
    "The Shining, Shocking Star"
    Theme(s) Wayfaring Stranger - Betsy Lee Version
    Text Color ccb85e
    Item A sturdy backpack carries his travel gear;
    A couple Ultra Balls, two Hyper Potions, a Super Potion, Revive, and Full Heal. Universal Communicator (on his ear), silver flask, canteen, rations, a blanket, a couple packs of cigarettes, a lighter
    a small pouch on the backpack holds mundane items;
    His wallet with his ID's, ect, a set of his Gym Badge's, packs of salt/pepper, a small hair brush, razor, a harmonica, and small music player
    Weapons - His Pokemon (Primary weapon choice)
    - A small, sturdy knife - mostly used as a resource and not a weapon.
    - a Mateba Autorevolver and S&W M&P 9c - Both guns were issued by HQ, though they are last resort.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity DMaB - He/him/they
    Birthdate March 10th
    Age Adult (33)
    Species Human
    Weight 149 lbs
    Height 5'11"
    Region of origin Kanto, Cerulean City
    Occupation Former Leader of the Sunnyshore Gym
    Party His party is in relatively good standing. Octillary and Lanturn are dead while Ambipom is IMA. Had a Magnezone that had to be put down. The rest, however, are healthy. He caught his Heliolisk on his travels as a Helioptile.
    Pkm 1
    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive 026
    Name/Gender- Ross (M) 5e9110
    Species- Raichu
    Level- 72
    Ability - Static
    - Charge Beam (TM)
    - Thunderbolt (Level)
    - Grass Knot (TM)
    - Light Screen (Level)
    Very scruffy, one ear is noticeably tattered, usually out of his Pokeball
    Pkm 2
    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive 405
    Name/Gender- Tiamat (F) 427596
    Species- Luxray
    Level- 64
    Ability- Rivalry
    - Wild Charge (Level)
    - Fire Fang (Bred)
    - Ice Fang (Bred)
    - Iron Tail (Tutor)
    Pkm 3
    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive 466
    Name/Gender- Ramuh (M) 963384
    Species- Electivire
    Level- 62
    Ability- Motor Drive
    - Brick Break (TM)
    - Thunder Punch (Level)
    - Bulldoze (TM)
    - Ice Punch (Bred)
    A bit on the heavy side.
    Pkm 4
    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive 135
    Name/Gender- Topaz Carbuncle "Carby/Topaz" (M) b5871e
    Species- Jolteon
    Level- 58
    Ability- Volt Absorb
    - Thunderbolt (TM)
    - Swift (Prior evo.)
    - Shadow Ball (TM)
    - Thunder Wave (Level)
    His paws are white. Big blue eyes.
    Pkm 5
    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive 604
    Name/Gender- Caduceus (F) 0a6d4c
    Species- Eelectross
    Level- 63
    Ability- Levitate
    - Discharge (Start)
    - Acid Spray (Level)
    - Crush Claw (Start)
    - Flamethrower (TM)
    Pkm 6
    Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive Y2bGV2l
    Name/Gender- Novv (M) c41028
    Species- Heliolisk
    Level- 38
    Ability- Sand Veil
    - Parabolic Charge (Level Up)
    - Dig (TM)
    - Thunderbolt (TM)
    - Surf (TM)
    Was owned previously by another trainer.
    Quote "Can I say game over already?"
    Accent Sullen American
    Appearance Volkner is your average young man, plain and simple. Of a decent height and weight his stature is somewhat scrawny though his multiple layers of clothes usually covers this. His shaggy, sandy blonde hair is longer than he would like and does what it wants. Accompanied by his striking blue eyes the he is rather attractive, though an expression that's a mix of bored, annoyed, and gloomy can take away from it.  
    Aside from his usual get up he carries a sturdy black backpack with one of his gym badges adoring it.
    Religion Agnostic
    Motivation End the suffering/fix the bullshit.
    Sexual Orientation Asexual/romantic - Never felt strongly about romantic interests and has some difficulty in differentiating platonic and romantic feelings in himself and others.
    Affiliations Flint: His best friend and closer than family. Flint kept him going when he was in a dark place, prevented him from going back, and taught him that life is not all bad. The two act a lot like brothers, knowing each others thought processes and interests. Flint is one of the few people Volkner can stand to be alone/partnered with, and their synergy is spot on. Together they make an excellent problem solving team.
    Since the Epidemic started his contact with Flint has been spotty at best. HQ uses him for other things, and he can't be pulled away just because non-cooperative Volkner is having an episode. Flint has acted a bit off since this thing has began as well, bringing unneeded stress and worry to Volkner when they are separated.

    Jasmine: Childhood friend.
    his team:
    User Notes - Laturn had heavy PTSD after the event with Octillery and rarely wished to be out of her Pokeball. Mixing this with her need for a body of water she started to waste away. Eventually she was sent out (unknowingly) into an infected pool of water to be fed. Upon realizing she was infected she committed suicide.
    - He does not want to take in any new Pokemon but he could not leave Novv's Pokeball to the elements.
    - Named all his Pokemon after final fantasy characters in an mmo he used to play, aside from Ross who he got before starting the game.
    - Works at HQ but currently off on a fieldwork expedition due to unwillingness to cooperate.
    Development Notes Try to find a better purpose in life, or 'a reason to live' as my brother and I often say. Not everythings about him, not everything has to be so dark.

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