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    Amalas Arabannia the Human and Dremus the Mightyena ((Inactive))


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    Amalas Arabannia the Human and Dremus the Mightyena ((Inactive)) Empty Amalas Arabannia the Human and Dremus the Mightyena ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:43 pm

    Amalas Arabannia the Human and Dremus the Mightyena ((Inactive)) KRaHyPf

    Amalas Arabannia the Human and Dremus the Mightyena ((Inactive)) Ojl3aSe

    Amalas Arabannia
    Text Color #488214
    Weapons Longbow, full quiver, dagger on right leg, poison (to tip her arrows)
    Item Belt with empty Pokeballs (save for one), pouch containing several healing items (berries, potions, and a few revives) and food rations
    Gender Female
    Age 24
    Species Human
    Height 5'1”
    Weight 103.7lbs
    Occupation Scout, Hunter
    Pkm 1
    Amalas Arabannia the Human and Dremus the Mightyena ((Inactive)) Spr_4d_262
    Attack List
    - Bite
    - Odor Slueth
    - Ice Fang (breed)
    - Protect (TM)
    History Amalas was born in a small nomadic group that traveled across the regions. They never settled in one place too long, and tended to keep away from cities and towns due to the general population's beliefs being so different than their own. Amalas's clan believed in living with Pokemon as their companions, not as their owners or as their enslavers. Pokemon lived and worked within their small community as equals, and while the two races were incapable of actually speaking with each other over several generations it became much easier for the humans to understand the subtle hints and gestures their Pokemon responded with. You see, with her people every child from the time they are born is given what is referred to as a 'Companion'. A Companion is a Pokemon that is partnered with you for life. It was the belief of the clan that a Pokemon born the same time is you is meant to be your Companion and predicts the type of person you will become. For instance, if a child was born at the same time as a Oddish, they would be paired together and the child was then raised to grow up into a farmer or a gatherer. Amalas's Companion was a great joy to her father, for his Mightyena hatched her pup at the same time his wife was giving birth. She was to receive a hound, which meant his child was to become a hunter.

    Amalas and Dremus were raised together from the moment they were born, always treated as a pair. It was the custom of the people that a person be considered the same entity as their Companion, that they are of one soul but in two parts. As their destinies were set before them they trained diligently, Amalas picking up the more subtle arts of stealth and archery, complimenting her shadowy partners abilities. For hours, every single day, Amalas would work on her draw, her aim, her form, all in the desire to see her destiny fulfilled. She was raised to believe the same as her clan and knew that her small role as a future hunter would see to the benefit of the entire clan. It was never one person for themselves, it was always all people for the good of the clan. And Amalas took that responsibility seriously, even at a young age. When she wasn't working on her archery skill she was running and training with Dremus, working to move in sync with her Companion. In order to be an effective team she had to learn his body language, his whimpers and whines, his barks and his howls, all so that she could predict and understand his movements and play off of them. If she wasn't in sync with her Companion she would be considered an outcast and a failure, unworthy of a Companion and cast from the clan. She had seen it only once in her life, but the painful memory of the young man's banishment had more than absolved any desire of independence.

    By the time she was in her teens she and Dremus had already proven themselves adept hunters and were popular among the people for their skills. But Dremus wasn't sure that was everything he wanted. After a while Amalas began to notice strange shifts in his mood and behavior, sometimes faltering in her interpretations of him despite being confident she knew what he wanted from her. Concern filled her, not only for that of her other half but for the fear that if anyone began to suspect they were not a functioning pair they would be cast out. Determined to get to the bottom of Dremus's odd behavior she took a small leave from her clan to go on a solo hunt with him. Solo hunts were rare in their clan and usually were usually undertaken by only the more experienced hunters, but the elders and her father were confident in the pair's skills and allowed the hunt. A solo hunt could last for several days or even weeks, which Amalas thought would give her plenty of time to figure out Dremus's melancholy. After a couple of days of traveling they came upon a small lake that seemed as though its water had become cloudy and strangely tinted. Concerned for one of the clan's regular hunting grounds for when they passed through this region Amalas made a mental note to avoid drinking the water and to report the occurrence to the clan elders.

    A week passed, and Dremus was not opening up to her. Amalas was at a total loss and had even resorted to begging to get him to try and tell her what was wrong, but the hound remained stoic. He gave her no whimper, no shake, no clue at all as to what was plaguing the Mightyena's mind. Finally she had to concede that she wasn't going to be able to get through to him and decided to go to a more familiar ground with him. She offered to train with him, as they had when they were younger, to try and get their skills to sync once more. It took almost a day but finally Amalas was able to catch the more odd shifts his personality had taken and began playing off of them much better than before. Confident that they would be able to get through the clan without and strange behavior being noticed the pair decided to return home, but by the time they got back to the current camp they noticed something terribly wrong.

    The camp was still there, but in shreds and shambles. Their wagons and tents were all overturned and flattened to the ground, blood stained several areas of the ground, and Dremus kept backing up and scratching at his nose. Even Amalas could smell the stench of death, it hung so heavily in the air, that she realized the heavy scent must have been driving poor Dremus mad. Despite the horrifying amount of blood, the pair could only find a few dead bodies. Nowhere near the number of people living within their clan. It was then that a strange creature attacked them, the Pokemon almost indistinguishable from its normal species as it tried tearing at Dremus. The hound fought back valiantly but it was Amalas's arrow piercing its skull that finally put it down. When the creature was dead and no longer moving she took a closer inspection and saw that the strange creature had actually been her mother's Granbull. But what had happened to it? And why had it attacked her? Armed with this new information she concluded that the rest of the clan had simply gone through an emergency relocation, so the hunter and her Companion set off to scour the rest of the clan's normal resting places and prayed that they would find them there.
    Appearance A small, lithe body graces this female, who can run swiftly through the trees as though they were not really there. Long flowing hair that fails to ever be tied back cascades down her back, deep green as the color of the forests in which she calls home. Her violet eyes pierce the darkness as it surrounds her, keeping her secret and silent as she tracks her prey. The amethyst pools seem to almost cut through the air as surely as her arrows, the eyes well adept at catching even the slightest movements.

    Her wardrobe tends to reflect that of the nature around her. Soft browns, gold, and greens keep her somewhat camouflaged in the areas she normally hunts. As a hunter, and due to the undead that roam free across the regions, Amalas is never seen without her bow and a full quiver of arrows. She keeps on her side her small hunting knife, which on several occasions has been used to cut and shape more arrows for when she gets caught away from home for too long. Her outfit is loose and allows for full movement, and even her full length boots allow for the full bend and extension of her legs.
    Personality  Amalas was raised in a world to honor traditions and laws, and to have a clear set of standards and beliefs. She expects the same of others, and can have no patience or understanding of individuals who do not value their own beliefs. However, she does not condemn them for not believing as she does. It goes against her beliefs to force others into a system they do not themselves value. Straight-forward and honest, Amalas isn't likely to beat around when it comes to telling someone the truth. Though she doesn't sugar coat anything, neither does she maliciously go out of her way to make things harsher than the need to be. She just believes in telling people the truth, about the world and about themselves.

    Unfortunately for her, Amalas is known to be too rigid, and can become overly detail-oriented. Very dutiful, she puts forth a lot of effort in everything and it can lead to her becoming over-focused. She will do everything that she think should be done in her job, life, and community with a good amount of energy and ideals. She is conscientious, practical, realistic, and dependable. Her personality often comes across as 'flat', as she takes life very seriously and has never truly allowed herself any time to relax and have fun. To her it is always duty first.
    User Notes
  • *Amalas's Image is drawn and colored by me personally. Lines and detail were drawn traditionally, then colored digitally. My very first digital coloring so judge nicely...*
    - Her Companion Dremus has been with her since birth, as is custom with her village
    - Name is pronounced “Ah-mah-lahs”
    - Name means wild beauty, last name means “Daughter of the Willow”

  • Amalas Arabannia the Human and Dremus the Mightyena ((Inactive)) Fv18zNj

    Text Color #284942
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age 24
    Species #262/Mightyena/Bite Pokemon
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 81.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry Mightyena travel and act as a pack in the wild. The memory of its life in the wild compels the Pokémon to obey only those trainers that it recognizes to possess superior skill.
    Level 30
    Ability Quick Feet
    Nature Careful
    Characteristic Alert to sounds
    Moves - Bite
    - Odor Slueth
    - Ice Fang (breed)
    - Protect (TM)
    History Dremus was born a Companion, a Pokemon born at the same time as a human and therefore destined to be their partner for life. Amalas was everything a Companion could ever hope for. The girl was brilliant and talented, with a sharp mind and instincts as quick and sure as any Pokemon. As a young Poochyena he worked with Amalas every day to learn her patterns and behaviors, to learn key sounds and words that she used to indicate their goal. She was not his commander, she was his partner. She played off of him as much as he played off of her to get their prey and succeed in their hunts. They worked together very well, Dremus able to predict his human in ways that normal, caught Pokemon could never understand. They weren't Pokemon and Trainer, in fact Pokeballs didn't even exist in the clan. No. They were the same entity. He knew that Amalas was a part of him and he cherished the female every day for it. He took his role as a Companion very seriously and drove himself to succeed for her, certain that their destiny would play out as it should.

    For years they grew and trained together, working so well in sync that it was hard to tell who was actually moving first. They truly seemed to be one and the same. However, one day, Dremus encountered something strange. It was a full moon night and Dremus was having much trouble sleeping, so he went out for a small run so as not to wake his human. As the Companion raced through the trees and over the hills a shadowy figure caught his attention. It was a strange looking female, one who looked much like him only slightly larger and with long horns coming from her head. She was attacking a human, and the sight was terrifying for the young male, who watched as the female tore out the throat of the human and howled with delight. Another human approached and he was frightened that she would turn on him as well, but instead the human rewarded the female with a pat on the head much like Amalas would do when they were young. Was she...his Companion? Dremus had known no other life than the one he was raised in, and the idea of a human and their Companion willfully and maliciously ending the life of another human sickened him. He returned home quickly and soon fell into a melancholy that began to shake his relationship with Amalas.

    Amalas tried her hardest to read him, to try and get him to open up, but there was no way he could let his other half know of what lay beyond their clan. She even took them on a solo hunt to try and give him more privacy to draw him out of his funk, but it was no use. Every time he looked at her he could just see that demonized version of himself tearing her throat open and delighting in the violence. It made him sick to think of. After a few weeks Amalas finally understood that he wasn't going to tell her anything so she tried something new. If he had changed, she was going to try to change with him. Out on their hunt they worked on team exercises they hadn't done since they were children, working on getting their minds back in sync so that they could once again feel like the same person. It wasn't perfect by the time their solo hunt was up, but they were working together much better than they had been before. While he was still disturbed and fighting the dark thoughts in his mind, Dremus was feeling much better about his Companionship with Amalas.

    However, when they got home, something was terribly wrong. The clan's camp was completely upturned and destroyed. Blood and death permeated the air and made Dremus nearly loose his mind as he recalled that night. Had the murderous female followed them here? Had she done this to their clan? It wasn't until Tarro, the Granbull belonging to Amalas's mother, attacked them that he realized that it was something much more serious. Dremus fought back as hard as he could, but it was actually Amalas who wound up saving him. They looked around and saw that most of the clan was nowhere to be seen, so they offered a small prayer that the clan had moved on to one of their other stops. So the duo set off in search of their people, learning of the infection along the way and fighting it tooth and nail to find their family.
    Appearance Dremus is a normal, average Mightyena. Well fed and well trained, he is sleek and quick on his feet. His fur is shagged but is well cared for by Amalas.
    Personality He relies heavily on his intuitions to guide him, and use his Companionship with Amalas to find his value in life. On a continuous mission to find the truth and meaning underlying things. Generally thoughtful and considerate, Dremus is a good listener and it can put people at ease. Although reserved in expressing emotion, he can have a very deep well of caring and is genuinely interested in understanding people. This sincerity is easily sensed by others, despite his inability to vocalize his desires, making Dremus a valued friend and confidante. Having known Amalas his entire life he is quite warm with her even in front of others.

    Dremus does not like conflict, and go to great lengths to avoid it. If they must face it, he will always approach it from a distance, much like his Companion. He is a hunter, not a true battler, and his skills are trained more towards bringing down prey and avoiding the harder hitting opponents. On the other hand, Dremus makes a very good mediator, and is typically good at solving other people's conflicts because he can intuitively understand people's perspectives and feelings, genuinely wanting to help them. Unfortunately, Dremus can have very high standards and is a slight perfectionist. Consequently, he is overly hard on himself and won't give himself enough credit.
    User Notes -Amalas's Companion, paired with her at birth to be her partner
    -Name is pronounced "dray-muss"
    -His moveset reflects skills that he would have needed out on a hunt
    -The mysterious hound he saw was actually Tysiphone and her Rocket Admin Zenyt

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