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Katyusha the Shiny Ninetales (Faraway)


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Katyusha the Shiny Ninetales (Faraway) Empty Katyusha the Shiny Ninetales (Faraway)

Post by NyraXerz Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:07 am

Katyusha the Shiny Ninetales (Faraway) Ninetales1finalkatyauhs

Text Color #705898
Gender Female
Item None
Species #038 Ninetales  the Fox Pokémon
Height 5'1"
Weight 43.9 lbs
Pokédex Entry Black/White: Its nine tails are said to be imbued with a mystic power. It can live for a thousand years.
Level 40
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Modest
Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
- Will-o-wisp (Level-up as vulpix)
- Iron Tail (Tutor)
- Flamethrower (Level-up as vulpix)
- Substitute (TM)
History Katyusha was laid as an egg to an unprepared trainer as a result of leaving his ninetales and zoroark together at the daycare center longer than expected. The couple that ran the daycare offered to keep the unhatched egg to raise and the trainer accepted. This was not an unheard of occurrence at the daycare center, quite a few unwanted eggs were laid there, but when the egg finally did hatch, the vulpix that hatched was not ordinary. It is true that the father of the kit had been a zoroark, however in terms of pokemon genetics that should not have affected the color of the kit. Instead of the normally rusty brown/red fur the kit was covered in grey, black, and red. Shocked and thrilled, the couple continued to care for the pokemon. Largely during this brief time she was treated like any other young pokemon.

The kit had not been living with the couple long before a pokemon researcher visited the small town the daycare center was located at. Though this researcher was not as well known as many others, she was knowledgeable in her own right and determined to discover the secrets of pokemon. Rumors had started to spread before her visit of the oddly colored vulpix born to the old couple that owned the daycare up the road. Therefore, by the time Professor Willow arrived the knowledge of this rumor was easy to come across. Too curious to possibly pass up an opportunity such as this, Professor Willow made haste to the daycare.

Bookish, sincere, and genuinely interested in the oddly colored kit beyond the obvious shiny quality to her well-being...She was received well by the couple.  Katyusha, as the vulpix had been dubbed, appeared to take a liking to her in return. Though these memories and those before are fuzzy within the ninetales' mind, due to time, she can remember strongly a feeling of trust. It as if at that time the kit was able to sense something within the researcher who stayed quite at while to study and play with Katyusha. When it came time to leave the kit made an attempt to leave with the professor which was quickly thwarted by simply picking the kit up. However, before the kit could be handed back to the couple, they made an offer for her to keep the vulpix. They had never intended to keep the vulpix at their daycare for all her days. The center was only place for a temporary stay after all not a nursery for an energetic young vulpix.

Professor Willow was thrilled and Katyusha showed little regret for her decision to follow her. This event sparked a keen interest in shiny pokemon for the researcher who relocated back to her lab in Kanto to thorough research on this unique shiny. Katyusha hardly minded as her time spent in the lab allowed her time with her new owner. The vulpix was not often far from her side. The results of all of the testing proved to be inconsistent at best, but it only served to fuel Professor Willow's passion for shiny pokemon and their mysterious. More data was required, more than would be found by staying within the confines of the lab and Katyusha eagerly followed her friend. The pair's friendship continued to grow as the vulpix gained experience by the professor's side. Although it was not the goal of their journey to harm pokemon in anyway, it was necessary to be prepared incase a battle was imminent. Vulpix, as well as ninetales, are known for their intelligence. It is stated within more than one text that they are able to understand the speech of humans to the extent that some ancient text states they hold psychic powers. The latter, Professor Willow did not believe, however she did know she was understood by her counterpart.

It was not unusual for the vulpix to aid in communicating with and soothing pokemon that they wished to study. Nor was it odd for the vulpix to aid in handing over tools with her mouth or to hold something as the other worked. Katyusha had become rather invested getting results of their research as well, if not simply for knowledge about herself then to make her human happy. Both human and pokemon had believed they were on the edge of a breakthrough when the epidemic hit. Chaos reigned in all of the major cities. All humans were to be evacuated and all pokemon were to be released. Reluctantly, all vitally important material was packed up or sealed in hopes that what they were unable to take might survive whatever was to become of the region. Plans had been arranged to release her various pokemon in a different location that the professor hoped would be safer, if such a place were to exist. However, everything did not go according to her plan. It started as knocks on the door then bangs and slams. The sounds increased as the undead just outside their confines were growing more and more desperate. Their plans to leave were accelerated--but not enough. A larger undead had been able to burst through a boarded window with plenty of others flowing in behind the brute of a tangrowth.

All hell broke loose. The human attempted to release as many of her pokemon as she could at once, hoping that together they could all push back the miniature horde that was swiftly invading and ravaging what was once called home. Many of the pokemon fought back, others many, and a sizable amount were to meet a gruesome fate...Flamethrowers blazed out of the vulpix's mouth, aiming for the legs and heads of the infected, anything that would slow them down, blind them, or kill them if possible. The vulpix had never been one for going for the kill, but as adrenaline pumped through Katyusha's veins her mindset was changed all too easily.  Her owner had picked up a wooden plank from the smashed window to use as a crude weapon, though quickly the pair found themselves out matched with their backs against a wall. Katyusha moved swiftly to a nearby cabinet. Carefully, the fox used her teeth to pull on the handle of the bottom drawer to reveal an assortment of gems and stones. A small stockpile of evolution stones was kept within the lab to evolve pokemon.

Katyusha herself had never been given a fire stone as she herself was never caring either way of what form she would have and her owner was unsure of what would happen when she evolves. Would only her color change or would more of her fathers traits be passed along? The question was soon answered as the vulpix dove her paws into the drawer. As her paws touched a firestone her form instantly started to shift as a bright light enveloped her. The evolution was soon complete and a ninetales stood where the vulpix once did normal in every aspect aside from coloration.With her new found strength, Katyusha pushed back the infected around her and Professor Willow and continued onward to clear a path for both of them to flee while leaving a substitute in her place to buy any time they could. By the time the two of them had evacuated the building, none of the other pokemon who were released remained, at least with heart beats. Katyusha is unsure how many escaped alive that day. However, there was no time to return. Willow embraced her ninetales, promising to return once they had helped to develop a solution, a cure...

"Stay safe, promise me you'll stay safe!"
Appearance Coloration aside, Katyusha is a normal ninetales. She sports the large crest untop her head that all of her species does and of course has nine distinctive tails. She is covered with a thick, luxurious with an extra bit of fluff on her chest and tails. The most striking physical feature is her red and gray/black coloration which is not unlike that of a zoroark. The crest ontop the ninetales' head matches the red coloration of a zoroark's "hair" with black tips, all of her nine tails carry a similar coloration of red and tipped black. The fox's main body is grey with a darker grey/black underbelly and chest. Her eye color as well is a light sky blue to match the eye color of an adult zoroark instead of the usually deep red eyes of a ninetales. A few other small featured are red as well such as her inner eat, toes, and in several small swooshes on her face and muzzle the color is apparent.
PersonalityKatyusha has taken on many of the traits of her former owner. She is curious and determined to aid in finding a cure for the epidemic despite her limited ability to do so. She is unaccustomed to being alone and is very interested in finding other survivors with which to travel. Though she has found no other survivors yet, thus far she has managed to stave off some of her loneliness by keeping her mind focused on her "research log." This log is not a physical item, but rather a mental catalog of all she has seen and learned about the changing lands and its new inhabitants. To remember all of the small details she recites them to herself during analysis of items or pokemon and as a nightly ritual. Regardless of her efforts some details are always lost, but she still continues in hopes of retaining them. Katyusha might often been seen as odd for her fascination with the infected and for her active, excited demeanor in general as she aligns this aspect of her with her desire to learn and share her knowledge. At this moment what is fueling her is the thought that she, in some small way, will help end the epidemic. If this belief were to be shattered she would become a very broken ninetales indeed.
User Notes
- Her knowledge of the infection is above that of most survivors, however, it is far from complete. Also it can be prone to having faults as her knowledge is based solely on her own observations with only a few selected individuals.
- Largely she focuses on identifying infected and their power level/intelligence.
-Height has been re-sized in accordance with EJ canon
-The only thing to be changed is that now she is a single profile

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