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Karkat Vantas the Riolu


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Karkat Vantas the Riolu Empty Karkat Vantas the Riolu

Post by Duma Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:13 am

Karkat Vantas the Riolu Ya6cEUq
Artwork by Cedric, free to use

Karkat Vantas
"That Loud Asshole"
Text Color #626262
Item A necklace with the Cancer Zodiac symbol
Gender Male
Age Adolescent
Species #447, Riolu; The Emanation Pokémon[Fighting Type]
Height 2′4″
Weight 44.5 lbs
Pokédex Entry Its body is lithe yet powerful. It can crest three mountains and cross two canyons in one night. - Pokemon Pearl
Level 32
Ability Inner Focus
Nature Rash[+Special Attack -Special Defense]
Characteristic Very fuckingA little quick tempered[+Attack]
Moves - Counter[Level 6]
- Frustration[TM21]
- Force Palm[Level 15]
- Payback[TM66]
History Insert History Here
Appearance Insert Appearance Here
Personality Insert Personality Characteristics Here
User Notes -Based off Karkat Vantas from Homestuck

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