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    Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP]


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    Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP] Empty Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP]

    Post by Catalyst Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:53 pm

    Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP] EUZwwaA

    Teilu (Tey-loo)
    Text Color #9C6B98 Purple Ink
    Time Of Infection 1 week inside of host (Infectious)
    Item A locket Entine gave her. It has nothing in it, however.
    Sex/Gender Female/Feminine (she, her, hers)
    Age Young Adult (Around 20 human years)
    Species #262/ Mightyena/The Bite Pokemon
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 62.7(Unhealthy)
    Pokédex Entry
    Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This Pokémon will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs.
    Level 45
    Ability Intimidate (Lowers the opposing Pokémon's Attack stat.)
    Nature Gentle (+Sp.Def, -Def)
    Characteristic A little quick tempered (+Atk)
    Moves - Bite (Learned)
    - Protect (Learned)
    - Payback (TM)
    - Snarl (Learned)
    User Notes •Theme is Hymn for the Missing by Red
    •Voice example is (adult) Kiara from Lion King 2


    Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP] I61jEL3
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