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    Amber the Undead Luxray (Floater)


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    Amber the Undead Luxray (Floater) Empty Amber the Undead Luxray (Floater)

    Post by Dandelion Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:38 am

    Amber the Undead Luxray (Floater) 6JYGzNm
    old images:

    Amber the Luxray
    Text Color f5be5d
    Item Metal Arm and Relic Fragment (a small rock)
    Gender Female
    Time of Death A month and a half ago
    Age Adult
    Species 405 Luxray, The Gleam Eyes Pokemon - Electric Type
    Height 4'07"
    Weight 90.5 Lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Y:: Luxray's ability to see through objects comes in handy when it's scouting for danger.
    Level 54
    Ability Intimidate
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Hates to Lose
    Moves - Thunder Fang (Level Up)
    - Roar (Level Up)
    - Toxic (TM)
    - Signal Beam (Breeding)


    That was the first thing she remembered, the only thing she remembered. The Shinx opened her eyes to total darkness, nothing but a void filled with agony. There was a pressing feeling, a feeling that she should remember something else, something important, but it eluded her. Even her name was lost to the void.. The only thing she had in this world of darkness was a necklace with a flat rock on it. The feeling of the stone and its soft green pattern.. it eased her suffering and calmed her spirits. The Shinx shook her head, in an attempt to orientate herself, only to hear the sound of a door opening along with blinding light. This was the start of her nightmare.....

    There were so many humans. Evil, evil, humans.. They used the Shinx in battles with Pokemon that had far higher levels than her own. Bitter, angry attackers with no mercy. The cat usually ended up losing, severally wounded and frightened. They yelled at her, beat her further until her body threatened to quit. Finally, one of the humans had enough sense to pin the Shinx against Pokemon of her own level. Weak and tired, the Flash Pokemon struggled even here, losing more then half of her matches before the humans grew furious. They smashed a disk into her head, feeling they had to do something to get this pathetic Pokemon a victory. The TM did little but its aid was just enough to give her an edge, just enough to help her win. Finally, there was progress.

    Her body was never given a chance to recover from the fighting but it did grow stronger with each fight. She grew stronger, and with each victory the cruel humans faced against stronger foes. Her life was a cycle of pain, victory, wounds, and battle. After some time, the once confused little Shinx evolved into a fierce, bitter Luxray. Her pelt was marred with scars, golden eyes locked in an ever distant, bitter scowl. Maybe it was the little stone on her neck that kept her calm but the lion never lashed out the humans that tortured her, she never took the fighting too far. She still had a heart.

    That's when the Epidemic struck and things went to hell. The sick humans were intrigued by these powerful, vicious Pokemon. They did all in their power to capture them, Pokeballs being useless and cages the better option. How many of the idiots lost their lives in the process, the Luxray didn't know. How many of her fellow prisoners were killed or injured during it.. her only answer was too many. The Gleam Eyes Pokemon watched helplessly as the others started to changed. The Pokemon by her were always either violent or terrified, but she watched them turn into monsters. Her own scrapes began to fester but she was not focused on them.. The wounded grew restless, struggling in their cages and fighting mercilessly. Worse yet, they would kill and devour their opponents if fought with. The Luxray was unsure what to do as she was placed against one of these Pokemon- A Charmeleon with purple-splotched skin and burning red eyes was going berserk, killing all in sight. The humans placed her on the defense, one of the few Pokemon that always followed orders. She had to subdue it. She could not disobey.

    The infected roared and slashed through the ranks of the living. She fought fiercely, though was unable to kill or maim. The Lion found herself in a situation she had been many times before, a fight for her life. However, this time she knew the humans would not be able to call her opponent off before it was too late. Death was a very real possibility.
    She was losing, and panic set in. The Charmeleon was fast, strong, deadly. It burned and slashed at her, throwing a stone-hard fist into her face. The Luxray fell back, dazed and in pain. There wasn't a enough time for her to blink her eyes before pure agony shot through her body as the Charmeleon bit down on the Luxray's back. She roared as it tugged at her body and smashed a foot against her face. There was too much pain, she could not fight it. The scent of blood clogged her senses. The red eyes of the feasting creature were the last thing she saw...

    The Luxray opened her red eyes to see not the Charmeleon but a terrified Chimchar staring at her. She stared back at it, painfully noticing that one of her eyes burned like all hell. She shifted one paw and it tapped against something cold with a smooth texture.

    ....I know this..... But how?

    She opened her jaws to speak, only to find herself coughing up lung fulls of blood. It dribbled through a hole in her bottom jaw, air bubbling through. Her mind whirred in a fog of confusion. What happened when she blacked out? She felt cold, sick, hurt, wronged. The Luxray tried to stand, only to stumbled over again as she took in the condition of her foreleg. The skin and muscles and been shredded to all hell, fang marks clear where the flesh had been ripped away and probably eaten. Her heart should of lurched in horror, but instead she noticed no heartbeat, no pulse, just a numbness. She wretched.

    The Chimchar, for reasons she could not understand, was not afraid of her beaten, bloody, zombied form. She was quiet but seemed to want to help the Luxray, running off to find medical supplies of any kind, and a metal object that they used to form a support for her wrecked leg. The feline was grateful for the care, something she had never had before in her harsh life. She forced her way to her paws, feeling shaky and about to collapse. How was she even standing..?

    ....I died.. I am.. not alive....

    The Chimchar smiled and gave her name, Amber, though the Luxray did not give one back. She told her they needed to go find and help the others, anyone who needed them. The Gleam Eyes Pokemon could not disobey. However, before they could leave, the Charmeleon returned, coming out of no where. It was missing an arm now, half its face hanging off. There was no time to react- it killed her new friend before her red eyes. The Luxray snapped, grabbing the undead by the throat and killing it right then and there. Let it be the weakness and hunger in her body or some other uncontrollable urge she devoured its flesh, just as it had done to her.
    Her mind resurfaced after the feeding as well as.. sorrow. The only Pokemon, the only creature that had ever showed her kindness she hadn't even tried to protect. The Luxray dug a grave for her friend, and silently apologized before fleeing into the outside world.

    ".....My name is Amber.. And I... must protect the innocent.."
    Appearance The best description for Amber is ragged. Her pelt, purple from the infection that courses through her, is marred by scars and wounds both old and new. From a torn ear and tail, blazing red eyes, and exposed bones she is a real mess to look at. The muscles and skin have rotted away on her injured foreleg, the metal sleeve and godsend for support. Part of her spine is exposed at the base and it is amazing that it was not broken during the feeding. Her lower jaw has worn away to bone overtime, her tongue often peaking through the bottom, and one eye is scarred over and sightless. A small stone with a green pattern dangles around her neck on a string.
    Personality - Memories of a time before her imprisonment do not exist. Let it be amnesia or suppression, she does not know. A hard life of suffering is all she knows but somehow, against all odds, she had kept an amicable though distant personality. She thanks her necklace for this.
    - Her relic stone is her only and most precious possession. This stone is literally the only thing keeping her calm and holding her together now. She believes it to be the key to her past and her memories. If Amber was to ever lose it she would go berserk with no end.
    - Amber lived her life mostly in one place. One small, confined, dark, concrete place. As such she is very sheltered to everything, including environments. While hunting came naturally getting used to grass, dirt, and rain has not been so easy. Often she loses her targets due to this despite her species ability to see through things.
    - In Amber the Chimchars honor she feels she must help others. She has a strong sense of justice but for what she does not know. The infected are her enemy and prey. While she knows she is dead she believes her 'life' is now meant to serve the living. She must help them. She knows what its like to be trapped and to free the living from this undead nightmare is her goal.
    - Believes other Pokemon to be 'innocent until proven overwise' however, her mental processing is now damaged. Undead are guilty on sight because they are undead, they have murdered before. Slip ups of the living prove their dishonesty and show they deserve punishment. Anyone who proves themselves a threat to the innocent, even if they are living, will be killed.
    - Due to the hole in her mouth Amber has difficulty talking and doesn't do so often anymore. Her words somewhat hum and hiss if she does speak.
    - When she finds living Pokemon she will stalk them to ensure their safety. Any threatening undead or living that appear untrustworthy will be terminated.
    - Though she can not remember what [her home] or who [her family] it is she is looking for Amber as a since of longing. She is searching for something, or someone, and the feeling keeps her constantly on the move. She has had this sensation ever since she was a Shinx. However, her mind is mostly blank and it simply drives her forward on the 'need to search'. Unless other Pokemon are around she moves around almost mechanically.
    - Let it be the infection or a will to survive Amber has become quite the hunter. Though she wouldnt use the word 'food' feasting from and the process of the kill has become one of her few joys in life. She has a taste for rotten blood due to rotten meat usually being served in her prison. Fresh meat is always better, a delicacy she almost can not handle, but she still tries her best not to eat the living.
    - Amber fights tooth and claw despite her moveset. Life was hard and so were the battles. Strategy was key in getting the upper hand but brute force was a must have to win in that arena. Though her weaponry is damaged this Luxray still makes use of her tools. If the going gets rough she will do all in her power to win as she knows the consequences for failure.
    User Notes - She does not remember her past or where she got the Relic stone from but she cherishes it regardless.
    - As she did not have one herself Amber took the Chimchar's name to honor her memory.
    - Signal Beam from bred from Ampharos father. It was a slight tweak to her moveset for something I can work with better.
    - Last post was on Blackthorne, Post Count 7
    - Adopted, Original Profile.

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    Amber the Undead Luxray (Floater) Ebed9qR


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    Back to the computer, please! I haven't changed anything since last time other than her text color.

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    Amber the Undead Luxray (Floater) RGgji6G


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