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    CANON HUMAN Announcements for ELITE MEMBERS


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    CANON HUMAN Announcements for ELITE MEMBERS Empty CANON HUMAN Announcements for ELITE MEMBERS

    Post by Zapdos Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:03 am

    A New Announcement, Kiddos!

    Effective now, the Admins have determined a way for Elites to claim and share their canon humans.

    From now on, it will be marking in Elites' profiles how many humans they have claimed. The number there can never go down unless you give away one of your own claims. These will be marked with Resistance accounts and other canon human characters you have told the Admins you are claiming.

    These slots for canon humans will now be purchasable at an escalating rate. The first canon human claim your purchase will be 500 forum points, and will go up by such with every purchase. Your second purchased human claim will then cost you 1000 forum points, and then 1500, and so on. These purchased claims are to be marked in the Elite's profile. (i.e. 4/5 (two purchased) )

    For those of you who only wish for one, two, or even none of your human claims, you may now give them away. You can not sell your canon human claims. If you wish to sell your's to another member in return for art or another character ticket, or anything, this is allowed. The department store will not give you points in return for your claim, though.

    You are allowed to do whatever you wish with your human claims. You may give them away until you have 0, or buy them until you have 6. There are soft restrictions on it at this time, but more may come up in time if this is abused.

    All new Elite members will start with the traditional 3 canon human claims. This has not changed.

    Have fun you fucking vultures. B]

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