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Roy the Archen [Viridian/Kanto]


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Roy the Archen [Viridian/Kanto] Empty Roy the Archen [Viridian/Kanto]

Post by Storm Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:40 pm

Roy the Archen [Viridian/Kanto] 4r5ija

Text Color #1E90FF
Item -----
Gender Male
Age 15
Species #566 Archen - The First Bird Pokémon
Height 1’08”
Weight 20.9lbs
Pokédex Entry It was revived from an ancient fossil. Not able to fly, it lived in treetops and hopped from one branch to another.
Level 30
Ability Defeatist
Nature Adamant
Characteristic Capable of taking hits
Moves Ancientpower
Wing Attack
Quick Attack
History Roy was resurrected in a Unova lab. Like most fossils, he remembered nothing on his previous life millions of years prior, or even if he was the same Archen from way back then. His visioned blurred, all he saw was the white lab coats and machinery all around him, though he had no idea what they where, and why they where there. Fear was easily seen on his face as he backed away from the researchers as they reached out for him. One got to close and Roy instinctively bit him, his sharp teeth easily breaking the skin of the researchers hand before Roy let it go, blood dripping from the wounded hand as well as his teeth as he looked for an opening in which he could escape.
There was hardly any way for him to get out. The only exit that seemed to be a way out was a window high up out of his reach. He flapped his wings, as though he was trying to fly before making a run for it and jumping, though trying to become airborne, though no such luck as he was unable to fly.
Unable to fly up, Roy began to climb the machinery while the researchers tried to stop him from getting out. Every time they got to close he would bite or scratch at there hands using his teeth and claws till he was to high for them to reach him. Finally reaching the window he could see the forest outside, though when he tried to go for it, he was stopped by some invisible force. The newly resurrected Archen had never seen glass before, so he didn't know what he could do to get past it. He began to vigorously peck at the window till it started to crack, and soon, shatter. Finally free he once again made a run for it and disappeared into the forest. Hearing the strange beings franticly chasing after him, though they had not such luck finding him.

Lost and confused Roy kept to the treetops, the only place that he felt safe. He jumped from branch to branch as he continued to flee the place he had awoken, the area around him strange, and the pokemon he kept seeing where even stranger. They looking nothing like the pokemon in his memories, as faint and blurry as they where. He was simply terrified of the things around him, he just wanted someone to make since of it all for him, tell him what was going on, but he was to terrified to even ask any of the pokemon around him for help.
He really didn't know how long he had been lost before he made it to a cliff that overlooked the ocean. The ocean was something that didn't seem to change. His mind hurt when he tried to remember, but what if he wasn't remembering his memories? What if he was no long him, he was different. He hadn't even see another of his kind, one that looked like him. He had wings, and yet he couldn't fly, why not? Why are all the other pokemon with wings able to fly, but not him. Letting out a kaw he began to flap his wings and jumping on the spot, trying to fly, trying to lift himself off the ground, though something far worse happened.
Roy had been jumping to close to the cliff that the stones under him gave way and he plummeted down. He let out a shout of surprise, then of terror. He had just been brought back, and now he was going to die again? Fate wasn't this cruel was it? He closed his eyes and let out one last cry for help when he felt something grab his leg, then a voice, but he couldn't make out what it was saying, but he knew one thing, he wasn't falling anymore.

He must have passed out from the shock of falling as well as the sudden tug in his leg that when he woke up again he was next to a fire, and there was something wet on his head, though when he sat up it fell to the ground. Not having a clue what was happening, and his vision slightly blurred once again he looked around. It was dark now, with the moon shining overhead.
When everything became more clear, he saw something sitting near the fire, poking it with a stick to keep it going. He had seen something like it before, where. It didn't take him very long to remember that that thing near the fire looked just like the strange people in white coats that where trying to grab at him when he first woke up. He let out a squawk of alarm, which caused the strange thing to jump and fall backwards off the log it was sitting on.
Instinctively he would have run, but he was curious about these strange creatures, and this one looked different then the ones that tried to grab him. One thing was he had darker skin compared to them, and he wasn't wearing one of those strange white coats. His wing claws raised, he moved closer to the moaning creature as it sat up rubbing its head. The thing had fur on the top of its head, dark blush gray, which was a strange colour considering all the others he had seen had either black, brown, or blond fur on there head. Though the only others of them he had seen where the white coats.
He let out another squawk, asking who the creature was, though it didn't seem like he could understand what he was saying, but he did acknowledge him with words he couldn't make out, but they seemed to make him feel safe enough to lower his claws.

Roy still made no attempt to try and run from the human trainer, who's name he now knew was Ryan. The human had brought out its pokemon, five others he didn't recognize who explained things to him. They to had never seen anything like the Archen, but they where nice enough to tell Roy what they where and who the boy that saved him was. The trainers five pokemon where a Samurott, who did most of the explaining, and also seemed to be the humans first pokemon. The others where a Braviary, Jolteon, Arcanine, and Tropius.
It seemed in this time, these humans catch and train pokemon to fight, or breed, some even have them compete in things called contests while others just keep them around as pets. All this was new to Roy, that he just sat there with a dumb look on his face as the Samurott explained it all, while the others filled in things that the water type left out.
When they where done explaining, they asked him a question, one he didn't know how to answer. It was Ryan that asked it, even though he couldn't understand the human, he knew what he asked. "Do you want to come with us on our adventure?"
Roy didn't know how to answer this. Should he? He was already so lost in this new world, maybe going with them was best, at least them he wouldn't be alone, and it was better then going back to that lab with the humans he didn't like.

Roy had been with Ryan and his pokemon for about a year, traveling all over Unova competing in things called gym battles and winning small shiny things called badges. Ryan used the Archen in a few of these gym battles, leveling him up, and teaching him new attacks. They had even challenge the elite four, but they weren't strong enough to even beat the first elite pokemon. It was a good try though, and it wasn't going to be the last time they tried.
It was while before Ryan returned to him hometown, Striaton City. Roy still wasn't used to being in cities, all the buildings and lack of trees just made him uneasy. They where preparing to go to other regions to challenge more gyms, and win more badges so they could get stronger before they took another shot at the Unova Champion.
It took a few days to get ready, but they soon got on one of the ships and headed to the next region, which was Kanto. They figured Kanto would be a great place to start, even visit there museum. But of course they would have gym battles while they site seed, the whole reason they where on this trip was so they could train and become stronger. The same dream as any trainer.
Sadly, there training had to wait.

They had been in Kanto for a few months when everything went to hell. They where in Pewter City, and had just left the museum when they saw the chaos happening around them. The city was ablaze, and humans and pokemon where running around franticly, though that wasn't even the worst of it all. The things they saw, it was a miracle none of them had puked, though they did cover there mouths in disgust.
Pokemon where running around, half eaten with broken body parts, though they didn't seem to be fazed by the pain they should have been feeling, in fact, they where chasing anything that moved. Human, pokemon, anything alive. The police where running from there own canines, trainers from there pokemon, it wasn't a surprise when a ninetales looked up from the human it was, eating, and began to charge Ryan.
Ryan was stuck in some sort of fear trance, that it took Roy having to bite him on the arm before he snapped out of it and jumped out of the way before the fire type charged into the museum instead, causing a screaming panic in the place they had just exited. Ryan gave a thanks before he to started running, but he really didn't know where to run. No where seemed safe, and aside from dodging burning buildings and screaming people, they had to avoid becoming some pokemons next meal.
Somehow or another in all the chaos, Roy had gotten knocked off Ryans shoulder, where he had been sitting since they got to Pewter. Ryan had turned back to get Roy, but they where cut off by a falling house, and there was no way they could get to each other. It was now that Roy wished he could fly, though when he saw what was behind Ryan, the Archen let out a screech of warning before the Houndoom began its charge. Roy was franticly shouting at Ryan to run, though his trainer was reluctant to leave him, it took a lot before he finally listened and ran, causing the undead to skid into the flames and get skewered by the wood sticking out from the fire.

Roy didn't know how long it had been before thing started to calm down, and if it was safe to come out of the small hole he had found in the side of a house that had escaped the flames. Only one thing was really on his mind, if Ryan had made it out of the city or found a safe place to hide like he did. Ryan was safe as far as the Archen knew, and that was reassurance enough that they would be reunited.
Coming out of his hiding spot he looked around, flinching at every shadow that moved before he braved exiting his hiding spot. Walking slowly through the devastated city, avoiding bodies and fire he found himself standing before a large forest. He didn't know the name of this forest, but maybe Ryan was hiding out in there. He hoped, but there was really only one way for him to really find out.
Appearance Roy has the appearance of a normal Archen.
Personality Roy is a rather jumpy Archen, though he is very hostile when it comes to first encounters. He like's to show that he can help and wont just be extra baggage when it comes to traveling with a group.
User Notes - Roy enjoys the rain, which is odd considering he is half rock type.
- As far as he knows he's the only one of his kind in this time. He's yet to be proven otherwise.
- Though young, he is at a high level from the training he did with Ryan and his pokemon.

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Post by Storm Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:51 pm

Roy is ready to be taken from WIP so that be may be looked at for approval.

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