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    Ardere the Sorrowful Houndoom ((Inactive))


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    Ardere the Sorrowful Houndoom ((Inactive)) Empty Ardere the Sorrowful Houndoom ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:37 pm

    Ardere the Sorrowful Houndoom ((Inactive)) 2pycqjt

    Ardere (ar-deer-ree/meaning: “Fire”)
    Theme Amhrán Na Farraige (Song of the Sea) – Song of the Sea OST
    Sleepsong – Secret Garden
    Text Color 437C17
    Item Unhatched egg (hers)
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She/Her/Hers
    Age Adult
    Species #229/Houndoom/Dark Pokemon
    Height 4’00”
    Weight 74.3lbs
    Pokédex Entry Long ago, people imagined its eerie howls to be the call of the grim reaper.
    Level 47
    Ability Flash Fire: Flash Fire makes the Pokémon immune to Fire-type moves and will activate when hit by one. When activated, the power of the Pokémon's Fire-type moves is increased by 1.5×. While subsequent hits by Fire-type moves will not provide further increase in power, the Pokémon remains immune to their effects.
    Flash Fire will not activate if the Pokémon is protected from the Fire-type move.
    Flash Fire is active even if the user is frozen
    Nature Quiet (+Sp. Attack, -Speed)
    Characteristic Often lost in thought (Sp. Attack)
    Moves - Howl (LVL)
    - Flamethrower (TM)
    - Fire Fang (LVL)
    - Foul Play (LVL)
    Quote "There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief."

    "I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain."
    History Ardere was once a happy Houndour, with a loving trainer and many friends. While she wasn’t much of a main fighter on the team, usually just being used to help train the other young ones, she could still hold her own when necessary. She was never very loud, but neither was she shy. In fact, one of her most cherished pass times was singing to their team. Her songs were always filled with hope and warmth, soft and tender songs that echoed the purity of her heart and the happiness in her life. Everyone loved her, one male in particular, and things were peaceful.

    A young male Zorua named Hadrian, who was captured around the same time she was, was her best friend. As wild and zany as she was quiet and collected, the two had a tight bond despite being polar opposites in personality. The pair did everything together, and after a while it became obvious to everyone but Ardere that Hadrian had a serious crush on her. If she had ever noticed, she probably wouldn’t have minded, because for all his random craziness Hadrian was actually very sweet and affectionate. He was always trying to make her smile, and when Hadrian evolved before her he noticed Ardere was saddened, so he refused to fight even one battle until his partner evolved too. The day she evolved into a Houndoom was the happiest in her life, but it was also the beginning of the end.

    Hadrian began acting strangely not long after, always clinging to Ardere and fighting with any male who got too close to her. At first she thought it was just him being protective of her new adult form, as she was still getting used to it, but when the strange purple splotches on his fur appeared she began to worry. And the unusual appearance didn’t end there. His normally lovely blue eyes started to take on a reddish hue, and soon after his outbursts became more and more violent. Eventually Ardere found herself actually fearing her best friend, and her heart struggled.

    It all came to a head one day when she was out training with their trainer’s newest trade. He was a handsome Luxray male named Rai, and while he was naturally attractive the hound was not swayed but such easy attributes. Yet still Hardrian followed and watched them from the shadows. After a match, Rai flirted with her lightly, and made Ardere laugh, but despite her lack of interest something inside Hadrian snapped and he launched himself from his hiding spot right at the Luxray. Ardere watched in horror as the crazed Zoroark tore through the other male, blood spraying into his matted, greasy fur. He turned on Ardere and gave a maniacal grin, his fangs still dripping blood, and pounced. She never stood a chance as he bit down on the back of her neck, her mind going blank and blacking out as he continued to ravage her prone form to his own disgusting pleasure.

    She awoke several hours later, beaten, bloody, and well aware of every ache and pain. The fire hound could not deny what had happened to her as even the slightest movement would send signals of pain shooting across her body and making her very self-conscious about one particular region. She forced herself to her feet, struggling to get back home and tell the others what happened. But, when she made it back to camp, she found it destroyed and the bodies of her trainer and friends littered the ground. Bile rose in her throat and she began retching, too sick with pain and devastation to hold it back.

    Something inside the quiet Houndoom broke, and she felt a piece of her soul vanish along with her happy, innocent life. With no home, no trainer, and no one to turn to, she fled. With no idea what to do she soon found herself deep in the Under, unsure of the way out. She came across several strange Pokemon, one of whom became a precious friend to her, until one by one they all vanished. During her time beneath the earth Ardere found herself in possession of a small, fragile egg with no memory that it was she herself who lay the thing. Her conscious mind blocks the memory out of shock and denial of who the father is but her dreams keep haunting her in attempts to remind her of what lays within. She currently searches for the child’s true mother and that search has led her far past the borders of Orre and into lands unknown to her.
    Bulbapedia "Houndoom is a quadruped, canine Pokémon that is mainly black with a long orange snout and an orange underbelly. It has small, red eyes and a black nose. Around its neck is a white band with a small skull-shaped pendant on its throat. There are two white bands on each of its ankles, as well as three rib-like ridges on its back. Houndoom has a long, skinny tail with a triangular tip and three clawed toes on each paw. On top of its head is a pair of long, curved gray horns. These horns are smaller on the female than the male.
    In a Houndoom pack, the one with its horns raked sharply towards the back serves a leadership role. Leadership is determined by fights within the pack. Its gut is full of toxins, which are used to create fire. This gives Houndoom's fire a foul odor and the wounds it inflicts will never heal. Houndoom appears near volcanic areas. Its howling induces shivering in other Pokémon, and often sends them scurrying back to their nests.
    Appearance Ardere is small for a Houndoom, but otherwise looks the same as any other of her species. She is slightly malnourished due to the harsh life of living in the Epidemic, but her only true distinguishing feature is the longs scars across the back of her neck where Hadrian bit down during his attack and the far-off, sorrowful look always present in her eyes. She often looks tired or as though she hasn’t been sleeping, as she is prone to nightmares that constantly wake her.
    Accent Light Irish, though it gets heavy when she is angry or upset
    Religion Unsure, though was formerly an Arceist
    Personality Ardere is a gentle soul that wants to help, but she tends to keep to herself since her attack. She becomes nervous and can panic from most physical contact, because she tries to pretend like it never happened. Ardere used to love to sing, but since her attack had not really found the heart to, despite having a truly lovely voice. If she is heard singing, it is usually really sad, sorrowful notes rather than words though since taking in the egg has been found crooning sad lullabies too it in the dead of night when she is alone. She has become very protective over the egg and will fight to defend it even though she has convinced herself it is not hers.
    User Notes - not giving any direct details of the attack, because of the age variance on this site
    -Hadrian was infected at the time, and was actually close to undead when he attacked Ardere. She was lucky not to get infected because of her Dark type, despite being part Fire as well (I took it to be like a normal resistance, or pure dumb luck, since she has both a high resist/high risk typing)
    -laid her egg in RP
    -History was updated to reflect RP, profile was updated to modernize it a bit and expand on a couple of sections and edit typos.
    -Last post count in Under, at count 33

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