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    Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD)


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    Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD) Empty Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD)

    Post by Kaze Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:04 pm

    Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD) Noizandclear_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8ovd6g
    Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD) Noiz_by_russianniko_d8oc7jt_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8phzto

    Text Color Mint Icecream #C5E3BF
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #715, Noivern, the Sound Wave Pokemon
    Height 1.5 m
    Weight 185 kgs
    Pokédex Entry "They fly around on moonless nights and attack careless prey. Nothing can beat them in a battle in the dark."-Pokemon X
    Level 50
    Ability Telepathy-Senses and dodges an allies attack
    Nature Sassy
    Characteristic Alert to sounds
    Moves -Boomburst (Start)
    -Draco Meteor (tutor)
    -Hurricane (start)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    History The tiny Noibat was born to a breeder specializing in dragon types. Though the dragons produced by this breeder were in high demand the inbreeding that gave them their unusual coloration also produced a variety of physical problems. He was first sold off as a newborn to a rich family who wanted a cute pokemon companion for their child. Soon the defects caused by his inbreeding for color became apparent. The shiny Noibat could not feel pain or even comprehend the idea of it. He saw no difference between playing and injuring. Even we he got into fights and bled he didn't notice. It wasn't long before he was dragged away from his trainer and locked in an isolated room of the house. He was provided with food and water through a slit in the door and was left utterly alone. No matter how loudly he cried his human never came back for him. The shiny Noibat grew bitter. He hated the humans for keeping him locked up and he hated himself for being born broken. He began to blame himself for his own isolation and his own condition. If he had been born normal he would be accepted. It took a year before he couldn't take the isolation any longer. He smashes through the windows, cutting himself badly and nearly tearing off one of his claws, before disappearing into the night. He managed to drag his bleeding, torn body away from the family estate and into town before passing out from blood loss. He was found by the town's resident tattooist and taken in. Though his claw remained twisted his cuts were stitched up before they could scar too badly. After a few weeks of enforced bed rest the Noibat was allowed up. The tattooist was surprised to see the little Dragon had no trouble with his wounds. Even though his wing had been badly torn he had even tried to fly until blood started seeping through the bandages. The tattooist found it was impossible to get the Noibat to listen to him. Only his shiny Minun, nicknamed Psuedo-Rabbit, managed to convince the dragon to rest.
    Taking care not to startle the small dragon the tattooist slowly nursed him back to health, earning the shiny Noibat's trust and a few bites, with constant offers of berries. The Noibat found the tattoo parlor much more interesting than his room at the mansion. Psuedo-Rabbit convinced him to stay until his wounds were healed. The tattooist was part of a known street gang of the area, the Rough Rabbits. The wealthy family's search for their missing pet never went as far as the slums. The bad-tempered dragon ended up integrating into the gang. Illegal pokemon fights were a popular way to make money and Noiz was happy to learn how to fight. He fought like a demon, ducking in close and ripping into his opponents with his sharp claws, heedless of any damage he took in return. For every match the shiny dragon type got a bit stronger and his trainer would get him a new piercing. Noiz never felt hungry but when he wanted to eat there was pasta and pizza. It wasn't long before he found himself evolving to a Noivern and being given the most dangerous moves. The shiny dragon grew overconfident and fell to a blow from behind. It had been a big match with a lot of money bet on it. To cover his gambling debts the Tattooist ended up selling both Noiz and Psuedo-rabbit to the trainer that defeated them. Noiz grew bitter as the one he had trusted ended up discarding them for his own personal gain. His third trainer threw the two into dangerous battle every day, even though the shiny minun was timid by nature and near useless in a fight. Noiz found himself acquiring more scars trying to protect his weaker companion from the bulk of harm. He began to be punished for every time he tried to help the minun until he started to despise the weak electric type as much as his trainer. Eventually their new trainer got tired of this and pitted the two in a deathmatch against a rabid houndoom with purple dotting its hide. Noiz managed to break free and head for safety but the green rabbit pokemon was torn to pieces. After that Noiz stopped caring about finding someone who would accept him. It was obvious if he was going to survive he would have to care only about himself. After all, no-one else would.
    Appearance "Noivern is a large bat-like Pokemon with enormous ears suited for precise hearing. It has a mane of white fur sprouting around its neck and upper back. Noivern has two black wings lined with a dusky purple and has maroon grasping claws. A teal membrane fans between its ribcage and wings. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its lower jaw."-Bulbapedia

    Noiz is a shiny Noivern with multiple surgical steel piercings over his face and wings. The end claw on his left wing has been twisted 360 degrees. His default expression is a condescending sneer or an emotionless calm. Up close his body is covered in many fine scars from past fights. His claws are ringed with scar tissue. His preferred tactic is aerial bombardment until his foe is nothing but a bloody puddle. When he fights in close combat he fights brutally with no guard, focusing entirely on the attack. His golden eyes are cold.
    Personality "Noivern is extremely combative toward anything that wanders too close to it. It flies through even the darkest nights using ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears. It loves eating fruit, which helps to keep it calm"-Bulbapedia

    Noiz has little concept for altruism, believing anyone showing kindness is doing so because they want something from him. Rather than allow himself to be manipulated he chooses to manipulate others. He'll offer his aid but expect some kind of payment in return. He is very intelligent and uses it to tease and belittle others. He does not fear fights and often deliberately starts them to feel the adrenaline of living. He will let no-one make decisions for him. Noiz is rather quiet. He will wait and listen then use anything he's learnt to hurt anyone who tries to approach him. Noiz loathes being touched; if anyone approaches him he will actively fight them back. He does not feel comfortable unless he is in the position to abandon others. He hates others with strong personalities who try to take control. Despite being largely selfish in nature he doesn't mind aiding others as it puts them in his debt. Even though he looks older he is very immature and vengeful. As he was a spoiled child he gets grouchy when he is denied something he wants. Because he cannot feel hunger pains he eats mostly recreationally and only foods he likes. He will only eat certain kinds of berries because those are the kind he likes and can't be bothered finding new berries to try. He often feels weak and faints because of lack of food.
    User Notes -Based on Noiz from DRAMAtical murder but more on my own shiny Noivern.
    -Cannot feel pain, cold, heat or hunger but has some sensation in his tongue. He is often badly injured without realizing it.
    -Has major abandonment issues and difficulty in trusting others.
    -As he doesn't know his own strength he has ended up hurting himself and his friends. He loathes any kind of unsolicited physical contact and will respond violently to regain control of the situation.
    -Is gay but doesn't consider it significant enough to mention to others.
    -Left Psuedo-Rabbit to die while escaping the infected Houndoom in a fit of pique and has deeply regretted it since. He deals with this loss by trying to pretend it doesn't bother him.

    Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD) Clear_by_russianniko_d8oc7mk_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8phzsm

    Text Color #D1E231 Pear color
    Item Yellow Scarf
    Gender Genderless
    Age Young Adult
    Species #376, Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokémon
    Height 1.6 m
    Weight 550.0 kgs
    Pokédex Entry "Metagross has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. This Pokémon can float in the air by tucking in its four legs."-Pokemon Ruby
    Level 50
    Ability Clear Body- Stats cannot be lowered by another Pokémon’s moves or ability
    Nature Naive
    Characteristic Alert to sounds
    Moves -Take Down (Start)
    -Magnet Rise (Start)
    -Meteor Mash (lvl)
    -Round (TM)
    History Clear was born in a test tube.
    There was an initial run of hundred of Beldum, all purposely grown to be weapons. They were artificially manipulated from cells to have the golden and grey skin that was rare in the wild, to distinguish them from their naturally occurring brethren. Many of the artificial shiny Pokémon died. The cloning process was not perfect; tumors developed and grew at an accelerated rate and destroyed them from the inside out. It wasn’t just the Beldum that were effected. Many of the other Pokémon the facility was cloning ended up dying and their mutated bodies were broken down for fuel for the surviving clones. One by one the number of Beldum dwindled.
    Then there was light.
    That was R-2E-054’s first memory of opening their bright red eye to the sensation of light and the sting of cold air on their shell. Their siblings had been ready to be deployed but the tube they were in broke and released the small steel type early. Not knowing what to do they began the search for Master, the Trainer they had been created to obey. Drifting aimlessly they eventually made their way out of the facility, not realizing that the cloning lab was being raided, and bumped into a scientist fleeing the site. Realizing what the tiny Beldum was the man hid the small steel type under his coat and smuggled them out of the facility.
    The man was a scientist, Dr. Mortimer Phene, who had gone undercover to investigate suspicious rumours about the cloning lab. Once he had discovered the situation he had called in the highest authorities in Hoenn to take down the lab and find good homes for all the clone Pokémon being created there. The turmoil the lab was in was because of him but, by nature a compassionate man, he couldn’t leave the shiny Beldum where it could get hurt. He took in the little Steel type as one of his own Pokémon and resolved to teach it about the world.
    The Beldum didn’t have the knowledge of a Beldum raised in the wild by Metagross parents or the knowledge of one hand reared from a trainer by birth. Despite being of a level appropriate for a youngster starting a journey Dr. Phene had to teach the little Steel Type what could and could not be eaten, when to sleep, how to interact with other Pokémon and humans and many other basic facts of life. He often warned the Beldum not to wander far, afraid that the small shiny would be recognized by the forces behind the lab and they would recapture it. While his worries diminished as the rest of the captured Beldum were given good homes with new trainers the doctor’s Beldum never understood the reason for his fears and began to think it was his fault for looking different to anyone else. With care he grew the Beldum’s psychic potential until he could teach the small steel type how to talk using telepathy. After a while he gave the Beldum a nickname; Clear.
    Clear loved the doctor, even though they weren’t Master, and learned a lot from him. He learnt that he wasn’t like the doctor’s other Pokémon that had been hatched from eggs or caught in the wild. He was artificially created. Even though it was what he was best at he didn’t like battling unless he had to so the doctor entered him in Pokémon contests where his toughness shone. An admirer even gifted him a yellow scarf that he wore around his neck and, when he eventually evolved, around one arm. He was happy but there was still so much he didn’t know. The now Metang journeyed the region with the doctor. Even if he didn’t like it there were lots of battles. He didn’t like fighting but he did like protecting others. He was an artificial being whose purpose was war. He wanted to make a different purpose. He wanted to be a ‘he’ instead of an it. He was content to see the world and learn so many new things. After many years he evolved into a Metagross and the doctor gave him an armband to go with his yellow scarf. The doctor travelled all around Hoenn with him and they even won gym badges. The doctor said he was researching mega evolution. When a Pokémon mega evolved their entire body changed and he wanted to study how that happened.
    Then his trainer had gotten sick from a disease no other doctor could fix. Clear didn’t know much about diseases. What he knew was that one day the doctor went to sleep and didn’t wake up. Clear didn’t need to sleep so he watched. He saw Dr Phene stop breathing. He waited with the doctor’s other Pokémon as they lowered him into a hole in the ground and covered him with dirt and he didn’t understand. The doctor’s other Pokémon found new trainers and only he was left alone. He didn’t want to go with just any trainer. The doctor had been the one who raised him for years and now they put him in the ground and covered his face with dirt he had no-one. One day the Metagross just left. He took nothing with him but the scarf around his arm and went to find Master. He wandered for a long time. Eventually the rock set in his arm band cracked and fell out but he still didn’t find Master. Clear had seen some movies, even if they scared him. When the undead started coming it had never occurred to him that the horror movies he had seen were meant to be works of fiction. He fought instead of fleeing and his tough shell provided some protection against bites but the undead psychic type held him captive. To break its hold on him Clear put one of his yellow claws through his head. His shell cracked around the wound and the psychic’s grip crushed part of the shell on his arm but he managed to bring down his arm like a hammer. Before he could smash its head open like an overripe berry he was teleported away, to a place he didn’t know.
    Appearance "Metagross is a robotic Pokémon with a turquoise, disc-shaped body and four legs. The main body appears to serve as both head and body, and this Pokémon’s overall construction gives it the appearance of a mechanized arachnid. It uses its heavy body to pin down its prey before consuming them with its large mouth. A large, metallic cross is situated in the center of its face. On either side of the cross, a red eye peers out from a space in Metagross's metallic armor. Its four legs are joined to the main body by ball-and-socket joints. While the upper portion of the legs is relatively thin, they are considerably thicker below the knee. Each leg has three short claws on the end and a flat, blunt protrusion extending over the knee. The legs can be tucked in, allowing Metagross to float in the air."-Bulbapedia

    Clear is a Shiny Metagross of a cheerful disposition. He doesn’t seem to realize he is not a Beldum anymore and often forgets his true size and weight. His joyous attempts to embrace others can often end up a Take Down attack. He also has trouble determining when to turn on or off his Magnet Rise and sometimes tumbles out of the sky when he puts a foot wrong. With his sturdy shell he doesn’t notice the small amount of damage this does to his metal body. He has two small pockmarks resembling moles on his chin. Around one arm is a black band that would have held a Mega Stone. It is now empty. Around his other forearm is a Yellow Scarf that improves his Toughness. His shell is cracked around his arm and eye but he doesn’t mind in the least and the cracks aren’t deep enough to really hurt. Clear has a cheerful puppy-like demeanour that belies his body of a gigantic robot spider. He loves hugs. He is usually smiling cheerfully and has no concept of personal space. He uses his enhanced hearing to listen for the voice of his Master. If one draws close enough his grey skin is translucent and one can look through to the organs within.
    Personality "Metagross is the result of two Metang fusing together. This gives Metagross four brains in total, all connected by a complex network of neurons. Because of these complex connections and the number of brains, this Pokémon is capable of complex calculations and is more intelligent than a supercomputer. It uses its intelligence to analyze its opponents during battle. This Pokémon can be found on rough terrains."-Bulbapedia

    Clear has the cheerful and innocent nature of a child. He has limited knowledge about nearly everything and has to be lead and educated about many things but he learns quickly. His ramblings can get rather poetic. His greatest desire is to be friends with everyone he meets and he has trouble realizing that not everyone wants to be friends with him. He is a pacifist that hates being violent and likes performing in contests instead. However he can hold his own in most battles and will use his metallic body as a shield with no hesitation. His punches are incredibly powerful whenever he actually uses them. He’ll only fight ‘bad guys’ and only when there’s no alternative. Often he must be bullied into doing battle. Clear likes being in high places and looking at the stars. While there is a lot he doesn’t understand he tries to see the beauty in everything. His creation often leaves him with doubts towards his role in life; he feels artificial, like his existence is lesser than other Pokémon and is in a constant struggle to prove his life has meaning. He fears death as he does not understand it. His quest right now is to find his Master.
    User Notes -Based on Clear from DRAMAtical murder but also on my own shiny Metagross.
    -He has conflicted feelings about his origin, being non-organic and artificially created he often feels like his life isn’t real.
    -After his trainer died in his sleep he watches all his friends sleep, just waiting to see if they’ll stop breathing like he did.
    -In particular he likes Jellyfish Pokémon and things that are transparent and has a collection of discarded glass bottles because of this.
    -He has a very good sense of direction and hearing and can form an accurate, if poorly drawn, map of any location he has been before. However he tends to mark landmarks as things like ‘scary dogs’ or ‘place I fell over’ rather than the actual identifiable landmarks.
    -He is unaware that shininess can occur in the wild and thinks his coloration is a result of his unnatural birth to mark him as artificial. He gets insecure about this but has no way to hide it.
    -Before he was Clear his serial number was R-2E-054.
    -Genderless but prefers male pronouns.

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    Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD) Empty Re: Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD)

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    Noiz the shiny Noivern and Clear the Shiny Metagross (Dragon, LEAD) RGgji6G


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