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Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP]


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Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP] Empty Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP]

Post by Catalyst Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:53 pm

Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP] EUZwwaA

Teilu (Tey-loo)
Text Color #9C6B98 Purple Ink
Time Of Infection 1 week inside of host (Infectious)
Item A locket Entine gave her. It has nothing in it, however.
Sex/Gender Female/Feminine (she, her, hers)
Age Young Adult (Around 20 human years)
Species #262/ Mightyena/The Bite Pokemon
Height 3'03"
Weight 62.7(Unhealthy)
Pokédex Entry
Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This Pokémon will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs.
Level 45
Ability Intimidate (Lowers the opposing Pokémon's Attack stat.)
Nature Gentle (+Sp.Def, -Def)
Characteristic A little quick tempered (+Atk)
Moves - Bite (Learned)
- Protect (Learned)
- Payback (TM)
- Snarl (Learned)
She was abandoned as an egg with her brothers and sisters, and hatched without parents. Since she was the oldest one of a brother and a sister, she was a bit of a motherly figure. For two long, dangerous weeks, they barely managed to get by; narrowly escaping trouble and scavenging for human food scraps or carcasses.

There was a lone, male Arcanine who passed them by one day, and saw they had no guardians or shelter. He was a strong, gruff type but he was fatherly; he took them in so they had a parent. He gave them names and taught them how to fend for themselves for some distant day when they came of age. Teilu evolved first into a Mightyena and her brother soon after. Her sister was still a Poochyena the last time she saw her. When Teilu came of age, she went off on her own, but always visited her family when she passed by.

One day, she was caught by a trainer named Tama. Her trainer gave her no name, so she kept her old name. Tama was best friends with another trainer of her age and gender. This girl's name was Chianne, and she had a team like Tama did. The two would constantly hang out together, and their 10 pokemon were all friends. When Teilu was introduced to the group, Chianne's Houndoom, Entine, particularly caught her eye. He was friendly, and introduced her to the others in the group. Both were very shy towards each other at first, sharing the feeling of infatuation towards one another.

Time went on, and Teilu became great friends with everyone, and her and Entine started getting along well with friendly jabs and flirts. After being good friends for a very long time, they admitted their love towards each other. They were both indescribably happy, and they shared more with each other than anyone else. They found they were like each other in many ways, and they sympathized what the other felt in times of hardship. He gave her a locket that they found one day on the road, not knowing much about the symbolism besides it was a heart, but Teilu thought it was beautiful.

The epidemic was spreading, and undead Pokemon were showing up. The girls' parents were weary, so Entine and Teilu were separated for a while as they were forced to stay indoors. Though, they'd sneak out and be together when they could, and it got them into dire trouble one day. In one of their secretive outings, an undead viciously attacked them. Entine, being bold, tried to protect his mate. Luckily, Tama and Chianne heard the commotion, and came to their rescue.

Entine got taken away after he almost getting killed in the fight. He moved away, Chianne's mother terrified as she tried to avoid the infection before it spread. Teilu was forced to be without him; he left permanently. Soon after, she learned she was pregnant with his child. She had the egg, and shortly after, was attacked by an undead in her home while her trainer was away. She was almost killed, and she could only helplessly watch as her egg was crushed right in front of her. Her trainer managed to kill the undead with her other Pokemon, and saved Teilu before she bled out. The house was partially destroyed.

Tama got gravely sick and died a few days later from getting infected blood in her through cuts. Her parents were so grieved that they committed suicide because they saw no way they could survive. Teilu also became infected from the blood, and her scars healed abnormally; they had a purple hue to them, as well. She was distressed by her second family dying, and she stayed alone  for a few days. After a week, she left her wrecked home to search for Entine. It was the only thing she had left to grasp onto; he was out there somewhere, and she needed to find him. She searched desperately, because she feels he is the only thing that can save her life from this virus. She was also determined to find her siblings and father, as she worried for them too.
Teilu is very obviously unhealthy looking. Her ribs show through very visibly, and her stomach is barely enough to house her spinal chord. Her paws are large and look as if they can destroy things quite easily. Her pelt is dull, and has a purple hue because of infection. Her puffy mane is also purple hinted, and it is also very dull and weak. The locket around her neck stands out most though, because it shines and is a very beautiful white gold locket. Her fur doesn't show it a lot, but her skin has many deep scars, which the fur cover up quite well. Her eyes look very baggy and tired, and there's a faint red mixture to her once yellow eyes.

(Health Status)
Her body is very weak. she has constant sickness, and throws up quite a bit when thrown into stressful situations. She quite often has fits of infection-related madness, and her brain is slowly failing her. She doesn't fight much because it makes her tired when she moves too much, which makes her an open target in a fight.
Naturally, she's quite gentle with other Pokemon. She's very motherly and nuturing, but has a back and forth temper, even before infection. Since her egg was crushed, she's even more worried about children in the Epidemic than she had realized before. Her brain hasn't severely started to degrade yet, but her mood and health is starting to become out of control, especially since being raw over everyone dying or leaving her. She had delusion to begin with over Entine being the thing to help her overcome the infection, but it's becoming even stronger as the sickness works on her brain. She's generally stand-offish to other Pokemon simply because of her knowledge of possibly being infected and for the fact she does not easily trust other Pokemon.
User Notes •Theme is Hymn for the Missing by Red
•Voice example is (adult) Kiara from Lion King 2


Teilu the infected Mightyena [WIP] I61jEL3
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