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    Draven the Axew ((WIP))


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    Draven the Axew ((WIP)) Empty Draven the Axew ((WIP))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:24 pm

    Draven the Axew ((WIP)) MvWpTJG

    Text Color [color:1cc7=#insert hex color]#inserthex color
    Item Eviolite
    Gender Male
    Age 22
    Species #610/Axew/Tusk Pokemon
    Height 2'06”
    Weight 47.3lbs
    Pokédex Entry They mark their territory by leaving gashes in trees with their tusks. If a tusk breaks, a new one grows in quickly.
    Level 37
    Ability Rivalry
    Nature Brave
    Characteristic Likes to thrash about
    Moves -Dragon Rage (learned)
    - Dig (TM)
    - Dragon Claw (learned)
    - Dual Chop (learned)
    History Insert History Here
    Appearance Draven is larger than the average for his species, and flaunts it well. His physique is strong and rugged and every once in a while he can be seen flexing his muscles in preparation for his evolution. He is very protective of the Eviolite necklace he wears as it was a gift from his trainer who hatched him.
    Personality Insert Personality Characteristics Here
    User Notes - Based entirely off of my epic Axew in White 2, because he has pwned almost everything for me. Totally replaced my starter, lol. Neutral natures are so entertaining, because I get to train them exactly how I want.


    ((Colored Axew myself from a lineart, though it looks scary like the stock picture, lol. I have the .psd to prove it though! ^_^
    Also drew the eviolite myself. Don't tell anyone I'm getting more confident.))

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