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    Trevor the Axew [ // Dragon Team // ]


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    Trevor the Axew [ // Dragon Team // ] Empty Trevor the Axew [ // Dragon Team // ]

    Post by Jay Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:55 pm

    Trevor the Axew [ // Dragon Team // ] 250px-610Axew

    Text Color #AEE86B
    Gender Male
    Age Prepubescent
    Species #610 // Axew // Tusk Pokémon
    Height 2'00"
    Weight 39.7 lbs
    Level 17
    Ability Mold Breaker
    Nature Modest
    Characteristic Often lost in thought

    Pokédex Entry-

    (White Pokedex Entry) They mark their territory by leaving gashes in trees with their tusks. If a tusk breaks, a new one grows in quickly.




    • Scratch (Learned)
    • Dragon Rage (Learned)
    • Assurance (Learned)
    • Dual Chop (Learned)


    “It’s going to be a white Christmas this year!”

    The snow was a stunning white, each flake a different shade in the winter weather beauty pageant. They fell with grace, showing off their unique style and design with flare. Trevor watches from the first floor window, fascinated by the way each individual flake owned its appearance with such passion. This show was one to remember.

    Trevor’s thoughts wandered, however. He was contemplating the past, racing from one memory to another. He first recalls the day he entered the world, in a small, but fitting, house owned by the Rose family.

    It would be quite a standard day for the Rose’s, Alvin and Lillian were off to school as the mothers prepared for a relaxing day at home. It was no doubt a subtle way to start off their morning.



    Trevor, in the beginning of his life, was a happy-go-lucky kind of pokemon. His love for everything could become an annoyance at times, but would always work out in the end. After the home invasion his personality dulled, the happy Axew had faded away. His view on himself plummeted, becoming very self conscious.

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