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Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto]


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Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto] Empty Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto]

Post by Azelf Sat May 09, 2015 2:24 am

Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto] Tumblr_no5hitxaRP1s5iyovo1_r1_500
temporary image

Theme SECRETS--Tifanny Alvord
Text Color #00B8EE
Item a necklace around his neck that is made of one small crystal from his lake on a piece of string, a pouch tied around one of his tails that has more small crystals from his lake inside it, and a child's backpack that contains
-a few berries (Leppa, Pecha, and Lum-- no healing berries right now)
-a blanket
-a scarf
Biological Sex Sexless
Gender Identity Male -- he/his/him
Age thousands of years; legendary
Species #482 | Azelf | Willpower Pokemon
Height 1'00"
Weight 0.4lbs
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Pearl: It is thought that Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf all came from the same egg.
Level Unknown
Ability Levitate
Nature Gentle
Characteristic Capable of taking hits
Moves 1) Extrasensory (Learned)
2) Confusion (Start)
3) Detect (Learned)
4) Swift (Learned)
Quote "Everything will be okay..."
Azelf hatched from the same egg with his brother Uxie and sister Mespirit; being the second to struggle out of their egg, he’s considered the second eldest of the triplets. After delivering his gift of willpower to the mortals as instructed by his father (Arceus) he settled into Lake Valor, and the place became his home.

He used to sleep on and off for years, bored because he had little to do. Then one day he started spending time looking after the Pokémon who lived in his lake, and came to love it. He acted as a guardian to the lake and those within it. For many years he was happy; his only regret was that his brother and sister didn’t often come into contact with him.

Things changed again for him when a small human girl came to his lake. Curious, as he’d never actually met a human child, he watched her. She caught sight of him, but with no Pokeballs in sight, he decided to show himself to her.

When the parents came looking for her, he left, expecting never to see her again. To his surprise, the next year, at the same time, she returned. He revealed himself to her again, and this time their contact was longer. She was older, and understood that this was a Legendary, but never tried to catch him. She would just play with him like any other Pokémon. She returned every year, often hosting long, one sided conversations with the Legend that were very much enjoyed, and Azelf watched as she grew older and older. Eventually, she never returned.

But some humans besides the odd fisherman did come to the lake that year; a small section of a group called Team Galactic.

And they leveled the lake with a bomb.

It had been sudden and brutal. When Azelf emerged from the cave at the sound, and found his home ruined and his lake's residents dying, he tried to save as many as he could... but was captured by the human leading the expedition. He was taken to their headquarters, where they locked him in a machine and started extracting his energy to create crystals that would be used in a chain. The process was far from painless, and worse was that his siblings had been taken as well, and were also suffering. They were rescued by a human child and assisted the child later in foiling Team Galactic’s plans, but Azelf never forgot the experience. He before had thought all humans were as innocent and pure as the little girl he’d played with year after year. Now he knew just how dark the human race could be. He was pleasantly surprised when many humans from the nearby city of Veilstone rebuilt his lake, but his trust in them had been marred. He revealed himself to none of them, and no human ever again. He knew that there were good humans, but could not chance that any bad ones would try to repeat the Galactic fiasco. It was best for everyone if he simply stayed hidden.  Saddened, he resigned himself to what would most likely be a lifetime of loneliness, certain that now the only contact he would have with anyone ever again would be his siblings.

How very wrong he was.

Years passed and the epidemic began. It started with one of Azelf’s lake Pokémon, and the virus quickly spread. Other infected from around the lake started attacking as well. The pixie did his best, but the horror of the past lived again as, just like last time, he was powerless to stop the destruction. It wasn’t long before the lake was utterly ruined and all living had fled. Fearing for his siblings, Azelf went to look for them, grief-stricken and guilty over the loss of his home and those who had trusted him to protect them.

He roamed through the regions, desperately searching for his brother and sister.

Pallet and Vermilion:
Having searched Sinnoh and found nothing, Azelf began to explore other regions, starting first with Kanto.  To his shock and joy, he found a gathering of legends at Pallet Town, but he was not there for five minutes before hell broke loose; a Gyarados rose from the depths of the ocean and killed Latios, despite the Legends' best efforts to stop it.  Horrified and afraid, Azelf fled for his life, arriving at Vermilion City.  After a period of rest to try to recover from the exertion and the trauma he ran into Uxie, whom he shared an emotional (on his part at least) reunion with.  The two brothers conversed, and both were forced to admit they had neither seen Mesprit, nor did they know exactly what was happening.  Able to cover more ground apart, the two agreed to split up, despite the knot of anxiety lodged in Azelf's stomach.  The blue pixie pleaded for a parting hug from Uxie, since if he were to be infected he'd still have that, at least, but Uxie refused, exhibiting a bit of childishness in his explanation, as he was afraid that complying would make the infection actually happen.  Saddned, but not willing to press the issue, Azelf accepted he would not get his hug; the two brothers agreed on a time to meet and parted ways.

The next group of survivors the Legend would come across would end no less disastrously, and perhaps Azelf should have supposed that just from the first few seconds.  The group was bedraggled, many of them sporting serious wounds and all of them suffering from shattered minds.  The pixie was lucky-- he had just missed another encounter with a Harbinger; as fate would have it, he would never know how this group got into the horrid state they were in.  He set about tending to them immediately, helping a young Ralts heal their wounds by lending his psychic abilities to the cause.  Unfortunately, having disguised himself as a Ralts, the other called him out on his lie immediately, having noticed that Azelf was not wilting from the force of the despairing emotions around him.  Azelf was forced to admit the truth to the youngster, asking that they keep his identity a secret for the meantime, to which the fairy, Prince, agreed readily.  He looked after Prince and the others for only a short time before hell broke loose, two of the youngsters killing themselves--a fact that Azelf would not learn until later--and one returning as an undead to murder the Pidgey child.  A swarm arrived, and with the others scattering, Azelf fled with the only youngster he'd managed to keep hold of-- Prince.

He spent many days mourning the loss of their friends, but he could not dwell on it forever.  Forcing himself to move on, Azelf turned his attention to Prince, protecting the boy as best he could.  The two bonded in the coming weeks, trying to heal from what had happened.  Things got worse when Azelf went to meet Uxie and the pixie never showed, and Azelf doubled his efforts to find him.  The legend grew more protective of his fairy friend, determined to keep him as safe and happy as he could in this apocalypse, scared of losing him the way his siblings had vanished into thin air.  The two friends spent many months together, sharing good and bad times both, exposing fair amounts of their souls to one another.  Sadly their time together was not to last--they were separated by an infected Tyranitar, Azelf teleporting the monster away to protect Prince.  By the time he made his way back to where he'd hidden the boy, he was nowhere to be found.

Devastated, Azelf wandered and searching for a while longer before finding himself in the ruins of Alph.  Recalling an old story, he made a decision.

It was time to contact his father.

And into the darkness he went, finding more than he bargained for.
Appearance Littered with a few bruises and scratches, Azelf has lost weight and sleep from stress and thus looks sad and worn.  His health is not too terrible, but he's clearly seen very rough times.  Currently he has a nasty wound on his side from an encounter with an undead, but it looks worse than it actually is.  He has a child's backpack that he's stuffed with supplies he's gathered, a necklace made from one of the crystals from his lake and a piece of string, and a small pouch (like the kind you'd store marbles in) full of small crystals from his lake; the drawstrings are shut and tied around one of his tails.

Within the company of strangers he will stick to a disguise he conjures up with illusions, typically a Ralts with light blue skin and dress, blue hair, gold eyes, and red horns.  He will always keep his signature colors whenever he uses his psychic energy to conjure a disguise.  The pouch becomes invisible when he does this, but the backpack and the necklace are still visible.
Religion He kind of is religion, whether he likes it or not (and he does not)
Motivation his loved ones; wants to find them and protect them

  • quite timid and shy

-Azelf did not leave his lake often enough to grow comfortable with talking to strangers
-he will warm to friendly people quickly, but he might be awkward for a bit

  • bizarre outlook on humans

-although he holds no ill will towards humans, his past with them cannot be denied; it is through Elise, Vee, and Platinum that he knows humans are capable of great good, and it because of them proving the goodness that exists in the human race that he strives to protect humans and shelter them
-at the same time Team Galactic weighs heavily on his mind, and thus he tends to hide from humans rather than approach them; any protection he offers them would be, if given a choice, from afar... if he could even find humans
-should he bond to a human he tends to view them as children no matter their age; he is thousands of years old and their lives are just drops in a bucket compared to his
-the fact that humans have such fragile physical forms only encourages him in his fussing
-above all he admires their spirits, the way humans are so high on life; he adores these fragile creatures and their innovations, the way they love so deeply, the strength of their spirits

  • protective

-he has a fierce desire to protect those who he is responsible for, such as those who live in his area of dwelling (Lake Valor) or those who he is travelling with
-this means anyone benign, but for those he has forged a bond with the desire is especially fierce
-should be noted that just as he treats all humans as children despite their ages, he does the same for Pokemon
-this is not done out of any want to patronize anyone-- he just genuinely has problems seeing people as adults sometimes given his long lifespan and how shattered people are nowadays due to the disasters; it flares up his desire to protect them from any further pain

  • guilty, stressed out, depressed, fearful

-he is haunted over the deaths of those who lived at Lake Valor, and blames himself entirely for that, what happened at Pallet and Amity, his missing siblings, and what happened to Prince
-the stress over it all is taking a toll on his mental health; he used to be quite cheerful, but the state of the world and the losses he has experienced is wearing him down
-he is terrified over what may have happened to his siblings and is constantly thinking of it
-he tries to keep these painful thoughts hidden as much as possible

  • curious, opened minded, eager to learn

-having spent many years of his life literally under a rock, Azelf is always excited to learn more about the outside world.
-beware; he doesn't always know what is dangerous and what is not when it comes to technology and may try to do something stupid because he is unaware of the danger

  • Fiercely loyal

-he will fight to the death for those he loves
-he deeply loves his siblings and would do anything for them, though his relationship with Uxie is a bit strained because of the latter’s lack of emotion towards him. Sometimes Azelf fears that Uxie doesn’t care for him or Mespirit as much as they care for him, but his loyalty keeps him from speaking on that particular fear

  • stubborn

-god of willpower
-his will to survive and finds his family keeps is what is keeping him going, and he tries to focus on his goal to help cope with everything

  • semi-formal speech

-Azelf has a very odd way of speaking; even when talking to those he is close to, he tends to keep his speech somewhat formal, and using big words is a common thing for him.  Rarely does he curse and in fact, he's only recently started.  The fault for this is entirely on the living he has met, as he barely knew what cursing was before due to being so isolated

  • intimate with those he is close with

-this legend has very little regard for personal space once a solid friendship has been established
-he will sit on your head, shoulders, or in your lap without any warning; hugs are frequent and so are things like hair stroking
-he doesn't understand that generally one should ask before touching and doesn't make people uncomfortable out of any sense of malice

  • bitter over his godhood

-Azelf despises being a legend
-he is literally a person with god like powers-- he is not omnipotent, omnipresent, or all knowing, and the fact that here are people who thinks he is bothers him because he feels obligated to fill their expectations as best he can, which is not something he can do because it is impossible to be perfect
-praying to him, bowing to him, kneeling to him-- these make him severely uncomfortable and anxious

  • naive

-he doesn't completely understand how people work and can be taken advantage of with the right acting, especially if he is stressed out and is in need of help; as long as you're not being very obvious in your sliminess he will probably trust you

  • no fan of violence; realizes it is necessary

-doesn't particularly like fighting, but is more than willing to if something he cares about is on the line
Affiliations -Uxie: His brother. While the relationship between them is strained due to Uxie's lack of affection, Azelf still does his best to respect Uxie's wishes and boundaries even when he feels like Uxie is not very fond of him.  Has found him once after the Epidemic; they split up with the intention of meeting again to exchange information, but Uxie never showed up for the meeting.  Azelf is absolutely frantic about him because Uxie never breaks promises.
-Mesprit: His sister. Azelf loves her very dearly and the two are extremely close, having many inside jokes and having often confided in one another.  He has not seen her since before the Epidemic and he fears the worst has happened to her, a thought that makes him sick with heartache.
-Arceus: Azelf's father.
-Prince: A youngster Azelf met at Amity, Prince is considered by Azelf to be something of a cross between a little brother and a son.  Would do anything to keep him safe and alive--currently they are separated and this is killing the legend.
-Vincent "Vee" Sage: Azelf's most trusted human friend.  He helped the young man set up Fallarbor as a safe haven and left when the project was complete with the promise he would return someday.  He cares for Vincent very much the same way he does Prince.  Left one of his crystals at Fallarbor with Vincent as a token of his friendship, gratitude, and proof of both his existence and his friendship with the human.  
-Blue: Helped set up Fallarbor with him; Blue left earlier than Azelf did, and so the two did not bond as much, though the legend still gave him a small crystal as a parting gift, a good luck charm of sorts.  Azelf is fond of the human and hopes to run into him again.
-Platinum: The girl who rescued him and his siblings from Galactic.  He adores her for that act of selfless bravery and has never forgotten her face.
User Notes -remaking profile because the other was ancient
-has the ability to cast illusions
-can teleport, but only to places he's seen.  The loophole in this one is pictures; if he sees a picture of an existing place he can teleport there, but he'll be dizzy and disoriented when arriving
-can speak telepathically to others and read minds, but can only read thoughts directed at him; can also send images to other people's minds
-can read memories; going through someone's head and looking at their memories causes the other to experience the memories all over again unless he is careful to block that, which he usually is; this stunt wears him out heavily
-should be noted that as the god of willpower Azelf has the ability to inspire determination in those who dwell in his presence for an extended amount of time; this happens simply by being near, though the process is faster if they actually interact with him
-fears the species Gyarados

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Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto] Empty Re: Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto]

Post by Azelf Sat May 09, 2015 2:38 am

Ready for approval! ^^


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Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto] Empty Re: Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto]

Post by Victini Sun May 10, 2015 1:46 pm


Good to see you again, brother. <3


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Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto] Empty Re: Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto]

Post by Azelf Sun May 10, 2015 1:49 pm

Thank you. Great to be back, sister. <3


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Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto] Empty Re: Legendary: Azelf [Sinjoh, Johto]

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