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    Sefarina the Cinccino ((Inactive))


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    Sefarina the Cinccino ((Inactive)) Empty Sefarina the Cinccino ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:32 pm

    Sefarina the Cinccino ((Inactive)) PEiZplc

    Text Color #54FF9F
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Late Twenties
    Species #573/Cinccino/Scarf Pokemon
    Height 1'11"
    Weight 17.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry Their white fur feels amazing to touch. Their fur repels dust and prevents static electricity from building up.
    Level 45
    Ability Cute Charm
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Good perseverance
    Moves - Return (TM)
    - Sing (learned)
    - Wake-Up Slap (learned)
    - Hyper Voice (learned)
    History A bright new world greated a Minccino as her egg split and the sun poured in. The tiny female blinked into the light and tried making out the two strange shapes before her, and after a few moments her parents came into focus. She was the only child to the mated Cinccinos and they loved their baby dearly, teaching her to walk and to defend herself from the trainers that often ventured into the wild looking for new Pokemon. Her parents often warned the small child of what would happen were she to encounter the strange creatures called humans, but the little Minccino never really took the warnings seriously. She was often caught by her parents sneaking into tall grasses and woods to play out in the open and no matter how many times she was scolded she kept going back. But one day, her parent's greatest fear was realized.

    It was a cool, breezy morning with the pale light of the rising sun barely making it through the trees. The little Minccino was running around trying to catch the delicate rays of light as they danced across the forest floor when suddenly she halted as a large shadow overcast her. Her heart racing, little chest bobbing up and down as her breathing became more rapid, she looked up wide-eyed in fear to see a young boy looking down at her. Terrified she quickly skittered off to try and make it back to the trees but was stopped by a leaping blue monkey and a bright orange pig. The pair laughed playfully as they chased after the small rodent, who ran around in circles trying to shake them. For a while it looked like she was doing pretty good, even getting as far as making the pair crash into each other rather than landing a hit on her, but the pig suddenly let loose a cloud of smoke and the Minccino could no longer see where she was going. The blue monkey landed a hit, sending the female skidding across the grass, and then something hard hit her in the side. A bright flash of red and then all was dark.

    Within seconds the female was let back out into the light and she looked around in a panic, seeing the boy and his two Pokemon just sitting there...watching her. Tilting her head in confusion it took the monkey explaining to her that she was captured in a Pokeball and was now the boy's Pokemon. A sad look crossed her face and she began to cry, terrified that she would never see her parents again, then the strangest thing happened. The little boy picked her up, held her close, and began rocking her back and forth until she calmed. The soothing sound of his voice helped the frightened little girl finally stop crying and she turned in his arms to look up, eyes big and shining from her tears, and saw that he was crying too. The small little Mincinno reached a paw up and put it on the boy's cheek, trying to dry his tears, and the smile he gave her melted the little one's heart. At that moment, she didn't mind that she had been captured, because she could see into this boy's heart and soul and knew that he was a good person.

    Her new trainer, whose name she learned was Eli, helped the little Mincinno back to her parents where she got to say goodbye. They were frightened at first, but soon saw what their daughter saw when they met Eli, that he was a good soul and would take good care of their baby. She was given the name Sefarina, which she was told meant "Gentle Wind", and it suited the little female perfectly. The two who helped get her captured, a Panpour named Fontaine and a Tepig named Eugene, quickly took her under their guidance and taught her how to be a trainer Pokemon. For a long time the small group travelled, adding several more Pokemon as they fought to make Eli's dream of being a world famous Trainer a reality, but not all of it was happy for Sefarina. Over time she watched her friends evolve and move past her in strength and speed, and felt a little badly that she couldn't help as much as she used to back when their journey first started. As one of Eli's first Pokemon he always kept her on the team, even if she wasn't used much, simply because he loved her so much. Seeing how sad his little Minccino was getting he promised that they would save up to buy a Shiny Stone so that she would be able to evolve too, and Sefarina worked harder than ever to make sure that their battles were won to get the money. It took almost a year but they finally did it, purchasing the Shiny Stone from a small village trader who mined evolution stones and at level 44 the Minccino finally got to evolve.

    A bright flash of light and soon before the group stood a brand new Cinccino and Fontaine, long since evolved into a Simipour, was immediately smitten with Sefarina's new form. He tried exuberantly to get her to agree to be with him but all Sefarina ever saw was her old friend which time after time broke Fontaine's heart. He never stopped trying though, no matter how much Eugene picked on him for his crush. However, by this time Eli and his group was ready to challenge the Elite Four and even though Sefarina had evolved she was still the weakest of his Pokemon. Though it broke his heart to do it, Eli wasn't able to take Sefarina into the League with him, instead leaving her in the PC to wait for them. It felt like forever but finally she was let out to see Eli's dissapointed face. It seemed he had only gotten past two of the Four before getting knocked out of the competition, and he was crushed. Not wanting to see Eli sad Sefarina placed a paw on his cheek, much like she had done when he was younger, and watched Eli's eyes light up again. He never put Sefarina in the PC again, instead choosing to keep her out with him all of the time. She spent much of her time hanging out on his shoulder or on his head, but she still missed the thrill of battle.

    Despite her gentle nature, Sefarina loved to help, and missed being part of the team as she watched them train to rechallenge the League. Fontaine was hardcore with his training, trying to impress the Cinccino, and while at first she had always turned down his advances she was finally starting to see Fontaine in a new light. Another year passed and she and Fontaine had struck up a relationship much to Eli's delight, but the couple had yet to produce and egg. Much as she wanted a family she didn't want Fontaine to feel obligated to stay with her when Eli challenged the Elite Four again. The time soon came for them to depart so Sefarina bid her trainer and her love farewell as they set off for the League once more. Unfortunately, as she waited at the house for everyone to return, something terrible happened. A group of strange looking Patrat broke into the house, bodies bloody and broken, and tried to attack Sefarina and Eli's parents. Eli's parents fell easily to the terrifying creatures and Sefarina had no choice but to flee, her goal to make it to the League to try and find Eli, Fontaine, and her friends, but a strange rippling sensation tore through the air and the Cinccino found herself wandering a strange new land she had never seen before and absolutely no idea how to get home.
    Appearance Sefarina looks visually like a normal Cinccino, and in truth she is, but there are small things about her that make her unique to others of her species found in the wild. The gentle-hearted female has been raised with loving care since she was a child, and has developed to be slightly larger than her average wild counterpart. Her body is lean yet slightly curved, giving her a more feminine look, with her tail and accent fluff large and full. Her fur is neatly groomed for one who has had a life in battle, due to her last year of living outside the battling team, Eli always kept her looking her best. Her large, deep brown eyes are warm and compassionate, and tend to draw the viewer in. Sefarina believes that eyes are the windows to the soul and truly, hers are.
    Personality Sefarina was always labeled as a caregiver. Definitely a people person, she loves being surrounded by people is warmly interested in others. Extremely good at reading others, and understanding their point of view, she watches and gathers information about others and turns this information into supportive judgments. This warm hearted girl has a special skill at bringing out the best in others. Always warm and energetic, she can be easily hurt by indifference and doesn't understand rude behavior or unkindness. Very giving and gets a lot of her own happiness from making others happy, but when something comes up with someone she cares about, something that she simply cannot fix, she can have a hard time accepting it and can get somewhat depressed.

    She takes her responsibilities very seriously, and is very dependable. Not being used as part of the main team anymore really hurt this dedicated girl as she not only has the drive to help others but felt that as one of Eli's first Pokemon it was her duty to be there for him. She often sees before others do what needs to be done, and will often do whatever it takes to make sure that it gets done. She enjoys these types of tasks, and is extremely good at them. Somewhat traditional, she prefers to do things in a form more familiar to her than venturing into the unknown. Eugene once made a list of all the reasons Fontaine was infatuated with her, and he couldn't have been more right in his assessment. This Cinccino is warm, sympathetic, helpful, cooperative, tactful, down-to-earth, practical, thorough, consistent, organized, enthusiastic, and energetic. Her gentle heart and kind spirit drive her to see the needs of others before herself, and that suits Sefarina just fine.
    User Notes -Is still searching for Eli and the team he took to league, especially Fontaine and Eugene
    -Hopes that everyone is alive and well but doesn't delude herself into thinking they can't be dead, she knows it is possible
    -Will eventually be bringing one of the three mentioned into a dual profile with her, but for now who that will be is undecided.

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