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    Staccato the Chatot [Olivine - Johto]


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    Staccato the Chatot [Olivine - Johto] Empty Staccato the Chatot [Olivine - Johto]

    Post by Negative10 Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:14 pm

    Staccato the Chatot [Olivine - Johto] 314b3t2

    Age: Emerging adulthood (ex. human at 18 years old)
    Gender: Male
    Level: Level 59

    Nasty Plot
    Hyper Voice
    Heat Wave
    Feather Dance

    Ability: Tangled Feet: Raises evasion by 50% if confused.
    Nature: Relaxed
    Characteristics: Alert to sounds
    National Dex No./Species: #441, Chatot/Music Note Pokemon

    Height: 1'8"
    Weight: 4.2lbs or 1.9kg
    Pokédex Entry: "Its tongue is just like a human's. As a result, it can cleverly mimic human speech."

    Item: None

    Staccato was caught by a novice Trainer, to the route west of Sunnyshore. At first, the Chatot was only used for flying around to different cities, and Staccato sensed he wasn't really meant to be used for fights. He dimly noted that he always perched on his trainer's shoulder as if they were friends, but no conversation was put between. Staccato felt as if he weren't truly needed, a simple excess Pokemon forced to carry along, and the Chatot wanted nothing more than to run away.

    The night that the bird Pokemon decided to fly and never return, he heard his trainer whimpering softly in his sleep. Staccato felt something in his heart, and decided to hum a small tune to calm his owner. After a few minutes, his trainer woke up slowly, and smiled at Staccato thankfully. After that night, the two of them became the best of friends.

    After traveling Sinnoh for a while, Staccato's trainer traveled to Johto in hopes of a new adventure awaiting. They ported at Olivine, but no sooner were they attacked by the infected Pokemon were Staccato and his trainer cornered. The Chatot was beyond frightened, and when a living-dead lunged forward, his trainer jumped in front of Staccato to protect him. It costed him his life, and Staccato quickly gathered his senses and flew away from the hordes of the dead.

    The Chatot only knew one way to escape, and that was to fly up.

    Staccato is just like any other Chatot, albeit the three long scratch marks that he's received from a Pidgeotto that never quite healed right. He is often seen humming or tweeting to fill in silences, along with flicking his tail like a metronome.

    Despite how young Staccato is, the Chatot has been forced under certain circumstances to mature for the well being of the others in his group. He has a jovial nature, and tends not to be too stressed over things, and has proven to be a deep thinker. Staccato always places others before himself, no matter the situation. He has developed a sort of fatherly position over the others, wishing to protect them from harm and preferring that they all work as as equals rather than have a leader (though he had naturally assumed the leader role without realizing).

    Negative's Notes:
    - Moves taught by TM or by Tutors are due to his trainer.

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    Staccato the Chatot [Olivine - Johto] Empty Re: Staccato the Chatot [Olivine - Johto]

    Post by Lugia Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:22 pm

    Approved. You will be in the Olivine Team, posting after Faux. :)

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