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    Ciara the Mightyena ((Died in RP))


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    Ciara the Mightyena ((Died in RP)) Empty Ciara the Mightyena ((Died in RP))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:33 pm

    Ciara the Mightyena ((Died in RP)) A0ZV3PN

    Text Color #CD96CD
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age 26
    Species #262/Mightyena/Bite Pokemon
    Height 2’10 (a little short)
    Weight 76.2lbs
    Pokédex Entry In the wild, Mightyena live in a pack. They never defy their leader's orders. They defeat foes with perfectly coordinated teamwork.
    Level 54
    Ability Quick Feet
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Alert to sounds
    Moves - Crunch(learned)
    - Dig (TM)
    - Fire Fang (egg)
    - Thunder Fang (egg)
    History Ciara's life was never easy. She was bred in an overcrowded ranch, by an unauthorized pair. Her mother had bred with an Arcanine, however this was considered a sin since the ranch prided itself on the purity of their breeds. So from birth she was rejected, torn from her mother after hatching and put up for auction. The shy, and slightly small, Poochyena was taken by a Team Magma grunt who was pleased to learn that she had inherited two very powerful moves from her father. But life would not be easy for the little one.

    The grunt was ruthless, forcing Ciara to fight over and over, usually at the cost of her own health. Several times she wound up in the Pokemon Center because she just couldn't take the strain. Even after teaching her a TM move she just wasn't strong enough to take down larger opponents, usually preferring to run and hide. Finally, after deciding she just wasn't worth it anymore, he abandoned the little puppy in the wild to fend for herself. As a final cruel joke the grunt tied an Everstone to her neck, so even in the wild she would not evolve. She was lost and alone, with no trainer, no alpha, and her pack nature screaming at her to find a leader.

    She wandered for almost a year, growing ever stronger, but still lost in her depression. She wasn't even aware of crossing into another region when she stowed away on a boat. Several times she ran into other Pokemon, but they would not accept her. She was considered a vicious breed and no other species would take her. Even her own kind rejected her because she was a trainer pup, not one of their own, usually turning her away as soon as they saw the stone. But still she persisted, ever hopeful of finding her own pack one day.

    Not long after the epidemic started, she was being driven off by an angry farmer for pilfering some of his trash when she came across an infected Scyther. Without warning it lunged for the small Poochyena and she fled in terror. After killing the farmer it gave chase, slashing at her with its large blades, narrowly missing her each time. When she was cornered, it reached for her but Ciara managed to pull away just in time, the blade arm catching the rope tied around her neck. The stone ripped from her neck and, in terror, she used the first attack that came to mind, Fire Fang. The Scyther burned in the flames and Ciara felt herself changing. A bright light surrounded her and when it faded the world looked...different. She had evolved.

    The new Mightyena quickly fled from the corpse of the Scyther, wanting to be as far away from that creature as possible. Luckily, though she had no idea of it, she had a resistance to the virus and was not infected after the battle this time. Her pack instincts grew exponentially and she set off in search, once again, of a pack to call her own. **added due to RP** She thought she found it in a small group discovered near Snowpoint. The hound was ewt and shivering from the cold and the group took her in without question, despite the fact that she led a powerful Undead right to them in the process. Several times she fought against their attempts to befriend her, thinking that they would only cast her to the Undead to escape, but when all hell broke loose she pointed out an Alpha and entered 'Magma Mode', follwing his every order to the letter. After their escape she was talked out of her stupor by Dante, the hound she pointed as Apha, and finally started to settle in when other newcomers arrived. Sure that she would be pushed aside the hound fled the group to spare herself from the rejection that was sure to follow their arrival. She was found by an old teammate of hers, Kennyth, who had become a massive Undead Camerupt. He beat her severely but Dante came to her rescue, aided further by Strix to get her back to the group.***
    Appearance An average Mightyena, though slightly small and underweight for her species, there wasn't much to poor Ciara. However, thanks to the assault of a former teammate of hers, a Camerupt named Kennyth, the small Mightyena is now bloody and gashed open. She has several open wounds on her back and sides, plus one long one across the top of her muzzle. Her leg is also badly burned from the attack, and will likely cause permanent damge which will result in a limp once it heals..
    Personality She is very submissive and will bend to the will of most stronger Pokemon, unless she recognizes an alpha. Once she designates an alpha she will obey only them without question, and should there ever be an exchange of power the former alpha will be no longer be recognized. Naturally very quiet and reclusive, Ciara doesn't like conflict and fights only when it is necessary or when ordered to. During times of great stress can trigger what is known as her "Magma Mode", which is where she becomes a mindless machine that can only follow orders. She will do anything when in this mode. Having always been rejected, she has developed a phobia of it. She will run if she feels she is becomig a burden, to spare herself the pain of being cast out.
    User Notes - The fight with Kennyth occured in RP, which is why it is only touched on briefly
    -Has only met Raiden once when Wattson and a young trainer stopped her former trainer, a Magma Grunt, from stealing pokemon. She remebers how powerful he was and for a time admired him, much to her teammates chagrin.

    Turned and died in RP so posted her living profile since it was never updated on her turning

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