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    Danny the Human and Jack the Noibat [WIP]


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    Danny the Human and Jack the Noibat [WIP] Empty Danny the Human and Jack the Noibat [WIP]

    Post by Catalyst Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:15 am


    Leigh Daniel Avidan, "Danny Sexbang"
    Text Color #694489 Purple Rain
    Item ITEMS
    Weapons WEAPONS
    Sex/Gender Male/Masculine (he, him, his)
    Age 36
    Species Human
    Height 6'03"
    Weight 150 lbs
    Occupation OCCUPATION
    Party Flaaffy
    Pkm 1
    Danny the Human and Jack the Noibat [WIP] Latest?cb=20150201051847
    Name/Species- Flaaffy
    Level- 20
    Ability- Static (There is a 30% chance that the attacking foe will be paralyzed if a contact-making move hits the Pokémon with the ability.)
    Attack list-
    -Take Down (Learned)
    -Thundershock (Learned)
    -Charge (Learned)
    -Cotton Spore (Learned)
    **Healthy, holding a Magnet
    History HISTORY
    Appearance APPEARANCE
    Personality PERSONALITY
    User Notes •USERNOTES

    Danny the Human and Jack the Noibat [WIP] MWUgBMR

    Jack, "Jack Septiceye"
    Text Color #4DBD33 Grass
    Item None
    Sex/Gender Male/Masculine (he, him, his)
    Age Adult (About 25)
    Species #714/Noibat/The Sound Wave Pokemon
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 46.3 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Even a robust wrestler will become dizzy and unable to stand when exposed to its 200,000-hertz ultrasonic waves.
    Level 43
    Ability Infiltrator (Passes through the opposing Pokémon's barrier and strikes.)
    Nature Jolly (+Spd, -Sp.Atk)
    Characteristic Impetuous and silly (+Spd)
    Moves - Outrage (Egg)
    - Roost (Learned)
    - Tail Wind (Learned)
    - Air Cutter (Learned)
    User Notes •Speaks with an Irish accent
    -Cray AF


    Danny the Human and Jack the Noibat [WIP] I61jEL3
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