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Katherine the White Deino [WIP]


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Katherine the White Deino [WIP] Empty Katherine the White Deino [WIP]

Post by Min Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:47 pm

Katherine the White Deino [WIP] U2ONrzB
ridiculously temporary image

Katherine [-pure]
Item Flower Crown
Gender Female
Age Teen
Species #633 Deino, the Irate Pokemon
Height 2'07" / 0.8m
Weight 38.1lbs / 17.3kg
Pokédex Entry Lacking sight, it's unaware of its surroundings, so it bumps into things and eats anything that moves.
Level 18
Ability Hustle
Nature Calm
Characteristic Good Perseverance
Moves - Dragonbreath [Learned]
- Headbutt [Learned]
- Earth Power [Breeding]
- Bite [Learned]
History ((History here))
Appearance Katherine carries an almost angelic appearance, her features soft and carefully sculpted with wavy white locks replacing the deep black of her specie's norm. She is smaller than other Deino, her figure is petite and lithe, clear of any scratches or bruises. Her blue flesh is a slightly lighter, almost pastel shade--similar to an unsaturated baby blue.
Personality Unlike her kin, Katherine is gentle and collected. She is understanding, empathetic, almost motherly in a sense, and firmly believes that there is good in everyone, regardless of how vile or cruel their actions are. Calling her a pacifist wouldn't be an understatement, her very being against fighting and Katherine often finds herself on the sidelines instead trying to heal her companions. However, this is not so say that she would never battle--if something very dear to her is threatened she would not hesitate to leap into fray, regardless of the enemy.
User Notes

  • Father was a Garchomp.

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