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    Icarus the Archen and Phoebe the Flygon ((Inactive))


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    Icarus the Archen and Phoebe the Flygon ((Inactive)) Empty Icarus the Archen and Phoebe the Flygon ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:17 pm

    Icarus the Archen and Phoebe the Flygon ((Inactive)) BVi3f1r


    Icarus the Archen and Phoebe the Flygon ((Inactive)) Ty1PiJS

    Text Color #CD5555
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Teen, 19
    Species #566/Archen/ First Bird Pokémon
    Height 1'08"
    Weight 20.9lbs
    Pokédex Entry Said to be an ancestor of bird Pokémon, they were unable to fly and moved about by hopping from one branch to another.
    Level 28
    Ability Defeatist
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Sturdy body
    Moves - Wing Attack
    - Protect (TM)
    - Ancient Power
    - Acrobatics
    History Icarus was revived from a Plume Fossil, discovered by his trainer Davvyn a long time ago. When he was brought out of the regeneration lab, and saw his trainer for the first time, he didn’t know what to think. Davvyn didn’t care; he just wanted the ancient Pokemon. So Icarus was given his name and they went on their way. Soon after leaving he was placed with a mentor on Davvyn’s team, a rather curt Braviary named Niall. While the Braviary was somewhat hard on the small Archen, Icarus learned fast, and soon was adopted into the main team. He didn’t like many of the others in the team, preferring to keep to himself rather than join in any antics or training, and they teased him mercilessly for it. Unless it was Niall, Icarus just wasn’t interested, but he did still get into quite a few fights with the others.

    Niall noticed that the small Archen was having trouble adjusting to team life, and began taking the boy under his wing as more than just a mentor. He became like a father to the dino-bird, and was the only one that Icarus would open up to. For several years, only Niall and Icarus stayed the constant members on Davvyn’s team. He had a thing about weak Pokemon, and would switch them out at any time to create his ‘ultimate team’. Icarus hated that, and didn’t like being around his trainer much. Though, he knew better than to disobey. Because if he did, he would either be traded away or locked in a PC away from Niall. Though, being one of the only constants on the team would prove to cost a price he wouldn’t be able to pay.

    Icarus was still a ways off from evolving when the infection hit, and because of that he was still unable to fly. So when they were swarmed by a horde of collective undead, Davvyn, Niall and himself fled the field on Niall’s back. Davvyn didn’t even care that he left every one of his Pokemon to die, all he cared about was himself. But, in his arrogance, he drove the eagle too high and was caught by the scorching fires of a Vulcarona. Niall’s wings burned, and his feathers became brittle and unable to sustain them all. Icarus and Davvyn were thrown from his back. Davvyn fell to his death, hitting the ground with a sickening thud that clearly snapped most of the bones in his body, while Icarus landed in a thick tree. He hit it hard, but due to his thick scales and hard body he was able to survive the fall. He was in a lot of pain, but was able to flee.

    He now wanders the Epidemic world, not really sure what to do now that Niall and his trainer are gone. With no direction, Icarus just struggled to survive. After meeting a rather hostile group of survivors in Amity Square in Sinnoh the small bird fled once again, now scared of even fellow living Pokemon. He refused to allow any Pokemon near him and for the longest time was on his own. But after three days without sleep the exhausted Archen could hop no more and passed out near a cave. The next time he woke he found himself in the sky, and for a moment he thought he was back with his beloved Niall, but upon looking down found himself on the back of a delicate Flygon.

    He was scared of her, at first, and ran as soon as they landed. But after a few weeks of the Flygon persistantly following him he finally allowed her to come close enough to introduce herself. It seemed her name was Phoebe, and it was the cave she was hiding in that he had passed out in front of. She had tried to shelter both of them but Undead had cornered her so she had to take to the air with him on her back to get them to safety. Grateful, Icarus introduced himself and they began a tentative truce to stick together until whatever was plaguing their world was finally over.
    Appearance Icarus is a perfectly average Archen. He is of average height, average weight, the only thing that stands out on this poor kid is the sad look always in his eyes.
    Personality Icarus was always a loner, and likes keeping to himself. He is somewhat distrustful of strangers, and only lets select few get close enough to be considered friends. Generally he is a pretty mellow guy, and doesn’t like to make waves, but if challenged he will not sit there and take it. Doesn’t take well to others being ridiculed because he knows what it feels like.

    Because of what he faced in Amity he is hesitant towards other living, especially groups, because he now believes all of them will reject him.
    User Notes --Is still slightly depressed from losing his only family
    -Is still somewhat injured from the fall, but nothing is broken. He just hasn't had time to heal
    -He is also openly gay and still in love with the deceased Niall
    --Lineart for Archen was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by Eiden-Enea
    (colored digitally by me)

    Icarus the Archen and Phoebe the Flygon ((Inactive)) Wvhbfv8

    Text Color #ADFF2F
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #330/Flygon/Mystic Pokémon
    Height 7'07”
    Weight 250.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry It is nicknamed "The Desert Spirit" because the flapping of its wings sounds like a woman singing.
    Level 50
    Ability Levitate
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Highly persistent
    Moves - Sandstorm (learned)
    - Earthquake (TM)
    - Fly (HM)
    - Dragon Claw (learned)
    History Phoebe was very young when she was captured, a Trapinch barely into her own pit. Her small borrow was stepped on by an unsuspecting trainer lost in a sandstorm and when she attacked in retaliation she saw how terrified he was. He had gotten caught in the storm without those funny circles on his eyes she had seen the other humans wearing and now was nearly blinded by the chaffing sands. Pity filled her and she led the young boy's Pokemon to the edge of the storm, the child being carried by his large Arcanine. But what she didn't expect was for him to ask to come with her, the boy still squinting and blood pooling at the edge of his eyes. It was so heartbreaking she couldn't tell him no, and allowed the round ball to tap her before settling inside.

    The Arcanine got his trainer to the hospital and luckily they were able to flush the sand from his eyes and lungs, though he was so badly scarred in one eye that from now on he would be legally blind if he lost his other one. He also had trouble breathing, too much excitement causing his scarred lungs trouble and making him cough. But that never stopped this young boy, and upon releasing the Trapinch who had saved his life he gave her a simple, yet pretty name. Phoebe, for her pure heart. She smiled at her new name and after a few months of recovery for her new trainer the Trapinch got to experience the life of a traveling Pokemon.

    Her trainer, whose name she learned was Noah, was actually quite skilled. Phoebe was often partnered with his large Arcanine Renault, and she grew quickly. Phoebe had always been large for her kind, but upon her first evolution into a Vibrava it was even more apparent. She towered over most of his other Pokemon, and was only dwarfed by Renault and a Tyranitar named Bardo. She was taught a useful TM, Earthquake, but at the cost of losing her usual partnership with Renault, and was instead partnered with Bardo. His ability to summon sandstorms proved their key to success and after taking on most of their region she finally evolved into a lovely Flygon. Oddly enough, she now was the largest of Noah's Pokemon. She towered even her two battling partners, but because of her kind and dedicated manner no one ever picked on her for it.

    Several years went by and their trainer settled into the life of a veteran trainer, choosing to keep only Phoebe herself, Renault, and Bardo. They began to specialize in triple battles and rotation battles, sharpening their skills as the game of battles evolved, but never did they lose their true ability to work as a team. But when the Epidemic hit, even their greatest abilities couldn't shake the horrors it created. Noah refused to release his Pokemon, despite warnings that any with Pokemon would be left behind in evacuations, and chose to hole up in the mountains with his team. They managed to stay fairly secluded for several months, only having to deal with the occasional sentient Undead, but it didn't last. A strange ripple of energy tore through the region and before they could do anything about it the four were separated from each other.

    Phoebe found herself in a new region all together, and was forced to take shelter wherever she could find it as she worked her way home. It was in this region she came across a small new bird she had never seen before passed out in front of her cave. The poor boy looked absolutely exhausted, and much like she had in her youth as a Trapinch she took pity in the boy and brought him inside where it was safe. For almost a day the bird didn't wake up, but the Undead didn't wait for him to. It seemed his trail had led a large group of them to Phoebe's cave and in her efforts to protect the unconscious boy she found herself cornered. Forced into a wall she had to summon a Sandstorm before blasting out of the cave, keeping the bird on her back as she took to the skies and fled the demons that now swarmed her hiding spot.

    The bird awoke on her back at some point, so when she felt it safe enough she landed only to have the little one hop away desperately. Concerned that he would get himself hurt or killed Phoebe followed him. For weeks she followed, helping him with infected and undead any time they cropped up, and finally he let her close enough to talk to him. She introduced herself and finally learned that the small little rock bird was called an Archen and that his name was Icarus. She told him of how she found him, and how they wound up together, and they settled on a truce. Phoebe would keep by his side, protecting him and taking care of him, and Icarus would have someone who could train him and finally help him evolve. And it was with this relationship that they set forth, only this time neither was alone.
    Appearance Phoebe is much larger than the average Flygon, towering a full foot over her average counterparts. Her expression is usually calm or serious, and she is always ready for something to jump out of the shadows. She can almost always be seen at Icarus's side.
    Personality Phoebe is very serious, and doesn't take to joking well. It isn't that she has no sense of humor, she just tends to take things too literally and often misses when someone is actually trying to be funny. She is very protective of Icarus and has developed a mother/son relationship with him, and like any mother she tends to be very critical of who he spends his time with. Phoebe is always ready for a fight, and has her guard up more often than she should which sometimes gives the impression that she is cold. In reality, she is just so worried for those in her care she refuses to let anything happen to them.
    User Notes -Treats Icarus like her son, and tends to be over protective of him
    -Is steadily trying to train Icarus so that he can evolve and finally learn to fly
    --Flygon:  Lineart for Flygon was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by Twarda8
    (colored digitally by me)
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