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    Karlos the Mightyena (WIP)


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    Karlos the Mightyena (WIP) Empty Karlos the Mightyena (WIP)

    Post by Nightfall Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:45 pm

    Karlos the Mightyena (WIP) Karlos

    Item None at present
    Gender Male
    Age Aging adult
    Species #262 Mightyena, the Bite Pokemon
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 81.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry "It chases down prey in a pack. It will never disobey the commands of a skilled Trainer."
    Level 42
    Ability Intimidate (lowers the foe's Attack stat)
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Quick tempered (+Attack)
    Moves Payback (TM)
    Assurance (level up)
    Taunt (level up)
    Swagger (level up)
    History "Life takes you across the path you need to take. If you jump off... well, you're fucked up, bro."

    Karlos was one of the Pokemon who would jump off. Ever since the day he was hatched, young Karlos was a trouble maker and an adventurous one. His care takers, two humans who never really cared for him that much, were always yelling at him for doing something wrong or not doing what they told him too. Karlos never cared for them, but being a weak and young Poochyena, he couldn't do anything about it. Yet, a miracle came to Karlos' rescue.

    A young woman, about 19 years of age, came to the house of the care takers. She asked if she could see Karlos, not to his knowing, but she had been watching him as the poor canine was yelled at everyday, tail between his legs. The couple, after talking to the woman for a bit, agreed to let her have him. Karlos was overjoyed.

    The woman, soon revealing her name to be Carly to Karlos, took him home in a small car. However, this home was more of a dorm room, of a Poke-college near where the couple lived. Luckily, the college allowed trained Pokemon to stay in dorm rooms, as long as they stayed quiet. Luckily, Karlos wasn't that much of a talker. They stayed together for a while, and when Karlos got used to his new home, Carly showed her team to Karlos.

    First, a female Charizard. Her name was Shirley. Karlos was astounded at her strength. Then, a Dragonair named Sara, again female. Karlos found her beautiful ... A male Mankey and Female Mankey, twins who always stuck together. The male was named Nick, the female named Becky. Nick often remarked to Karlos during the day, "Thank Arceus there is another male on this team."

    When the time came, Karlos was brought onto a campus training area, where Carly trained him to be stronger, also giving him the TM for Payback. They trained in afternoon classes, giving them about 1-2 hours a day for training. Karlos slowly became stronger, and one day during a training session Karlos managed to evolve to a Mightyena, but that didn't stop their training. The rest of the team trained also, but mostly against Karlos, who gained strength everyday.

    Then, college ended. Carly was free, she took her team and bought a small house for them to live in. Carly managed to take good care for them. Years passed, every so often something exciting happened, but life was average for the group - not that they cared. The team loved their lifestyle, and wouldn't want to let it go for anything.

    They continued training too, but as time passed, the group became old and tired, especially Karlos. He became very grumpy, but never failed to show his love for his teammates and Carly, who now was around her thirties. She was still young and going well health wise, but being a canine, Karlos was considered pretty darn old (at least to the youngsters in the neighborhood).

    All this time they lived happy, until one day the epidemic struck. The group was sleeping in the living room, when suddenly a group of infected Pokemon burst through the window and wake them all up. Everything from there went so fast Karlos didn't even know what happened. The Pokemon and Carly all ran for their lives, but happened to get separated in the process. Karlos ran out the front door and far into the street and into the woods. He didn't see where the others went, he only knew an infected was on his trail, but he quickly managed to loose it. Luckily he didn't have to fight.
    Karlos still wonders where his group went, and now he wanders throughout the region, hoping to find any clue of where they went, or at least any living Pokemon.
    Appearance A normal Mightyena - though a bit old looking (white/grayer fur instead of pure black and gray [though the black is still there.])
    Personality Very, very grumpy. He tends to be a loner, likes living without anyone around him. (WIP)
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