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    Reeves the Deino and Isaac the Flygon [Hearthome, Sinnoh || LEADER|]


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    Reeves the Deino and Isaac the Flygon [Hearthome, Sinnoh || LEADER|] Empty Reeves the Deino and Isaac the Flygon [Hearthome, Sinnoh || LEADER|]

    Post by Silverishness Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:09 am

    Reeves the Deino and Isaac the Flygon [Hearthome, Sinnoh || LEADER|] ReevesIsaac_zps1b30f1ef

    Reeves and Isaac
    Hex Color Reeves (#4973ab)
    Isaac (#daa520)
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Young Adult
    Species #633/ Deino, the Irate Pokemon
    #330/ Flygon the Mystic Pokemon
    Height 2'7"
    Weight 38.1 lbs
    180.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds.
    Flygon whips up a sandstorm by flapping its wings. The wings create a series of notes that sound like singing. Because the "singing" is the only thing that can be heard in a sandstorm, this Pokémon is said to be the desert spirit.
    Level 40
    Ability Hustle
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Hates to lose
    Hates to lose
    - Bite [Learned]
    - Toxic [TM]
    - Dragon Pulse [Egg]
    - Dark Pulse [Egg]

    -Bug Bite [Tutor]
    -Earthquake [TM]
    -Dragon Claw [Learned]
    -Sandstorm [Learned]

    History "You're just as disgusting as your mother..."

    From the moment of his birth, Reeves was regarded as a mistake. A stain upon life. His mother was somewhat not aware that he was in fact her responsibility, and his father, an arbok, regarded his son with nothing but animosity. Though his mother's care was at her own convenience, his father was always indifferent to hateful, making Reeves' childhood a hell of negligence and hate. With time, Reeves soon found he didn't care.

    The family belonged to a trainer, a naive boy who could not understand the dark relations between his pokemon. They were trained, and the arbok enjoyed having the most use in battle. Reeves' mother was second, and the boy trainer was eager to train her and her son to be, what else, the best. With only three pokemon, he knew it'd be a challenge, but was optimistic.

    Reeves' parents soon found victory, and his mother even evolved into a Zweilous. Dissension settled further onto the family, straining relations as her two heads bickered and fought with not just each other, but everyone else. Reeves and his father saw the trainer switch to just using her, leaving the arbok in a foul mood, and let out his frustrations on Reeves. Choked, strangled, starved; the arbok pit his cruelest actions onto the small deino, cursing the day he'd allowed his egg to hatch.

    While Reeves had no real strength of his own, he learned to hide and run, using his senses to the fullest when evading his abusive father. His heart, his mind, everything began to shut itself off from his father's cruel words and malicious actions, keeping himself safe from a figure that should be protecting him. He did manage to find comfort with his mother, whenever her two heads weren't trying to bite at him.

    However, soon, even this small comfort would be stolen from him. His mother soon evolved again, into a hydreigon. At first, it inspired hope within the little dragon, as she exclaimed that she could finally see. He longed for vision, to see exactly what everyone else could. However, this hope was soon shattered as she roared with fury, and began to attack others viciously, their screams of pain and horror, the stench of blood telling Reeves what was happening.

    "You see?!" his father cried as he was surely battling with his much stronger mother. "She's a fucking monster! A demon! A hideous demon!" Reeves felt himself picked up bu his father and carried -for how long he wasn't sure- and as the roars of his mother faded, he was set down. He could tell by the strong reek of blood his father was injured, badly. "Now... I'm going to kill you so you don't turn into a demon like she did..."

    Out of instinct, Reeves fought back, self-preservation the only thing on his mind. He won, his father's wounds too grave to continue. With that, Reeves fled the scene, all traces of his broken childhood gone with the faded roars.

    When the epidemic erupted not long afterward, he treated everything like his father; out to kill him. He knew only the ragged breaths of their kind, the stench they brought with them. He has survived through careful planning, strategizing, and intelligence.

    Isaac's childhood was mainly spent away from home, his little Trapinch form scuttling away from the redundant routine the small farm proved to be. He was something most could relate to-- a pokemon stuck in only one spot, with little chance of evolution. His parents were only Vibrava, and he knew that if he didn't get away, he'd become complacent and dull, just like them. His little heart craved adventure and life, and his home, however comfortable it was, wouldn't offer him that. He ventured out, night after night, hoping for what most pokemon dreaded and avoided for their entire lives.

    A human trainer.

    He welcomed the poke ball that captured him, believing that it was a portal out of the dregs of the duldrums and mundane and into what life was really like. He was whole-heartedly right, and was soon put into training to become what his entire family could never achieve: a flygon.

    Trapinch are notorious, amongst those like Magikarp, feebas and nearly every other beginning stage of a dragon type. Needless to say, despite the shortcomings of his less-than-stellar stats, he persevered, proving to be one of the more spirited pokemon on the team, even amongst the veterans. When he finally achieved his first evolution, he was twice as deadly. With wings to make up for the terrible speed of his kind, he won more and more battles until finally, he reached his final evolution and his goal.

    But life with his trainer wasn't always simply about battle. He found true friendship in his teammates and a healthy, resonating relationship with his trainer. They all worked as one and typically came out on top, but after a couple of years of tasting what the battle scene had to offer, it left them wanting. Many, including Isaac himself, found little satisfying about the toubrament system, and so, turned to humanitarian work. They forgoed the badges, the glamour, and went instead to helping others in need. Whenever a rogue criminal was sighted, they were on the job. Whenever a territorial wild pokemon came down from the mountains, they were there to turn it right back around. They were there for the people, and they couldn't be happier.

    But it was because of their line of work they were some of the first to meet the strange, infected pokemon that were slowly taking over wild and domesticated populations. There were rumors of towns falling silent and dark, of things roaming the wilds late in the night. They were summoned when Lavaridge was attacked and beheld the most gruesome sight any of them had ever seen.

    Blood and gore decorated the streets and homes, bodies were flung carelessly every which way. The dead pokemon left behind often rose back up to feast on their fallen, moving on when the corpses were exhausted. It was too much for the small band of do-gooders, and all quickly went straight to hell. It was a short-lived confused battle, all but Isaac falling within a few terrible minutes, his only saving grace his pair of wings. Broken, confused and truly alone for the first time in his life, he flew back to his childhood home, the sandswept desert, to try and recollect himself.

    Of course, the damage had not been kind. His family dead, gone, the sands full of drooling, wandering beasts, it was all he could do to keep flying, searching for someone that wasn't yet dead. Though he would find one on the odd occasion, happenstance would have it to where they were cruelly ripped from him, Fate denying him even a friend.

    In a bid to perhaps save more than his body and sanity, he instead turned from trying to help others to analyzing his opponents. Gleaning any information about the plague that now consumed his home region, he made it his mantra to commit each symptom, each sluggish turn to memory. There would be nothing about this illness that he wouldn't know, other than, of course, what he could only learn from humans themselves. He learned resistances, weaknesses, and decay time all dealt with the pokemon's type and surroundings, mainly weather, and that Poison was completely immune. Exhausting his leads to finding more information about the virus, he flew to the next region over: Sinnoh.

    Appearance Reeves is a rather unremarkable Deino; one wouldn't really be able to tell him out of a crowd of his own kind. However, should the onlooker spot him moving, his unmistakeable, signature scowl marks him for his identity, as it almost never leaves him, his face eternally displeased with his surroundings. He walks with his head low and tends to slink about, his moments more feline than anything.

    Isaac is a normal, unremarkable flygon, save for the fact that he is slightly taller and proportionately heavier than his average kin.
    Personality Almost always angry, the closest thing this little deino will ever know to happiness is mere content or neutrality. Even with his young age, he is impeccably smart, and knows better than to depend on optimism, sunshine, rainbows and Arceus fluff. The world is what it is and won't waste the time or effort into deluding himself.
    He is a survivor to the extreme, relying on only himself, as he believes everyone else will betray him to further their own life span, since that's really what he would do himself, and what has happened in the past.
    Reeves is extremely practical and does not tend to hold onto things for sentimental reasons. Not that he has anything of sentimental value, but if there were, he'd let it go. To him, sentiment is pain, and being a deino, he feels that he goes through enough physical pain than having to deal with it in the labyrinths of his own ego.
    It should not be mistaken that Reeves doesn't have emotions; he does. However, because of his past and his mentality on how to survive, they are rarely allowed to surface, other than anger or irritation. Emotion is a sign of weakness, that his guard is down, and only around those he truly trusts will he open himself up enough for that to happen.

    Courageous| Stubborn| Intelligent| Witty| Back-Talker| Confrontational| Leadership Material| Driven| Ambitious| Defiant| Team Player| Prideful| Arrogant| Flirtatious| Vengeful| Narcissistic| Genuine|

    Isaac is a rare specimen in the fact that Nature had built him for leadership. Confident in his own abilities mixed with a level head, Isaac took the proud title of team lead when with his human. A cool head under stress, he is often looked to for support and decisions in a crisis. His drive to protect those around him that he views as allies is great, and will push him to the limits of his own abilities.

    But with confidence comes pride, and he is full of it. Succumbing to boasting and flaunting, Isaac is known for both, in good or bad times. He sees figures of authority that are not himself as challenges instead of superiors, and will often disobey them one way or another, passively or aggresively. Not one to conform to anyone's ideals other than his own, he will lash out and try to "convice" the other party otherwise, even by force. Even with good intentions, this usually goes awry.

    Isaac has a problem with flirting, whether it be with some shy female, burly male, stern superior or Death itself. While not always sexual, he does enjoy dipping his toes into others' psyches and testing the waters of any situation. While he doesn't generally go all-out into a situation, he knows that he's smart enough to get out of it alive, which generally gets him into most of the trouble. Still young at heart and too confident in his own intelligence and power, Isaac tends to tilt a moment into one that is too out of hand.
    User Notes
    -Extremely intelligent. Tends to analyze what he can derive from his surroundings almost immediately
    -Because of his lack of sight, he uses his other scents to make up for it. Therefore, his hearing, his sense of smell, sense of taste and the vibrations in the ground and the air around him all give tells to what's going on. When one of these is hindered, however, he goes into a slight panic attack.
    -Is not keen on evolving, since he knows what Hydreigon are and what they are known for and capable of. He fears becoming a monster, but other than not evolving, doesn't take much measure against this likely outcome.
    -Has developed a means of echolocation to make up for his lack of sight.
    -Because of his serpentine father, he'll hiss at intruders or to ward away trouble.
    -Original Profile here

    Uses his species' ability of humming with wings to woo others.

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