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    Legendary: Azelf


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    Legendary: Azelf Empty Legendary: Azelf

    Post by Azelf Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:59 pm

    Legendary: Azelf Azelfprofilepic


    Text Color: #00B8EE

    Item: None

    Gender: Genderless, but referred to as Male

    Species: #482 / Azelf / Willpower Pokémon

    Height: 1'00"

    Weight: 0.7lbs

    Pokédex Entry: It is thought that Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf all came from the same egg. (Pearl)

    Ability: Levitate

    Nature: Gentle

    Characteristic: Capable of taking hits

    Level: Unknown




    Azelf hatched from the same egg with his brother Uxie and sister Mespirit; being the second to struggle out of their egg, he’s considered the second eldest of the triplets. After delivering his gift of willpower to the mortals as instructed by his father (Arceus) he settled into Lake Valor, and the place became his home.

    He used to sleep on and off for years, bored because he had little to do. Then one day he started spending time looking after the Pokémon who lived in his lake, and came to love it. He acted as a guardian to the lake and those within it. For many years he was happy; his only regret was that his brother and sister didn’t often come into contact with him.

    Then one day a small human girl came to his lake. Curious, as he’d never met a human child, he watched her. She caught sight of him, but with no Pokeballs in sight, he decided to show himself to her.

    When the parents came looking for her, he left, expecting never to see her again. To his surprise, the next year, at the same time, she returned. He revealed himself to her again, and this time their contact was longer. She was older, and understood that this was a Legendary, but never tried to catch him. She would just play with him like any other Pokémon. She returned every year, and Azelf watched as she grew older and older. Eventually, she never returned.

    But some humans besides the odd fisherman did come to the lake that year, and it was a small section of a group called Team Galactic.

    And they leveled the lake with a bomb.

    It had been sudden, and without any warning. When Azelf emerged from the cave at the sound, and found his home ruined and his friends dying, he tried to save as many as he could... but was captured by the human leading the expedition. He was taken to their headquarters, where they locked him in a machine and started extracting his energy to create crystals that would be used in a chain. The process was far from painless, and worse was that his siblings had been taken as well, and were also suffering. They were rescued by a human child and assisted the child later in foiling Team Galactic’s plans, but Azelf never forgot the experience. He before had thought all humans were as innocent and pure as the little girl he’d played with year after year. Now he knew just how dark the human race could be. He was pleasantly surprised when many humans from the nearby city of Veilstone rebuilt his lake, but his trust in them had been marred. He revealed himself to none of them, and no human ever again. He knew that there were good humans, but could not chance that any bad ones would try to repeat the Galactic fiasco. It was best for everyone if he simply stayed hidden.

    Sometime later, the epidemic began. It started with one of Azelf’s lake Pokémon, and the virus quickly spread. Other infected from around the lake started attacking as well. Azelf did his best, but the horror of the past lived again as, just like last time, he was powerless to stop the destruction. It wasn’t long before the lake was utterly ruined and all living had fled. Fearing for his siblings, Azelf went to look for them, grief-stricken and guilty over the loss of his home and those who had trusted him to protect them.

    He roams through the regions, desperately searching for his siblings.

    Appearance: He’s been quite beat up in several fights with larger undead, so he has a few cuts and bruises, but nothing serious.

    Personality: Azelf is actually quite timid and shy; he doesn’t like to leave his lake much and usually when the siblings see each other it’s because they go to his lake. He has a fierce protective instinct of all who live in Lake Valor and personally blames himself for not being able to protect them when the epidemic hit, especially considering that this is not the first time the lake has been reduced to ruins. Due to his interactions with Elise and Team Galactic, he knows that there are good humans and bad humans, but tends to be more untrusting of them and won’t show himself to them usually. He deeply loves his siblings and would do anything for them. His relationship with Uxie is a bit strained because of the latter’s lack of emotion towards him. Sometimes Azelf fears that Uxie doesn’t care for him or Mespirit as much as they care for him.

    He doesn't particarly like fighting, but is more than willing to if something he cares about is on the line.

    He used to be quite cheerful. Now he's quickly growing depressed over how horrible thigns have become; his will to survive and finds his family keeps him going though, and he tries to focus on his goal to help cope.

    User Notes

    1. He is desperate to find his brother and sister, but would be happy to see another legend as well.

    2. He usually uses his psychic powers to disguise himself as another Pokémon when interacting with others.

    3. Uses his levitation abilities to float everywhere. When he needs to travel far, he teleports.

    Other Profile Pictures:

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    Legendary: Azelf Empty Re: Legendary: Azelf

    Post by Uxie Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:03 pm

    I have missed you, brother. It is comforting to see that you are still alive and well; and even better, uninfected.


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    Legendary: Azelf Empty Re: Legendary: Azelf

    Post by Moltres Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:07 pm

    Welcome Brother!

    Give me a hug, B|

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    Legendary: Azelf Empty Re: Legendary: Azelf

    Post by Azelf Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:20 pm

    It's so good to see you both. ^^

    *gives hugs to both*


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