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Dark Days are Ahead...
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    Flynn the Riolu


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    Flynn the Riolu Empty Flynn the Riolu

    Post by Suicune Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:30 pm

    Flynn the Riolu Deadriolu

    Name: Flynn
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Quick Attack, Endure, Force Palm, Reversal, Thunderpunch, Shadow Claw
    Ability: Steadfast
    Nature: Lonely
    Characteristics: Quick-tempered and alert to sounds.
    National Dex No./Species:
    #447 Riolu/ Emanation Pokemon
    Height: 2 feet 4 inches
    Weight: 44.5 pounds
    Pokédex Entry: The aura that emanates from its body intensifies to alert others if it is afraid or sad.
    Item: Black belt

    History: Flynn was born in Ecruteak City, under the careful guidance of his mother, a Lucario who had once lived in the Sinnoh region before being taken to Johto. She taught Flynn most of the attacks he know sin the present time, and she was his guide through life in his younger years. However, one day Flynn and his mother were heading off to Olivine when a group of Murkrows came overhead. They were acting very strange, and there appearance were not of normal Murkrows. Flynn and his mother could sense their aura...and it was horrible beyond imagining.

    At that point, the Murkrows started to dive at the two, their attacks vicious, as if they were trying to rip the Riolu and Lucario to shreds. Flynn's mother took him and ran as another crowd of Murkrows dived in. The Lucario hid her son inside a hollow tree, telling him to stay there or he would be killed. For what seemed like an endless night listening to the cries of Pokemon, undead caws of the Murkrows and death shrieks, Flynn came out of hiding. It was a gruesome scene of blood and death, but Flynn could not find his mother in the carnage. Perhaps she escaped, or was taken....?

    Flynn then decided to go to Olivine, maybe she had gone there ahead of him. But throughout that journey, Flynn encountered more of the undead Pokemon, and uninfected ones being slaughtered by the countless undead Pokemon. Eventually the little Riolu turned around to head back to Ecruteak City.

    Users Notes: Flynn learned Thunderpunch and Shadow Claw from his mother.
    .It is unknown if she is still alive.

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