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    Aeduuard The Kabutops [CHASM|ACE]


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    Aeduuard The Kabutops [CHASM|ACE] Empty Aeduuard The Kabutops [CHASM|ACE]

    Post by Fern Mon May 18, 2015 10:40 am

    Aeduuard The Kabutops [CHASM|ACE] 250px-141Kabutops

    Text Color #996633
    Item None
    Gender Cisgender Male (He, Him)
    Age Adult
    Species #141 Kabutops--Shellfish Pokémon
    Height 4'03"
    Weight 89.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Omega Ruby: A slim and fast swimmer. It slices its prey with its sharp sickles and drinks the body fluids.
    Level 45
    Ability Battle Armor: Opponents moves cannot Critical Hit
    Nature Brave (+Attack,-Speed)
    Characteristic Good Endurance (Defense)
    Moves -Aqua Jet (Level Up)
    -Slash (Level Up)
    -Hone Claws (TM01)
    -Leer (Level Up)

    In the ruins of what was once Cinnabar Island, a traveling, Pokemon-loving businessman had an idea that would bring the devastated town back on its feet after the eruption. It took many handshakes, compromises, and work; but after a few years his dream finally became a reality. A conservation center designed specifically for fossil Pokemon now was nestled on the island, and the businessman couldn't be happier nor richer. Donations were plentiful, and the Pokemon were content, which was all that mattered to the sweet man.

    This center is where Aeduuard spent the first years of his life. He was the offspring of two revived and surprisingly intact Kabutops; but was born rather sickly. Thusly, even though he was completely healed when he was a year old, the man watched him closely to ensure his health wouldn't falter for the next few years.

    Alas, the businessman couldn't protect the young Kabuto from the cruelties of the outside world. One fateful night, without a warning, the disgruntled Team Rocket attacked the conservation center and purloined the rare fossil Pokemon as a way to make money. The conservation center fell under soon afterwards; as there were simply no more Pokemon there for it to be of use.

    In the Team Rocket headquarters, however, life was far more plentiful. They had raked in enough profit to indulge in the benefits of being prosperous. New uniforms were ordered, determined recruits were added, and bribes for the public to keep quiet were not uncommon. However, there was one Pokemon who simply could not be sold--that being the young Aeduuard. Most of the fossil Pokemon were sold for battle or contests, and Aeduuard had neither strength nor beauty, making him a literal dud in the consumers eye. And so it was decreed that the Kabuto be exterminated in the most grotesque of ways--as bait to train the bloodthirsty Rocket Pokemon.

    From his cage, Aeduuard had watched these 'training' exercises with wide, frightened eyes. They consisted of throwing a weakened Pokemon into 'the pit' and having the trainees gut them alive with gnashing teeth and bloodied claws. And from his helpless confine, the Kabuto knew that this sight was his future.

    But fate had a different idea in mind.

    A young Rocket member with a softer heart than her teammates released the Kabuto in the thickest of nights, along with many other 'bait' Pokemon in the Rockets' cruel captivity. The young Kabuto was blissfully unaware that when his savior returned to base, fate did not smile kindly on her as it had him. Her naive nature caused her to forget the security cameras. The team decided a fitting punishment would be for the girl to be used as bait instead, to give their Pokemon the unique taste of defiant human blood.

    The Rockets tried to pursue the lost Pokemon, but it was a lost cause as they were all too far gone. The search parties were short, as they were merely bait Pokemon, and to them, were of no significant importance. Most figured that they would die anyhow.

    The Kabuto, who had been raised in captivity his entire life, did not know the first thing about surviving in the wild. He became a temporary vegetarian as he was frightened to fight anything else. He became a cowardly nomad, running and hiding across the region for many years.

    That was until one night, he wandered too far near the famous Victory Road, and was discovered by a group of territorial Machoke. When asked about his business on their land, the petrified Kabuto could supply no answer. He had been confronted by groups like this before, but there was nowhere to run in the narrow cavern.

    A trainer by the name of Elaine, followed in stride by her trusty Pidgeot 'Lyra,' were traveling down the Road to achieve their dream of becoming strong enough to defeat the Champion. They caught sight of the helpless Kabuto, and Elaine was automatically infuriated. She ordered Lyra to defeat the Machoke, which she gladly obliged, and with a swift Hurricane all the Machoke either fainted or scurried away. In the aftermath, Elaine picked up the sniveling Kabuto. The human and the avian decided to put their dream on hold until they were certain the Kabuto was alright.

    The days he spent with Elaine and Lyra were the happiest days of his life. The trainer could tell that the Kabuto was unable to survive much longer on his own, as he didn't have the proper skills to defend himself. Elaine inquired if he was interested in becoming part of their team, which he accepted in elation, much to the distaste and envy of Lyra. "We'll tackle the Champion once he is strong enough to help," Elaine had said, and the Kabuto could not wait to pay her back for her generosity by helping her achieve her dream. She decided that since he was now part of the team, he deserved a proper name. She adored unique names, so he was gifted the name 'Aeduuard' in hopes he would become a 'prosperous guardian' as the names' meaning implied.

    Through Elaines' gentle and in-depth training, the Kabuto grew stronger and stronger, even surpassing the will of Lyra herself. Elaine even used a strange disc on him to teach him a move that would improve his attack an accuracy, she called it "Hone Claws." He became an excellent and tactful fighter, and eventually, he evolved into a powerful Kabutops. Tension was still high between Lyra and Aeduuard, but they both shared intense love for their trainer. Elaine was the type who embraced her Pokemon often, gave them exquisite berries and Pokeblocks, and made them feel wanted. Aeduuard couldn't have been happier, and foolishly believed that this life would last forever.

    But that was not to be.

    The Epidemic began without a warning--on their travels, they began to see Pokemon with ruby, fluorescent eyes and carried with them the sinister odor of death. A curious Aeduuard approached an infected Growlithe--wondering if perhaps they were just terribly ill and needed to go to a PokeCenter-- but the odd Pokemon attacked. A panicked Elaine ordered Aeduuard to fight, unsure of what to do.

    Aeduuard, frightened of the canine of which was frothing at the mouth, unleashed the strongest Slash he could muster. This move was so powerful due to desperation and adrenaline that it sliced through the soft, deceased flesh of the Growlithe's unguarded neck. On accident, Aeduuard had discovered the proper way to kill an Undead-by decapitating it.

    However, Aeduuard felt ashamed that he had killed another, but Elaine consoled him by telling him that this knowledge could help save the world--as they now knew what the Undead could do. After the Growlithe had died, they had witnessed other infected approach and devour the carcass in an cannibalistic manner. "They're zombies," Elaine had said, wringing her hands. "Aeduuard, Lyra, we must protect humanity. We must learn all we can about these beasts and use our knowledge to defeat them."

    And it was so. An unenthusiastic Lyra and a focused Aeduuard followed their trainer across the region, rescuing and assisting anyone who required it while studying the creatures that plagued the Earth. On these long travels, they learned much about the infection, such as how to properly slay an Undead, how to distinguish the infected from the sterile, and which Pokemon types were more prone to the virus.
    In a sense, it was like killing two birds with one stone--the peacemakers were, for the most part, proud of their position.

    However, they were gaining so much knowledge on the Epidemic virus, they completely overlooked the fact that the government could have tactics to 'protect' the public as well. It was inevitable that the Kanto Government would discover the traveling warriors, and despite many protests would attempt to seperate the Pokemon from Elaine for safety reasons--they were concerned that the virus was merely latent in the pair due to all the infected they had fought.

    Thus, it was only natural that the team should flee, fighting tooth and nail as to not be seperated. And that was how the team ended up in Unova, journeying on the back of a determined Lyra.

    They spent many moons in Unova, although they weren't happy months--the infected seemed to be more ruthless and they had countless close calls. The trio were beginning to grow weary, and even Aeduuard was feeling irritable. The fighting intensified their desire for things to go back to the way they were, just a foolhardy trio, living the dream of becoming  Champions.

    It was inevitable that they would make a mistake, and during a fight with an infected Druddigon horde, Elaine was bit when struck by surprise. Aeduuard wasn't sure of the effect on humans, as he had never witnessed a human change. But he was frightened, and with a heavy heart, he decapitated his own trainer before throwing himself into the thicket of the battle again--hot tears flowing down his face at the loss.

    But a crafty Lyra saw this as her chance of redemption against the Kabutops. With a furious caterwaul she attacked him, insisting that the virus affected humans differently. She pushed him closer to the center of the horde, grinning madly. Aeduuard turned, seeing the snapping jaws of the Undead, and thought of the Rocket Pit when he was a child...

    The will to survive overrode his better judgement. In a frenzy of adrenaline, he slayed Lyra with a swing of a scythe. He throwed her deceased, limp body to the horde as bait and scurried away. He ran until he collapsed.

    Aeduuard sobbed, of course. Everything he had ever loved had vanished; it was all his fault. Guilt fogged his eyes, and he held his scythe to his neck, taking a final breath...

    But he paused, lowering his arm and glancing at his reflection in the shiny blade, still stained with crimson. Many people had saw his face as that of a heroes. No one needed to know his past. He could be a savior again, and carry out what Elaine would want him to do.

    And so Aeduuard rose, his expression that of an emotionless husk, and set off on his journey to cleanse the world of what had befell it.
    Appearance "With a body closely resembling a living skeleton, Kabutops has a half-moon, disc shaped head, with two small, forward facing eyes. Its body has a light gray chest plate with a brown shell resembling a visible backbone, containing three ribs protruding on each side and a thick pointed tail. It does not have hands, but large, sharp, gray scythes. Its legs are brown and thin, leading into small feet with two large gray claws."

    Aeduuard possesses the appearance of a normal Kabutops, however, his eyes are usually frantic pinpoints or dull. This is due to his paranoia, and also to the fact that he scarcely sleeps. This weariness also attributes to his posture--he is typically seen hunched over, however, his scythes are always raised as he is constantly on guard.
    There are two sides to Aeduuard--in the aftershock of his tragic past he has become moody, but he still has retained his nobility and gentleness.

    Aeduuard is content with any position in a group, and will do his job thoroughly with little quarrel, but he is most comfortable with being the leader. He is diplomatic and will take everyone's thoughts into consideration--and will make choices for the group in a balanced manner. However, even when not a leader, he is capable of making intelligent and insightful decisions.

    Aeduuard is also capable of making difficult choices--and if someone is in danger he can become a bit forceful to ensure their safety. Oddly, Aeduuard has no objections to committing taboo acts in the pursuit of survival--such as cannibalism--and will support it fully but will feel extremely guilty in the aftermath.

    Being an experienced fighter has made him what he refers to as a 'closet arrogant,' meaning he is conceited, but only internally so. He doesn't like to voice his feelings of superiority aloud; Aeduuard is considerate of others emotions and doesn't like appearing egotistical. He doesn't like his vanity--and will often push his thoughts of narcissism out of his mind.

    However, almost immediately after almost every rush of confidence, he will recall his past and shoot himself down. This is partially due to his PTSD and guilt, but is also due to him feeling undeserving of any sense of happiness. He can sometimes allow a happy thought through in good company, however.

    He is ashamed that he felt a sense of satisfaction throwing Lyra to the horde, and is also regretful of the fact the Undead he kills used to be sentient beings. He pities them, but knows killing them is what must be done to help the state of the world.

    Aeduuard occasionally hears the voices of individuals he has killed in the past in his head, especially during his flashbacks. His triggers include loud noises and large crowds [as they remind him of the horde that killed his trainer, and the Rocket fights he witnessed when he was younger] so he avoids them. Aeduuard also is very quiet or snappy around humans as they remind him of his trainer.

    Strangely, in the face of the Undead, his PTSD does not strike him as hard. This is because he feels like he can take out his frustration on the Undead. Thusly, when in the heat of battle, he can become spastic and rash--to the point of needing to be contained by others.
    Aeduuard has mixed feelings about death and the Epidemic itself. On one side he feels he deserves to perish and is unafraid in the face of death, on the other he is intent on his survival as he believes his only meaning in life is to protect others. Overall, he feels like if her were to die, he'd like to die for a purpose or for someone he trusts. He is not quick to trust and is very sheltered about his past, and can get angry when threatened or asked probing questions. He will feel so penitent for his outbursts that he will apologize profusely in the midst of sobbing, although he doesn't like to cry in front of others.

    When he trusts someone, he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe, even to the point of becoming possessive. He loves giving advice to others.

    When uncomfortable, he usually remains silent, almost creepily so; his eyes will bulge and he will simply stare into empty space.

    Aeduuard will protect anyone in the face of danger despite their personality, and this is partially because of his betrayal to Lyra. However, he usually finds himself attracted to the meek and timid--and will watch them--sometimes to the point of following their every move like their silent shadow. Sometimes he will behave in a fatherly manner towards those he feels homely towards. It is not uncommon to hear him softly singing to those he trusts to help them calm down or sleep. Aeduuard will also become very affectionate to those he has a liking to--and will not hesitate to nuzzle them gently and sometimes will cross boundaries [but only to the extent of a light kiss.] This is also something that causes him to feel guilt if the receiver is not content or comfortable with his affections. He does this because it is difficult for him to distinguish between friendship and love.

    The highest honor he can show others is offering his scythe to them, and will become giddy with childish joy if someone 'holds his hand.' He always keeps his scythes clean--he doesn't want to frighten anyone at the sight of blood.

    Overall, Aeduuard can be gentle and sweet, but can transform into a feral beast when provoked.
    User Notes -name is pronounced ay-dOO-ard

    -name means 'prosperous guardian'

    -I will try my best to truly capture the real feelings of PTSD, as I have a small case of it myself. However, if I do something incorrect or offensive to those who do have the full-blown disorder, please notify me and I will change it immediately.

    -i imagine his voice being extremely deep and rumbly, kinda like Reptile's [Mortal Kombat] but...deeper.

    -free format made by renegade, thank you! c:

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    I am actually looking foraward to this team even more now, this is a fantastic character :U Also a good insight into your writing, you're great at this :>> HYPE

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    I think I am ready to post again.

    Aeduuard is ready for approval. C:

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    Aeduuard The Kabutops [CHASM|ACE] RGgji6G

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