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Sidgt the Damaged Noibat and Dysil the Quiet Deino | (Dragon, Ace)


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Sidgt the Damaged Noibat and Dysil the Quiet Deino | (Dragon, Ace) Empty Sidgt the Damaged Noibat and Dysil the Quiet Deino | (Dragon, Ace)

Post by Dandelion Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:33 pm

Sidgt the Damaged Noibat and Dysil the Quiet Deino | (Dragon, Ace) 8wQPUrV
Sidgt the Damaged Noibat and Dysil the Quiet Deino | (Dragon, Ace) V0ScUVq
Sidgt the Damaged Noibat and Dysil the Quiet Deino | (Dragon, Ace) 4Ch8yKh
Sidgt the Damaged Noibat and Dysil the Quiet Deino | (Dragon, Ace) Ld2q0ii

Sidgt the Noibat and Dysil the Deino
Theme Crazy Frog - Axel F
Surface - Dimrain47
Energize - DJ Splash

Louder Than Thunder - The Devil Wears Prada
Profession Nutball, former trainers Pokemon
Child, former humans Pokemon
Text Color Sidgt - #ad87ac
Dysil - #34495e
Item A leash and collar, a large scarf, and a piece of string
A Silk Scarf with a Soothe Bell sown on
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity Androgyne - He/she/they/it
CisMale - He/Him
Age Adult
Species #714 Noibat, The Sound Wave Pokemon - Flying/Dragon Type
#633 Deino, The Irate Pokemon - Dragon/Dark Type
Height 1'9"
Weight 17.6 lbs
32 lbs
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Y:: Even a robust wrestler will become dizzy and unable to stand when exposed to its 200,000-hertz ultrasonic waves.
Pokemon White:: They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds.
Level 45
Ability Infiltrator
Nature Jolly
Characteristic Highly Curious
Very Finicky
Moves - Air Cutter (Level Up)
- Roost (Level Up)  
- Shadow Ball (TM)
- X-Scissor (TM)

- Tackle (Start)
- Dragon Rage (Start)
- Ice Fang (Bred)
- Bite (Level)
Quote "Yay yay yay yay yayyyy!"
"I am the night!"

"I don't know what to do."
"Its quiet here."
I was born deep in the caves of Kalos, like most Noibat of the region. Life was pretty simple- my flock emerged each night to forage for fruits or bugs and returned in the wee hours of the morning as the light just touched the sky. It was peaceful and I enjoyed my youth, playing, learning, and growing in my natural environment. However, it was the company of my older brother that truly made me happy. Our parents were an enigma, admitting to our birth but allowing the flock to raise us, which was custom. Brother was all grown up, a big Noivern already while I was so small and weak. He coddled me, always keeping me very close and watching as I explored the world. He was so sweet, so helpful and kind.. my brother was the best.

Brother didnt care that I was different either. Unlike my flockmates no one seemed to be able to discern my gender my sight, smell, or sound. They often got confused and many avoided me cause it made me weird.. Its not my fault. I was born this way. I didnt try to be like this! My own brother would often mistakenly say 'thats my girl' or 'sis' even though he knew my gender. I dont get it, I dont understand. I am a boy, why do so many call me she?
Thrusting my head side to side I ignore the thoughts. Brother knows best. Brother is always right. He must be right. I am a boy but also a she. How does that work? Brother will tell me one day.

I've grown and brother says Im strong enough to go on special flights with him now. The flights are so hard, they last for hours and hours and most the time Im too exhausted by the end to even fly home after.. but I love them! Its so amazing and we fly further and further each time. Some nights we fly out and he teaches me how to fight and defend, skills he says I will need in the future. Brother is so strong, powerful.. his attacks hurt. My body hurts after the training. I hate it. I ache so often.
But brother knows best. Im getting stronger, he says. I relish in his praise, even if he still says sis.

Cave life is sooooo boooooorrrrrring.. Im getting antsy. Guh, its near impossible to sleep during the day as I just want to get out and fly. Fly far away from here. The flock says that most of us will spend our entire lives how they are now, living in this cave aside from feeding, but some of us will have a desire to leave when we become young adults.
Im only 12. They say Im too young to want to leave and Im just being immature, unsure where my place is but I know that isn't true. They're dumb, all of them. I want to know whats out there! Brother and I fly so far away during our flights, there is so much to explore. On our last flight we made it to this thing he called an ocean, and another night passed before we even made it home. It was so far I fell asleep on the way back and he had to carry me. If I had to get there again I swear I could do it. I will never forget that sight.

I tell brother I want to go on more explorative flights, see further then ever before, and he wraps one wing around me, slowly running his tongue across my face. He does this a lot but I don't see others doing it. Brother is weird, he does weird things like this or biting my feet, ect. I snicker as usual. There is a long pause before he replies, stroking the fur of my forehead while he purrs. "Itll be harder then anything we've done before. We might not come home for days or weeks at a time. Does my girl think shes up for it?" It sounds like a dream and I say I dont want to come back at all.
Brother starts prepping me for all sorts of things, battle and nature. He hovers, beating his wings so I have headwinds to fight. Ive felt these before but he says there are super strong ones out there. He crumbles dry dirt in the air and tells me to dodge. Powder attacks are so dangerous yet hard to see, its important to avoid these. Battle practice has moved to the air. Aerial combat is amazing yet so hard.
Im ready to leave home, I can feel it in my light little bones!

I sulk in the far corner of our cave. Mom and dad had another kid and brother is all over her. He doesnt pay attention to me now, always saying he is too busy. Its so lonely without him. The other kids dont like playing with me, they laugh and call me names, tell me to go away. Without brother I have no one..

So bored.. I click my teeth and listen to my echolocation. The cave walls bounce the sound so well, its like there are other Pokemon around. Its almost like so many little voices for me to listen to.. I click all the time now. Its like I am my own friends.
I watch others from afar. If no one will play with me then Ill find other ways to play with them. Its nice to be with others, even if this is as close as I get. I watch brother the most, too. He plays with sister, licking her the same way he does me and tickling her until she giggles. Those are our games... I burn with jealousy.
Its weird. I thought it was just me but the other Noibat and Noivern seem to avoid my brother as well. No one ever really bugged him when he was with me, thought it was my fault cause I was different but its still happening now that I am away from him. Guess I never noticed. Do the others not like him? I am reminded of my separation from him due to our sister, that our freedom from this place is put off because of her. I hiss and click bitterly. The sounds echo, they are angry too.

Sister is old enough to go on flights with us now. Short ones. She makes me so frustrated...  brother says I have to be in the back, too far to talk to him but close enough to keep watch. I feel like the other Noibat is a wall. I cant have brother when she is around. Brother has started calling me brother too.. did he only want a sister all this time, was I just a toy, a game? I ask about our journey, how long until we leave. He calls me by name, that isnt normal. He says he has other priorities now, that Sis needs him and I dont. I can feel my little heart break.
I say I dont want to join our next flight.

Staying in the cave to stew in my own anger something happens- mom and dad come up to me. Their is an odd look in their eyes. They say I need to know something, that it is important as I am old enough to know now. I hardly know them but I can feel the severity of this conversation already. Mom tells me that my brother had had a mate and daughter a long time ago. His mate died slowly of a disease and he made him.. change. His daughter was captured when a trainer entered the cave and he has constantly wanted to leave since. He wasnt calling me 'sis' for sister either, but Sistwyb, after his daughter. I dont know what to make of this story..
Dad makes it clear for me. He says to stay away from my brother if I knew what was good for me. I.. I dont know what to do..

I dont know what to think anymore. Sitting alone in the far back dark crevices of the cave I am left with just thoughts for company. How much time has passed...? I dont know how long its been since I spoke to someone else.. In the darkness of the cave its hard to tell how many days have passed, weeks.. months? Muttering to myself for company, I find myself forgetting to eat. Whats the point.. the insects that live back here are enough. I miss fruit..
I can feel death creeping up on me but its almost welcomed to break me away from this depressing existence.

Some of the younger Noibats have started to wander upon my solitary space. I hiss and chirp to make them go away. They laugh at me. One even throws a rock that hits me in the head. Each (what I guess to be day) they return to jibe me some more and quickly they grow more daring. The group of youngsters grows and their pranks become more severe. They wont leave me alone and keep coming back. I tell them to leave but its hard to make words after so long. They laugh more. I can not stay here anymore..

My biological clock is screwed up. I can not tell if its day or night but when the bats finally leave me I pray its for foraging and not sleep.
I creep out of the shadows, telling myself to be quiet, until I can see the cave entrance. My wings feel so stiff as I stretch them at my sides. Fluttering on the spot I fear I will crash if I take off from the ground.

There is a great oak outside my home. I climb until my claws hurt and still go higher, the pain hardly noticeable to me as my goal is in sight. It was time to leave though this would be nothing like the journey I had longed for so long ago. I spread my wings but then something lands on my branch, rocking it. Turning my head I am shocked to see my brother staring at me, his eyes wide and bloodshot. There was something.. off about him. "I thought they took you.." He murmurs, creeping closer. Who was they? This is brother, my brother but something is so wrong I feel the urgent need to get away. "Never let them take you." My heart starts to beat hard and I take off before he can continue. Something is very wrong. "Theyll never find you!" Its too late, he's larger and stronger then me. I feel a set of talons around my midsection and wings while the other smacks against my head, making things go dark.

Things are the same but so much worse now. Maybe dad was right... I think brother has finally lost it. Hes locked me in a hole of sorts, maybe a well? Its just a deep pit in the ground with a couple of dead scruffy plants down here. He put some tendril around my leg and tied it to one of the plants.. he also pinned my wings together with plant stuff. I cant seem to break it, what is this material?
Why has he trapped me here? Unlike my cave spot I can see the days passing from here. Its been a long time.. He tosses berries in but not everyday. Is he forgetting me? Its so lonely.. I find myself talking to no one more and more often. My clicks don't echo as well here.. I need to get out but I cant cause of this red tendril. Legend help me.

I can see the sun.. kind of.. and the days crawl by slowly.. Im slipping, I can feel my mind slipping away. Help me.. "Help me!" I cry out, hobbling aimlessly but my strength is little.

I fought as hard as I could but eventually I succumb to my own exhaustion and let one of the pokeballs capture me. Why was a human even that deep in the forest.. Maybe I shouldnt question it, Im free of that wretched hole now. The human would not give up, even now he is persistent about getting the tendrils off me. Snapping and biting I wont let him, he will trap me with them again!

I lose. He got the binds free from my wings and I feverishly stretch them. That actually feels a lot better.

The human is not all bad. He calls me female despite some of his pokemon saying other wise. Why is this a thing..? He trains me harder then brother ever did. I resent him greatly for it but he has given me two gifts. One was two new attacks that I had never seen prior. Brother would be proud of me for knowing such things. The other was what I always wanted: to travel and see the world. He tries to keep me in the little dark ball a lot and I hate it so I break free as much as I can. He seems to of given up on keeping me in their. We almost never return to those human towns to my pleasure. Human put another thing around me, my neck in fact, but this one isnt as tight and is actually kinda cozy. I think Ill keep it.
I watch the seasons pass in his company...

I recognize these trees. I recognize this area so much I tell Human to follow me. He doesnt really have a choice though, Im flying too fast for him to return me. Just a little bit furth- Yes! There! I see the ocean! Its still as amazing as I remember. Flapping closer I wish to see my reflection. Its been years since Ive seen myself or this place.. I am almost close enough when a loud, cackling screech reaches my delicate ears. There was no mistaking that call. Brother?

Something is very wrong with him. A crazy light dances in his eyes and before I can even react he attacks my human. My trainer! There is blood.. so much.. hu-man dea-d... lights flash around me and my teammates pop out of their pokeballs in his defense. Brother is only one Pokemon but he is so much stronger then us. With ease two of my friends are killed and the others flee. I stand there.. petrified. "Come home, child." He orders, head slowly turning my way. "No daughter of mine will be disobedient."
I dont think, I just act. Shooting my Shadow Ball at him it caused the Noivern to snap. Any recognition I had seen in his eyes is gone and he str-ikes me. Hol-ding me down with 0ne clAW he smash-es the OthER down on my head rep-eative-ly.

Over and ov0er and ov..er

I feel the blood pouring down my neck and he tosses me into the ocean.


It hurts so much... Pain echos throughout my body. Brother is up to his old tricks again but I know hes gone loony now. This time it really is a well, hes tired me to the bucket this time with the same string thing but now a black tendril around my neck as well. My wounds hurt so much... Im too weak to carry the bucket in flight and their is water in the bottom of this thing.. its too deep for me to tell how many days pass.. there isnt even half as much food this time..

The loud creaking wakes me from my daze. Higher and higher the bucket climbs with what I can only guess is my brother cranking it up. My vision is hazy and when I make it to the lip I am surprised to find not my brothers face but my.. sisters? She is just laying on the wells lip, her eyes having the same dead look as mine. "Sister..?" I cough. In the same breathe the Noivern comes crashing down to earth, landing square on sister with.. talons outstretched.

My amber eyes go wide at what I see. Legends let this be a dream.. Brothers pierced her stomach with his talons! Blood splaTTers every-wh-ere, even on mE. Oh great legends hes.. hes ripping her apart.. heee's eaTinG heR. I flutter and kick, something, anything must be done. The bucket rocks at my movement until I spill over the side, the short string on my ankle supporting me for only a moment before snapping. I start to fall but I flap, flap harder then I ever have in my life. I manage to gain air above the top of the well, the tendrils knot coming free in the shuffling. There isnt a chance to look and I dont want to see the wall of red.. Coming in close with my X-scissor I hit skin but instantly regret it. Im too weak, too slow, blood-soaked talons grab me and throw me against a tree. Pain pulses from the back of my skull.

Its too much.. I cant move.. My amber eyes are forced to stare at my own brother FEas-ting on my SiSter.... Legends spare me. Legends let this be a dream.
He turns toward me.
With another one of those cackling screeches he turns his attacks on me, grabbing my head with his foot and smashing it against the trunk over and ov-er and OvER. Leg-ends hElp... I feel it, Super Fang, Air Slash... claws and teeth.. cant hold on.. I feel my blood pouring. Their is a bright flash before darkness consumes my vision.


The Noibat comes too in a haze. Blinking open his amber eyes he sees unfamiliar Pokemon in a strange hollow. How..? He tries to remember but is struck by a deep pain in his head and entire body. It hurt to remember and no memories come to. Blinking meekly Sidgt looks to the other Pokemon for answers but they only give him concerned gazes. They ask weird questions, what was going on, who was that but he can not answer.

Sidgt's head pounds harder. Move. It yelled at him. Stumbling forward the other Pokemon race to him, saying not to move, to rest until his wounds had healed, but the Noibat bats them away and hisses. The Pokemon grab at his scarf, wrapping the bat in it and forcing him to stay still. ..No! he can not move and falls back into a pained daze.
The Noibat is kept in the dark hollow for who knows how long as his body recovers. Refusing to talk to the others his mind slowly retreats. No one wanted to talk to him anyway, aside from questions he could not answer. Loneliness plagues his soul despite the constant company..

A night comes where everyone is sleeping and the Noibat has a chance to escape. No more of this. Search. The word pounds in his head but so many other questions did too.. Stumbling along the bat comes across the lake. So pretty.. the reflective surface of the water was like magic. Approaching it slowly Sidgt can see himself for the first time in what was probably years, not that he knew. Peering into the water he sees the wounded face of a child.. Eyes wide, large on a gaunt face.

He was a child..? He couldnt remember anything still.. Wrecking his head for answers nothing comes to. Did he have no memories.. because nothing had happened yet? Cant remember.. Glancing away from the water the youth realizes he doesnt even know the way back to the hollow. Children shouldnt be alone.. no wonder they wanted him to stay close.. Search. The thought pounds again. What was he looking for, family, friends, home, the hollow? Did it matter? He had to find others, he had to find someone with.. answers.

Dysil was hatched on route 3 in Unova's Daycare Center along with his two brothers. The trio was owned by a man named Bobby and they grew up happy and carefree in the daycare. That is, except for Dysil. As his brothers grew stronger and had loads of energy the youth showed negative signs. He wouldn't eat or play, simply sitting away from everyone else while his brothers wrestled about. Bobby grew concerned for the smallest of his Deino and took him to the Pokemon Center but they could not find anything medically wrong with him. He turned to asking around for advice and learned of Blackthorne City in Johto, a place full of Dragon Type specialists. By the next day he had scheduled a trip for the far away region.

The new town was spectacular but Bobby's first priority was his Deino's. Asking around the Dragon trainers looked at little Dysil, watching as he resisted being touched and moved to the corners. They concluded the behavior was probably a mix of fear, sadness, and lack of socialization. The Deino seemed to be a wallflower and needed gentle comfort and friendship. Bobby was confused; wasn't that what his siblings were supposed to do? But as he watched the stronger, larger, more rambunctious Deino tackle and chase one another he started to understand why little Dysil would not join them though it seemed ridiculous.

But the man would not be discouraged. Taking it upon himself to be Dysil's needed companion he sought out comfort items, tokens of friendship for his Pokemon. In a nearby shop he bought a soft Silk Scarf, special made to have a Soothe Bell sown to the fabric. He hoped it would make the perfect safety blanket for the Deino and that the bell's gentle chime would be calming. Dysil was shocked by the gift, instantly falling in love with the soft material tinkling noise. Progress was slow but steady in the blossoming friendship between Man and 'Mon.

Then the Epidemic came to tear it apart. In a foreign town bordered by powerful Pokemon Bobby was one of the first casualties claimed by the undead, leaving the trio of Deino's to fend for themselves on unknown soil. The stronger pair let their instincts guide them, finding food and seeking shelter in the dark while their littler brother followed behind, terrified. These same instincts lead them to attempting to fight off the undead hoards that kept attacking. While they fought valiantly the children were unskilled and quickly slain by the stronger Pokemon. Dysil survived simply by hiding in the shadows but the sounds of his brothers in agony and death would forever scar his ears. Now alone in the strange town the little Deino wanders alone, fearful he wont survive without someone else to take care of him.
Bulbapedia "Noibat is a lavender bat-like Pokémon. It has two clawed fingers on each wing and two long toes on each foot. Noibat's hips and chest are covered in black fur. It has large yellow eyes, two purple teardrop-shaped spots on the front of its face, and large teardrop-shaped ears that resemble loudspeakers. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its lower jaw.
Noibat is capable of emitting ultrasonic waves of 200,000 Hertz from its ears, which it can use to stun large creatures, immobilize prey, and determine the ripeness of fruit it enjoys eating. It also uses ultrasonic waves as a means to communicate with other Noibat.

"Deino is a small blue quadrupedal Pokémon with black fur covering its head and neck, concealing everything but its mouth from view. The fur around its neck also has six purple spots encircling it, which resemble bruises. The hair on the top of its head takes the shape of a single small horn. It also has a short tail that appears to be bitten off. As it is blind, it will bite at and eat anything that moves, and it has the vigor and energy to bite constantly and without stopping. It never stops biting, making it dangerous to approach without taking precautions. It will also ram anything, ensuring that it always has bruises all over it. Deino primarily lives in caves with abundant water sources."
Appearance As stated before Sidgt was born with a very androgynous appearance. Even scent, sight, and hearing can not pick him apart making others have to rely on their own judgement. Since he wont confirm or deny either its really up to the individual.
A very fluffy Noibat Sidgts fur is long and soft, though most of it is covered by a wide beige scarf. Under said scarf is a simple black collar with a dangling leash that he can not recall obtaining or how to remove them. Often his leash gets caught on things and he is unable to understand the restriction, tugging blindly until it comes free. Though one can not see his neck if you could there would be bruising on the skin. The string around his ankle luckily does not have this problem.
His eyes are bright amber and he looks generally like a normal Noibat in appearance.

Dysil is a small Deino, underweight from lack for proper eating and nutrition. Around his neck is a loose Silk Scarf with a Soothe Bell attached to it. The bell gives a little soft barely noticeable jingle as he moves that he can hear even though other usually don't notice.
Accent Gibberish. Very high, squeaky voice.
Small sentence, somewhat broken; child speak
Religion Unknown
Motivation - Explore and have fun, find friends.
- He also wants to find someone to confirm his thoughts on what is real and fake, but he no longer has the mental capacity to really understand this.

- Not die and be happy and safe.
Personality | Childish | Mental | Ditzy | Pumped | Confused | Cheerful | Secretive | Dangerous | Broken | Abnormal | Innocent | Confused | Damaged | Wishy-washy | Fidgety | Playful | Complacent | Loud | Jittery | Quirky | Happy | Stupid | Fragile | Failed gender identity | Distant | Uncontrollable |

Sidgt's mind broke away from reality long ago, but it was the attack that suppressed what was left. When he ventured off on his own, after being healed so kindly by the wild Pokemon society, the solitary life truly sealed his fate. The Noibat retreated inward, solidifying the problems even further.
That being so, he isn't quite.. normal.

- For one thing, he is prone to inappropriate behavior and actions. Often he makes many strange, jerky movements with his head or the quivering of his hands. With an uncomfortable amount of energy he can often be seen trembling, scratching, or having a tick in an attempt to release some. This energy is often translated to actions, flying in circles, scrabbling up walls or trees, smashing stones together, ect. Laughing at the worse times, swapping between awkward chuckles to an unnatural, almost maniacal type of laughter it can be rather unnerving. Sidgt makes a lot of animal sounds, clicking noises, coos and impersonations. Basically he is very vocal but not necessarily with words. He is prone to speaking in the third person and if it bothers someone it causes him to do it even more.

- Sidgt is stupidly happy and cheerful, always curious, and easily amused. He has a seemingly endless amount of energy that must be expelled and must be kept busy or he may get destructive. Always happy this Noibat doesn't really feel sadness, understand seriousness, or know how to react to love and anger. With a childs mentality he has not grown up mentally and to some degree physically. Hard to argue with, a prankster, silly, devious, and innocent he fits the role perfectly. He has not evolved, and with his childs body is assured that he is still in fact a child. He has a sense of 'endless summer' in the sense that he feels he will 'never age.'
Love is an utterly foreign concept. He often claims to love others and act lovely dovey to them much as a child would love another. The concept of love is lost to him, used for safety or and as a sign of his happiness, not in a romantic sense.
Many Pokemon have called him 'retarded, autistic, and mental' but he doesnt know these words for what they mean. They have changed to simply mean different, happy, and cute almost.

- He loves to hang around other Pokemon despite not being able to understand them now. They are great friends for someone that cant tell they are being annoying. Sidgt cant really tell if others like him or not, unable to read or feel some emotions and understand anything serious. 'Serious' is not a word he can comprehend. Even if someone were to clearly say 'I hate you' he will not understand. His poor social interactions may drive Pokemon away but he will follow like a parasite before suddenly leaving on his own. Since his brain can not stay on one topic too long he does have a tendency to move on after a while, possibly a suppressed instinct to search for new hunting grounds or merely that ancient want to explore. Food wise Sidgt is never full, hardly hungry, and prone to starving for a while or over eating.

- Sidgt is highly unaware of his own strength, level, and power. Its very easy for him to over exert himself as well as hurt someone else more then he had wanted. All that pint up energy has translated into battles in his travels, battles he refuses to accept partaking in and many of which he passed out after from overexertion. He has participated in lots of battles post Epidemic, seeing them as 'play' though he takes it too far. The need to attack someone is very sudden and usually unable to be ignored.

- Sidgt is ambiguous in actions, mannerisms, voice sound, and response when it comes to gender. Other Pokemon seem to constantly be at a loss for what gender he is and he accepts either pronoun with ease. He is a boy and deep down knows this, but will not confirm or deny being either gender and is fine as both. Doesn't understand what he is due to the past and has a easier time accepting both then owning up to one. He acts slightly different depending on the pronouns he is referred by though.

- Most his life has been lost, shielded away deep in his brain. No normal event will bring them up, even horrible things can not stir these. However, maybe the right case and scenario can cause them to come up and make him go into a terrorized panic of flashbacks. Talking about his past is very difficult in that he can say random things about it without really remembering. A hunting trip, a sleeping spot, a conversation, he may speak of random things even if he himself is not actively remembering it. When it comes to talking about the past, perhaps a time before the Epidemic, he does not do well as most of his is missing. Instead he may blatantly lie without realizing it or ignore the topic altogether. Its never clear if his tidbits from the days of old are fake or real and nothing seems to flow together. He often has lapses in his memory, forgetting important things or recent events. How his level got so high is a mystery to him as he can not recall the battles. Not that he realizes his own level. There are no memories of his trainer.

- In the rare case memories flood to the surface Sigdt will be unable to control himself and his actions. From flying into walls, clawing at himself, having spasms, and attacking others he will be lost within his own shattered mind. Restraint will be needed to keep him, and others, safe from himself. Swaddling him with his scarf is a good option.

| Shy | Quiet | Passive | Timid | Afraid | Not Trusting | Coward | Naive but not dumb | Young | Shameful | Lonely | Gentle |

- Dysil is very shy and does not trust. It takes work for him to trust others or allow them to get close to him. If his trust is broken it is exceedingly difficult to gain back.

- No more then a child he seeks comfort and needs a companion and caretaker. If someone appears safe and gentle he may stay closer to them despite his aversion. Comfort is a driving force in him and pushes the child to join groups despite his shyness.

- Very quiet he does not talk or say much. When he does speak it is small, broken sentences but the points are clear.

- As a Deino he can not see but his sense of hearing, smell, and taste are spot on.  If a Pokemon has a bad scent to them he will instantly think of them as a bad guy.

- Very defensive and protective he will Tackle and Bite anyone who comes too close, threatens him, or tries to touch his items. It's purely self defense but can be more then expected due to a Deino's nature and natural destructive bulk.

- He does not like to be touched. Its really, really uncomfortable for him unless he trusts the one doing it. Touching him is a trigger and he will try to get away/to safety asap.

- His brothers deaths are a painful, active memory to him. Ashamed that he did not try to help them or die as well on that day he constantly broods on how cowardly he is. He does not like to talk about the past.

- He has no backbone and while he will defend himself he isnt much for fighting. Dysil can hardly talk back to someone putting him down. Very passive and subdued.

- He often forgets to eat and does not feel well form it.
Team Notes Permanent.
Affiliations N/A
Development Notes - Slowly come to realize his fragile realities are false. Regain parts of his memory and eventually evolve, snapping anything else he had thought to be true.
- Note that if/when he were to evolve he would no longer be 'a child' and appear a bit more male, breaking two of the fragile realities he has formed.

- Come out of his shell and learn to stand up for himself. Make his [dead] bothers proud instead of disappointed.
User Notes - Most of his problems formed before his brother tried to murder him but that event set them in place. Not only did it damage his brain but it accentuated the faults of his mind.  
- He was trained by both his brother and his trainer, already bringing his level up before the Epidemic. His time alone as only increased it with battle being a energy outlet and a way to break him out of memory fits.
- The Epidemic was already in motion by the time his trainer was killed.
- Here is Sidgt's single profile. I tweaked a few things slightly but otherwise it is the same.

- Father was a Tyrantrum
- Adopted from Requiem, original profile here.

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