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    Lalita the Shiny Ninetales and Alein the Human ((Inactive))


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    Lalita the Shiny Ninetales and Alein the Human ((Inactive)) Empty Lalita the Shiny Ninetales and Alein the Human ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:50 pm

    Lalita the Shiny Ninetales and Alein the Human ((Inactive)) ImqVJvH


    Lalita the Shiny Ninetales and Alein the Human ((Inactive)) H0i6Y1D

    Text Color #CC99CC
    Item Black satin collar
    Gender Female
    Age 19
    Species #038, Ninetales, Fox Pokemon
    Height 3'02"
    Weight 38.2lbs
    Pokédex Entry It's nine beautiful tails are filled with a wondrous energy that could keep it alive for 1,000 years.
    Level 45 (leveled during RP)
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Quick to flee
    Moves - Flamethrower (re-learned during travel)
    - Return (TM)
    - Quick Attack (learned)
    - Psyshock (TM03/found in RP)
    History The beloved pet of a young girl in Goldenrod. She was bought by a wealthy couple to give to their ailing daughter as a companion. Wanting nothing less than the most elegant pet they searched until they came upon a Vulpix breeder who had recently hatched a young shiny. Not wanting to miss the opportunity they purchased Lalita immediately, taking time to stop by a department store to teach the young one TM 27 Return.

    Lalita and her young mistress were absolutely smitten with each other, and could always be seen together in the gardens of the estate. The girl's failing health never seeming to hinder the two in their play, and the parents believed that she may have even been getting better. It seemed nothing would ever separate them. Though it went by unnoticed, the peaceful Pokémon that normally inhabited the garden began acting strange.

    On the girl's birthday her parents threw her massive party in the gardens. Her mother presented her with something she was thrilled to receive, a fire stone. Wasting no time, the girl used on Lalita who turned into a beautiful lavender Ninetales. Then the infected descended. Pouring out of the garden and tearing through the guests and their Pokémon. Lalita tried to protect her mistress but, unused to her new form, couldn't get to her in time. She was forced to watch as the girl she loved was torn apart by shrieking Spearow and Rattata.

    Devastated and terrified she ran, as far and as fast as she could. Taking shelter in the nearby Ruins of Alph she cried, mourning the loss of her family, her only treasure and memento the simple satin collar her mistress gave her when they first met. It was there that things went from bad to worse. She met and made friends, an Espeon named Max and a Ledian named Lia but both were tragically stolen from her only a few hours after meeting them. Chased by a Haxorus and meeting up with a Vigaroth named Clyde, a Zoroark named Gormlaith, and a Riolu named Silver she found herself in stronger company and they were able to get away. Unfortunately the chance encounter also wound up with the shiny fox getting several of her ribs broken and suffering for quite a time before Silver was able to heal her. Not long after they met with a sadistic Grovyle named Garth who tricked them and attacked Clyde, causing the group to go after him and Silver to evolve. Sadly the very next day the Lucario went missing much to Lalita's panic.

    Several other newcomers came but within what seemed like moments only two remained, an Absol named Calamity and a Leafeon named Circe. Calamity seemed nice enough but Circe acted strange around the shiny fox. The return of Garth saw Clyde brutally murdered in front of Lalita and Calamity turned undead by Circe, creating a chain of events that has landed Lalita within yet another new group of survivors. Only this time she doesn't have the strength left to allow herself to care for them. Her fragile mind broken nearly beyond repair, her only solace was in a seemingly mute human traveling with an obnoxious bird. When her new entourage came under assault by a swarm of undead insects she quickly chased the human out of the danger and ended up getting all three of them lost.
    Appearance Lalita is a lovely young shiny Ninetales, fur a pale lavender that highlights silver when the light hits it. Her fur is soft from years of pampering and her tails are very large and fluffy.
    Personality A pet Pokemon, never trained to fight, she is actually more likely to run from a fight unless her friends are threatened. Shy, quiet, never loud, Lalita was the model pet for her sick Little Miss as she was always so considerate. Very non-confrontational, prefers to use her words and if all else fails, she runs. But recent events have turned this once loving and docile female into something nearly mechanical.
    So much death and destruction, especially concentrated around her in which she is always the only one spared, has caused this young female to shut down internally. Her heart has finally broken enough times that it no longer years for connection, instead shunning the idea. Any time she even thinks of making friends her eyes go dark and her heart hurts her, reminding her that anyone she loves will die. She no longer tries to run from the infected and will stand and fight to try and redeem her previous failures, which she considers to be the death of Clyde, Calamity, and Max and the disappearances of Gormlaith and Silver.
    User Notes -Somewhat clumsy, still unused to her new form
    --bred with specific move set that was taken away by Move Deleter, Max the Espeon has helped her recover one of those moves.
    ---Found a TM in RP, TM03 Psyshock, and it replaced her Confuse Ray
    ***Edited history to reflect newer events in RP. Upped level slightly to reflect growth in RP

    Lalita the Shiny Ninetales and Alein the Human ((Inactive)) JDFeKuN

    Alein Harper
    Text Color #9F9F5F
    Weapons None
    Item The clothes on his back and his piercings. One Pokeball for Gyrlass
    Gender Male
    Age 25
    Species Human
    Height 5'10”
    Weight 116.3lbs
    Occupation Refugee
    Pkm 1
    Lalita the Shiny Ninetales and Alein the Human ((Inactive)) Spr_3f_017
    Gyrlass (Male)-
    Level 35-
    Speech color - #DBDB70

    Attack List
    - Fly (HM)
    - Whirlwind (learned)
    - Quick Attack (learned)
    - Protect (TM)
    ((Making a note here that Suicune has allowed me to use this history as is despite the rather more mature content within under the guidance that I keep any references to his past in RP very vague. I have placed it within a spoiler in the small hope that the younger users will use common sense and not be offended as I did try to warn them. This character is for an Elite team and I know all the fellow Rpers within this team are old enough to view this content))
    Appearance Alein seems at first glance to be in poor health. Pale, dirty, with hair messy and ragged this young man practically radiates pathetic. His clothing is incredibly wrinkled and baggy, several sizes to big for his more lithe frame yet it is all he was willing to wear after getting attacked and separated from his lover, losing most of his other clothes to shredding and blood stains. He has to wear several belts just to keep the pants up.

    His naturally auburn hair is often falling into his face, covering his soft green eyes and allowing the young man to almost hide his gaze from others. His shoulders are often hunched in show of submission and when at rest will curl into himself almost like a child. His only real distinguishable features are his piercings: a ring in his left eyebrow, a bolt in the center of his lower lip, and a cross Vincent once gave him hanging from his left ear.

    More recently he has kept a string tied around his neck to give him a more familiar feel after losing the collar Vincent had given him. He enjoys the feeling of something settled around his neck.
    Personality Alein is something of a lost soul.

    This young man has a very poor self-image. His countenance suggests a trace of sadness, posture often hunched and retreated, and his own clothing choices reflect that in how much they hide his form. His movements are tentative and his gestures reserved, eye contact with others is poor as he was taught to display the averted eyes of a slave before his masters. Vincent has been trying to break him of this habit, preferring his lover to look at him, but Alein still struggles in vain to dare looking at anyone but his Vincent.

    Having renounced competitiveness, he has all of his pride invested in helping others and in trying to please them. He is in his self-effacing way overhelpful, overkind, overcaring and oversympathetic. His handwriting, written as it is for the benefit of others, is nicely legible. He is totally incapable of reading maps. In fact, if he is not taken somewhere, he would not dream of going alone as he would become hopelessly lost within moments. But it is this traits of being so kind and helpful that drew his new Master to him and drove him to rescue Alein from his abusive previous Sir.

    His voice is low, restrained, and he is barely articulate. Often his responses are merely him mumbling under his breath in fear of being too loud or saying the wrong thing. Self-conscious and painfully shy he can be easy prey to any aggressive type. He may have a strong feeling, or a vague uncomfortable suspicion, that all is not well when confronted with someone who has any wicked intention but will not speak out against it.

    If frustration mounts to a breaking point he may, finally, incite himself to an aggressive or vindictive rage. This can surprise his onlookers, who are used to seeing a very quiet, shy individual. It has only happened once before and more than caught others off-guard, it surprised and frightened Alein himself, who had no idea that  such an aggression lurked deep within the depths of his character. After attacking his previous Sir, Vincent took the injured youth into his arms and into his heart and slowly tried to bring Alein back around. Unfortunately now, without his Master Vincent, Alein is at a complete loss.
    User Notes
  • -has no translator so has no way of speaking to Pokemon other than in the vain hope some of the ones not trying to kill him can understand
    -is desperately searching for Vincent
    -will attach himself to any strong personality in hope for survival
    -the only Pokemon with him actually belongs to Vincent and almost never listens to Alein, protecting him only because Vincent ordered him to keep Alein safe
    -he is very much not a trainer, and has virtually no experience battling with Pokemon other than Vincent showing him Gyrlass's attacks
    ---Male Base Lineart I created him from listed as free to use as long as credit was given. Origninal Lineart on DA by Death-Tendency
    --All features, clothing and colors created and colored by yours truly. All I kept was the pose (Suicune has also approved this image for use in an Elite Team)

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