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    Calamity the Absol ((Died in RP))


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    Calamity the Absol ((Died in RP)) Empty Calamity the Absol ((Died in RP))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:34 pm

    Calamity the Absol ((Died in RP)) FPIEpOp

    Text Color #CC7F32
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age 30
    Species #359/Absol/Disaster Pokemon
    Height 4’03”
    Weight 118.2lbs
    Pokédex Entry Rumored to sense danger with its horn, it became a target. It fled deep into the mountains.
    Level 40
    Ability Super Luck
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
    Moves - Pursuit (learned)
    - Bite (learned)
    - Slash (learned)
    - Razor Wind (learned)
    History Calamity has never known affection, never known love, not in his entire life. He was hatched many years ago and abandoned by his mother in the woods once she saw his odd color. He never knew why she left, only that she didn't take him with her, so he grew up alone. Luckily he was abandoned near a small town in the Johto Region where he raised himself, living off the woods surrounding the town and whatever scraps he could pilfer at night. As he grew older he became more curious of the townspeople and after a few years he finally braved venturing in during the daylight where he ran into a tiny young human, a small 5 year old girl. She was sweet enough, giggling and petting his fur, which frightened  him and caused him to back up with a hiss. His reaction frightened her, and the little girl started to cry which made the Absol feel badly. But when he tried to comfort her he accidentally sliced her with his horn right as her father came around the side of the house to see why his little girl was crying. He screamed and shouted, chasing him away, and it only got worse from there.

    For years every time he tried to venture into the town something really bad happened to anyone he passed. It ranged from little things like someone tripping over a bench to terrible things like falling off a roof into a pile of scrap. The people took to chasing him and throwing rocks at him, even going so far as to lay painful traps to stop him from coming into town, all in an attempt at driving the Absol from their town. They were the ones who gave him the name Calamity, which he later learned meant 'misery caused by misfortune', and it was then he realized that they blamed him. He tried to convince them otherwise, even tried warning them of a few wildfires that destroyed their crops, but they only blamed him for the events rather than accepting that he tried to warn them of it. Several years went by like this, and Calamity grew more and more bitter and angry, despising the humans that offered him no credit for the times he helped them until he started wearing the name they gave him proudly. He started enjoying making the humans suffer, going so far as to purposely cause some of the accidents that he was always blamed for, until one day things went too far.

    Calamity ran into that girl from so many years ago, now a grown woman with a long scar down her face from his horn, and when she saw him she screamed. He hadn't even done anything but she ran towards the town square screaming about he was trying to kill her again. Infuriated he gave chase, soon closing the gap between him and the girl, but they rounded a corner there was a shout of warning from high up and a large shadow passed overhead. Calamity came to a sliding stop, his paws burning from dragging the stony road, as he saw a large pallet of bricks come sliding off a crane that was working on a new house on that street. He raced towards the girl again to try and knock her out of the way but he was too late, she looked up and shrieked as the pallet came down and crushed her. He tried digging her out, but the men working on the house came after him a started beating him with whatever tools they had handy. Bloody and bruised he clawed at them, making his escape into the woods once more. As he made it back into his woods he realized that he wouldn't be able to go back there again without them actively trying to kill him, so with a heavy heart he started making his way around Johto.

    Whenever he encountered new people or Pokemon he would stay hidden, not willing to get close enough to anyone to kill them. He began to see himself as a monster, a killer, even if the actual death hadn't been his fault bad things always seemed to happen around him. It had to be his fault in some way...didn't it? Calamity convinced himself it was. When the Epidemic hit, Calamity sensed it only a day before it hit the region and soon the black plague known as Murkrow descended on everything. Soon the dead were rising in all shapes and forms and Calamity had to once again become a killer just to survive. He began to despise himself and avoided any other living he came across as best he could, because he knew he could never be one of them.

    Forever a calamity, forever unloved...forever alone.
    Appearance Calamity is an enigma, even to himself. His fur is thick and black, barely even reflecting the light it catches. He is accented in dark gold that gives him an almost Egyptian look, though he wouldn’t have any idea if that was the case. But his eyes, the deep pools of darkened red that seem to suck you in but never reveal what is inside, those are his most striking feature. He stands proudly taller than most of his species and through years of avoiding the townspeople traps and attacks he is well muscled underneath all that fur.
    Personality Calamity is very mistrustful at first, and prefers to keep to the shadows when encountering new people or Pokemon. He watches for a while before making himself known, unless he is caught lurking, that is. He keeps his inner emotion tightly guarded and doesn’t try to make friends, as the closest thing he has ever known to affection is a well-placed kick to the face. He longs for the affection of others, the kind he has witnessed many a time, but doesn’t believe he will ever know it. Calamity worries that if he ever did get close to someone, as if it were ever possible, that his over run of bad luck would seriously harm them.
    User Notes -His ability, Super Luck, is nothing but bad and appears to cause harm to anyone near him (but never to him directly)
    -Has incredible senses for picking up danger as it seems to follow him constantly
    ---the light purple surrounding his horn and tail in his solo picture was me trying to create a reflection of Lalita, lol. And he is lined in pale gray to make his fur more visible. Supposed to be there!

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