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    Erebos the Undead Houndoom ((Inactive))


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    Erebos the Undead Houndoom ((Inactive)) Empty Erebos the Undead Houndoom ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:48 pm

    Erebos the Undead Houndoom ((Inactive)) CM69M6n

    Text Color #7A1F3A
    Item None
    Time of Infection Several months ago
    Age Adult
    Species #229/Houndoom/Dark Pokémon
    Height 5'04”
    Weight 84.3lbs
    Pokédex Entry The flames it breathes when angry contain toxins. If they cause a burn, it will hurt forever.
    Level 57
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Hardy
    Characteristic Proud of its power
    Moves - Faint Attack (learned)
    - Flamethrower (TM)
    - Sludge Bomb (TM)
    - Crunch (learned)
    History Caught as a young Houndour in Johto he was destined for the life of a Champion in Orre. His trainer brought him across the regions to his home in the desert region and soon they set to work on challenging the impressive Coliseums that were created there. Erebos was part of an elite team and after years of hard work and dedication he and his trainer finally saw their goals reached as they defeated their last opponent in a grueling endless challenge. Over 100 in a row...it was hell, but it was worth it.

    But even as they celebrated their victory Erebos saw the change come upon his trainer. The man had gotten them when he was already an adult so this long of a wait actually saw him near retirement. Not wanting his prize Houndoom to just sit in a Pokeball or a PC he made the tough decision to sell the seasoned fighter as a stud. The Breeder who finally agreed to the strong price on the larger than average male was a young man named Dean who was actually looking for a strong stud for one of his more unruly females. It seemed she would only mate with someone who could defeat her. Erebos, while hurt that he would be leaving his trainer, was still intrigued.

    The Ninetales he was bought for was more than he had expected. And by that he meant the bitch was crazy. Brilliantly yellow and standing out a mile away she had the personality to match her outrageous colors, cocky and bold as she took on anyone who got near her. She was arrogant, proud, mean as hell, and Erebos found himself wanting to just knock her down a few pegs. Dean tried to introduce them civilly but Phoenix wasn't having any of it and had the audacity to laugh in his face before turning and flicking her tails at him, walking away like he was just a commoner. Annoyed the Houndoom followed her to her little 'den', which was really just a plush room Dean had made for her, and plopped himself down on her favorite pillow.

    That did the trick.

    Phoenix forwent insults and argument and went straight into battle, actually catching the veteran off guard, and seemed to have the upper hand. She was much younger than Erebos, easily half his age if even that, and the elder male realized he had underestimated her bluster. She wasn't all talk. Getting serious he managed to gain his ground and pin the female but still had her jaws snapping at his throat. In a flash his mouth was around her throat but rather than biting down he held them in a steady pressure, just pushing his sharp fangs against her skin rather than into it. It took a few minutes but eventually Phoenix realized the submission hold and stopped struggling, going limp beneath the jaws that could either spare or end her life. And from then on they were inseparable.

    It would take time before any romantic relationship evolved but for now the two were intrigued by each other and spent most of their waking time fighting each other, Phoenix wanting to finally beat him and Erebos enjoying the challenge in this new more peaceful lifestyle. After about a year he finally took the Ninetales as his mate and a young kit was born, inheriting his mother's genetic for a strange color of silver. But Erebos loved the boy with all his heart. He tried to raise his son to be strong but the boy was so gentle hearted he wasn't sure if the battling life was for him and so switched his training method to be more defense than offense. It was hard on him as he had always been a more aggressive battler but if it meant his son would be safe he would adapt.

    But he never had the chance.

    Cipher attacked and destroyed the ranch, shooting Dean and capturing as many Pokemon as they could. Including his son. He, Phoenix, and an Arcanine from the ranch chased after their boy and those bastards as far as Pyrite Town but it was there the trail went cold. Cipher, while not the ones who took their son, were still prevalent in the town and the mated pair decided to stay and wait for some sign to turn up about their kit. As time went by they began to collect strays from the town and formed a gang of Pokemon that practically owned the town. As long as they kept damage to a minimum the humans ignored them for the most part but soon something strange started happening to some of the Pokemon Cipher carried around. A Tentacruel managed to burn the hell out of the dark hound with a Toxic during a raid and it took a longer time than usual for him to heal from the damage. Near a full month. But one day, when their Arcanine companion started to act as strange as the Cipher Pokemon, Erebos became worried about more than just the human gang.

    Confronting the large female while Phoenix was out he found himself face to face with a monster, her formerly blue eyes tainted red came at him like a hellion with the bodies of their entire gang beneath her feet. Erebos was forced to snap her neck but despite killing her in self defense she didn't stay down. Caught by surprise at the arisen dead the female caught her jaws around his throat just as Phoenix walked in and was forced to kill her friend and watch her mate die. As death crept slowly into him from the gaping hole in his neck a strange sensation pulsed through the hound and as he took his last breath he still found himself opening his eyes once more.

    Snarling and thirsty the Houndoom launched himself at his mate and for the first time in their relationship she was able to take him down, knocking the new Undead out and breaking down into tears. By the time he was able to regain his senses he was locked in a small room with no windows and no door. Bashing his head into the wall repeatedly he could hear the horns on his head cracking but paid it no mind, however the walls never budged. He had no way of knowing how long he stayed there all he knew was that his hunger was becoming near unbearable. One day a great screeching came from the other side of the walls and a blast knocked the bricks loose allowing the male to finally claw his way out of his prison for the first time. His hunger beckoning Erebos was finally free...

    And on the hunt.
    Appearance Eerebos was once a normal Houndoom but now is the picture of advance infection. The wounds that caused his death are still gaping and drip thick, coagulated blood flecked with black taint onto his purple tinged fur. His normally crimson eyes now burn with a terrifying red intesity that seems as though it can melt any living soul they gaze upon. The burns on his back legs and the tip of his tail were only recently scarred before his death and are actually the source of his infection, the poor hound caught in the Toxic of an infected Tentacruel during the early stages of Orre's infection period. Cracks litter the bone armor he wears from the bricks collapsing in on his prison but the hole in his shoulder and the severe cracks in his horns are from when he would repeatedly throw himself into the walls to try and break out of the room Phoenix sealed him in.

    His dual dark typing helped keep the infection hidden but once it took hold the symptoms exploded and he was brought down in a vicious battle against a friend, his throat torn open and left to die only to rise again. Now his Sludge Bomb attack stands always at the ready and toxic ooze drips from his fangs as he prepares assault on anything, living or dead, that stands in his way. When challenged he will ignite the putrid chemicals and create a fiery inferno that only advance his decay.
    Personality Once upon a time he was a stoic and proud hound, the pride and joy of his trainer. He was a hunter, a battler, and a Champion Pokemon. He hadn't failed a battle since he was a pup and his impressive form stood testament to it. Sold to a breeder named Dean to be a stud the only creature he ever allowed to see past his distant persona was the female who would become his mate, a hot headed Ninetales of strange coloration.

    Erebos remembers none of that now.

    Ever since his release from his prison the male now looks for anything that moves and seeks to destroy it. He remembers only the color yellow and it is the only thing that can calm his rampages, though it is only on instinct. He has no actual cognizant thought any longer and acts purely on the drive of the virus. There isn't much of a personality left, if any at all.
    User Notes -the toxic sludge from his Sludge Bomb attack is highly flammable
    -due to how long Phoenix kept him locked away the infection has eaten away at his his body and he is nearing death
    --Lineart for Houndoom was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by Dieter-Dieter

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