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Regale the Kabutops [Inactive]


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Regale the Kabutops [Inactive] Empty Regale the Kabutops [Inactive]

Post by Min Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:05 pm

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Regale the Kabutops [Inactive] Pictur16

RegaleText Color Item  Gender
cobaltvioletdeep #91219E color
King's Rock
AgeAdult (Human 30's)
Species#141, Kabutops, The Shellfish Pokemon
Pokédex EntryWith sharp claws, this ferocious ancient pokemon rips prey apart and sucks their bodily fluids-Pokémon Soulsilver
AbilityBattle Armor-This pokemon is protected against critical hits
CharacteristicHates to lose
Moves- Hyper Beam(TM)
- Mega Drain
- Aqua Jet
- Slash
HistoryI’m a prince and I live in a ship…

Wild Kabuto colonies were rarer these days then they had been in the primordial oceans of the past but, although there were those who would try to deny it, they still existed. They were formed mainly of the revived fossil pokemon released by Trainers that were tugged into certain spots in the ocean by ancestral memories of feeding grounds and the tug and drift of the ancient unchanged tides. To human eyes it did not resemble a society in the same way, say, a combee hive did but there was one none the less.
Let the eye focus here on the sunken bones of a dead ship. It has been abandoned for far longer than the modern glass and steel ocean liners; its arching ribs are spurs of old timber bright with waving fronds of multicolored seaweed and the tiny speckles of coral palyps. An old ship with chests of bright gold and diamonds in the hull, ancient wines in the cellar and walls hung with bright tapestries that mimic the slow waving of seaweed fronds.
Here, with the deep clay-colored stone called the King’s Rock perched upon a smooth armored head, lived a King. Once there had been a Kabutops, a Kabutops that was a strong and powerful battler who had been given such a large and magnificent stone to wear on his own head by a surface dweller human. He had come here, drawn by the same sharp ties of instinct as the other Kabutops and Kabuto that scrabbled insect-like across the darkened sands and he had fought for the best scraps of food and the fittest female to bear his eggs. That had been before the ship was festooned with seaweed robes, when it was still a blank alien place full of strange sights and scent. The Kabutops had claimed the place for his own and for his own children returning from their egg shells laid at land on sandy beaches. So had the first Kabutops King, Caligula, established his monarchy over the Kabutops colony and passed down his symbol of authority, his King’s Rock crown, to his son who passed it to his son again and again until the time when King Dualscar came to pass down the crown to his first hatched son Regale.

And I aim my rifle and I shoot from the hip

Prince of the Ocean Regale took to his role with an unwise haste, always attempting to emulate his famous ancestors in their dramatic conquests he had heard so many stories off. The golden-eyed Kabuto scuttled off onto the hatching beaches more often than was thought sensible in search of extra power. It was there he found her.

I have a friend I pity…quite a bit

She was a trainer’s octillery, young and full of life and hope. She enjoyed talking with him and soothed his fears and always laughed at all his jokes. The young prince grew to fell in love with her and her wonderful way of thinking.

She said grab your gun, let’s have some fun, share with me your pedigrees, I have responsibilities, I cannot run.

“I do not wish the death, of any living thing.” Those words were so strange to him; he had always been bought up to defend his territory and his position with a savage ferocity. “I might be a killer but one day I shall be Queen and put an end to slaughter.”
Regale was astonished to find that this beautiful Octillery was also a form of royalty, although in a way and place different to his own. Her concerns were his concerns, her duties his duties and yet her view on things was so soft and caring. In a way it made him feel inferior but in another it only made him love her more. If there was anyone he could make his mate it would be her.

She turned to him and smiled. “But until then I’m keen, to stake a claim to land, sea and every-fin between.”
Often he played with her, plotted with her, and protected her from dangers with a smile on his face. She gave him a human’s plastic plated disk of White Science for strength and he gave her complete attention to every word she said. She was his world, in a way, the part of it that wasn’t the conflict and politics of his father’s world. For her he would give up everything, even risk offending his father by suggesting that peace instead of constant conflict was the way forwards, even evolve beyond the softer shell of his Kabutop form to the trim visage of a Kabutops warrior to impress her.
He had loved her.

He had loved her.

But she had not loved him back.

She had thought of him as a friend, as a dear companion to sare the days with but nothing more. She had chosen another for her mate and as he looked up at her with his golden eyes and listened to her talk about the pokemon she had chosen as her mate, the brightness of his yellow hues, his sharp mind, his cool air.
He felt as crushed as if one had thrown his shell against pointed rocks. It seemed his emotions were nothing more than frail playthings. She had left him for another without a tiny trace of shame, without even considering him as a possibility.

My this pantomine is getting gory...

That night he had crept out of the deeps and seen her with her new lover and, without a word, he had killed her with a Hyper Beam directly through her heart.
He was exhiled from his kingdom when he tried to return. His father was ashamed, his subjects turned against him. They had no pateince or time to indulge one who murdered others instead of defending his kingdom against the new threat of the Red-eyed Ones. The blessed waves that had been his home for so long had turned against him and he was left with nothing.
No love.

No home.

No satifaction from his revenge.

Just the circlet of stone upon his brow to remind him how far he had fallen.

Regale took his last heavy steps onto land as an exile, knowing deep in his heart he could never return to the water. His scythes gleamed with the strength he had desperately accquired for a reason that seemed pointless now. He had nothing left, nothing but his life and even that the world seemed determined to strip from him.
AppearanceA Kabutops wearing an usually large King's Rock as a crown. A sickle shaped scar crosses his left eye, denting his clean glossy shell. Each caramel colored plate gleams as if polished. His back spines are particularly long and luxurious, a sign of his good breeding. His scythes are somewhat smaller than usual and bear a metallic sheen up to where they meet the rest of his body. His chest plates are slimmer than usual and fall into line close against his stomach. His toe claws are long and curved and allow him to run very swiftly on land His eyes are an arrogant yellow-gold color. His neck has four rough skinned joints.
Regale stands upright with his proud assurance of his good breeding, making sure never to bow his head to anyone, while his crown may slip during battle it never falls entirely off. Often he will sneer at the actions of others. When alone he often takes off his crown and runs it over in his scythes, contemplating the past.
His long exile to land means he can survive for much longer without having to return to a water source and moves far faster and more fluidly than his ancient ancestry would seem to allow due to an unnatural amount of practise at land walking.
PersonalityIf he is guilty of anything it is caring too much. Regale sees any time his plans fall through as a personal insult and wholeheartedly believes that the world has turned against him. He cannot have the girl he loved or satifactory revenge against the one who stole her from him and his attempts to try and look cool and in control often leave others feeling he is just a pretentious douche. In some ways he is too entirely innocent to realize that others do not agree with his own views, such as genocide of surface dwellers and hatred of litter or a perverse belief in “science”. Often he just has to let the world chew him out because he doesn’t want to lose the few friends he has, who are generally pokemon who stick with him simply because he is another survivor. He comes of as desperately trying to act tough without being it but the “wwhite science” of his Hyper Beam is a force to be afraid off. Increasingly he has been wondering if there is any point in fighting the infection when the victory of the Undead seems inevitable.
Very overdramatic and probably cries himself to sleep at night.
User Notes-Themesong-Ugly Story
-Based on Eridan Amphora from Homestuck.
-His high level is a result of constant level grinding to impress a pretty octillery belonging to a trainer who lived on the shoreline. She is the one who gave him the TM for Hyper Beam (and instructions on how to use it) but he has a very limited understand of how it works, calling it "wwhite science" as a 'counterpart' to black magic.
-Has a bit of a stutter, causing him to repeat the “W” sound in his words. A genetic defect caused by inbreeding in a “royal” line.
-He still believes he is king of the seas and is forthright in protection of the seas. Hates humans and other surface dwellers because of their pollution and will mutter abuse under his breath about those that litter. Tends to be overdramatic in this.
-Of a heridery war-like nature and belives himself to be a true romantic. Fails equally at being a lover and a fighter but lives in hopeful denial.
-Has an odd fondness for Fish Puns. They amuse him greatly. Very few other pokemon see the appeal.
-Wanes between pathetic and depressing and is rather impressionable.
-Looking for love <3
-Insists that his name is pronounced "Re-gall"

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