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    Gym Leader Maylene


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    Gym Leader Maylene Empty Gym Leader Maylene

    Post by Abysswalker Fri Aug 12, 2022 10:03 pm


    Text Color #FED4E5
    Theme(s) Kill Your Heroes [Awolnation]
    Item ITEMS
    Weapons WEAPONS
    Gender Identity Trans woman (she/her)
    Birthdate June 20th
    Age 28
    Species Human
    Weight 98 lbs
    Height 4’9”
    Region of origin Sinnoh | Veilstone City
    Occupation Veilstone Gym Leader
    Party PARTY INFO
    Pkm 1
    Name: Penny (she/her)
    Text colour: #8BDA99
    Species: Machamp
    Level: 64
    Ability: No Guard
    Attack list:
    -Dynamic Punch (Level)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    -Bullet Punch (Egg Move)
    -Bulk Up (Level)
    Pkm 2
    Name: Knight Princess (she/her)
    Text colour: #F4BC72
    Species: Gallade
    Level: 60
    Ability: Steadfast
    Attack list:
    -Night Slash (Start)
    -Drain Punch (TM)
    -Psycho Cut (Level)
    -Heal Pulse (Level)
    Pkm 3
    Name: Little Ones (plural they/them)
    Text colour: #E03562
    Species: Falinks
    Level: 59
    Ability: Defiant
    Attack list:
    -Close Combat (Level)
    -Megahorn (Level)
    -Swords Dance (TM)
    -Poison Jab (TM)
    Pkm 4
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    Quote ”Thanks to my training, my handwriting has improved tenfold! ...yes, it has nothing to do with how strong I am as a Gym Leader.”
    History HISTORY
    Accent Has a normally quiet voice that becomes LOUD at unexpected moments.

    •Her stunted height and low weight is a factor from her childhood, as she was neglected by her father and poorly fed. Though well-trained physically and certainly muscular, Maylene still struggles with the long-term damage to her body, and thus her strength and energy levels are inconsistent.
    •Has short pink hair that curls at the tips; she always keeps it cut to remain unobtrusive.
    •Her hands, particularly her knuckles, are calloused and have collections of small, long-healed scars. Has scars elsewhere too, though most are either too faint to see or hidden by clothing. The most prominent of them is on her back, a result of an accident in her youth.
    •Wears a pink turtleneck, loose-fitted grey bootcut jeans, and pink running shoes. Also has a necklace with a small Lucario-shaped charm, a gift from her girlfriend.

    Religion //SHRUG

    •Maylene thinks of herself as a rather easy-going and uncomplicated gal. To her, a soft bed is the highest of luxuries; this was the case even before the epidemic, as she was rarely afforded anything during her harsh childhood. She’s easy to please, and not one to complain; even the smallest of gestures or gifts makes her happy.
    -Sometimes, though, Maylene can take this too far. Even when things should be complained about or changed, she’ll very likely not do so out of a learned fear that even the slightest of amenities will be taken from her. It’s easy to manipulate both her sense of gratitude and her trauma response towards having nothing.

    •Physical hobbies/exercise is Maylene’s biggest stress relief, and she tries to partake in it as much as possible. Not being able to do so is frustrating for her; she often ends up in repetitive, negative thought cycles as a result. This is especially true if the reasoning is that her body won’t cooperate, whether due to fatigue, pain, or similar. Maylene is often bitter about her physical abilities, and has internalized something of a toxic self-image.
    -She’s not opposed to pushing herself well past her limits when doing martial arts or demanding exercises, as a sort of revenge against her capabilities.

    •Maylene adores things she considers cute, though her sense of what this includes can be surprising. She thinks her Machamp is absolutely precious, for example, and fawns over Machop the same way another person might fawn over a kitten. Anything strong or tall tends to fall under her definition of adorable. Things more commonly seen as cute, however (such as small animals), don’t garner her attention at all.
    -The same goes for people. Maylene has likely cooed over the Black Belts at her Gym as if they were adorable kids, but actual kids aren’t cute in her eyes.

    •Her impulse control is... not very good, generously speaking. She often does things based purely on what she is immediately feeling or from the first thought to enter her head; this used to be centered on impulse spending, but it has evolved into something much more dangerous in the changed world.
    -Has risked her life and health for paper thin reasons before, and is likely to do so again.

    •Mentally fragile; her confidence is beyond brittle. She’s easily upset and driven to self-loathing; one should expect casual self-deprecation from her as well. Maylene has been dealing with a lifetime of various traumas, and they have taken their toll. She’s trying very hard to keep it together.
    -Added onto this is the pain and grief of her Lucario’s death; she was, after all, Maylene’s first and dearest friend, her first true family. Losing her is a wound that will never truly heal.

    •Absolutely do not bring up her height or weight, especially not in an insulting matter; this is her major ‘berserk button’. Maylene cannot stand it when people comment on her body. Reminders of her painful past are unwelcome, and she doesn’t need others pointing out the results of the abuse she suffered.
    -Struggles with disordered eating as well, often becoming put off or even sickened by the sight of food.
    -She cannot stand to be seen as a child, either.

    •Despite her fragile self-image, when it comes to romantic matters, Maylene is incredibly confident. She was the one to initially ask out Candice, and is very open about having a girlfriend. With said girlfriend, she’s shamelessly flirty.

    Affiliations Candice: Her girlfriend. Calls her ‘Candy’.
    User Notes •She. I love her


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