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Roo Roo the Salty White Mage


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Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Empty Roo Roo the Salty White Mage

Post by Phoenix Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:35 pm

Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Sack_salt_7c49633e-bdc6-4fe9-8bdf-9188528ac3ba

Text Color dc4f03
Theme(s) Back to Black
Item Med pack, rations, water pouch, old photos of her grandparents and Wes, Poke Balls
Weapons Lead pipe
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She/Her/Hers
Birthdate October 11
Age 26
Species Human
Weight 148.9 lbs
Height 5'7"
Region of origin Orre
Occupation Nurse Practitioner
Party When Wes was arrested, Rui raided his home before the police could scour it, frantically grabbing poke balls before running. This was done half out of spite for Wes and half out of concern for the Pokémon themselves. She only managed to get away with a handful, plus the one he'd left her when he originally departed.
Pkm 1
Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Spr_6x_308_f
Name/Gender- Cosmo [F]
Text colour- #F884A0
Species- Medicham
Level- 67
Ability- Pure Power
Attack list-
-Zen Headbutt (Learned)
-High Jump Kick (Learned)
-Ice Punch (Learned)
-Poison Jab (TM)
**A gift from Wes before departing. "Reminds me of you."
**Wes you are an asshole
Pkm 2
Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Spr_6x_157
Name/Gender- Tequila [M]
Text colour- #F9EA9C
Species- Typhlosion
Level- 54
Ability- Flash Fire
Attack list-
-Inferno [Learned)
-Protect (TM)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Extrasensory (Egg)
**Stolen from Wes' personal stash before he was arrested
Pkm 3
Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Spr_6x_176
Name/Gender- Eggnog [M]
Text colour- #ECE8E0
Species- Togetic
Level- 33
Ability- Serene Grace
Attack list-
-Ancient Power (Learned)
-Water Pulse (Tutor)
-Wish (Learned)
-Heal Bell (Tutor)
**Stolen from Wes' personal stash before he was arrested
**Holds Evolite
Pkm 4
Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Spr_6x_429
Name/Gender- Brew [F]
Text colour- #CB7CB3
Species- Mismagius
Level- 38
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
-Psychic (TM)
-Energy Ball (TM)
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
-Shadow Ball (Learned)
**Stolen from Wes' personal stash before he was arrested
**Wears Assault Vest
**Has a habit of possessing machinery for pranks
Pkm 5
Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Spr_6x_357
Name/Gender- Daquiri [F]
Text colour- #58A468
Species- Tropius
Level- 49
Ability- Harvest
Attack list-
-Whirlwind (Learned)
-Substitute (TM)
- Roost  (TM)
-Giga Drain (Tutor)
**Stolen from Wes' personal stash before he was arrested
**Constantly out of her Poke Ball
Pkm 6
Roo Roo the Salty White Mage Spr_6x_241
Name/Gender- White Russian [F]
Text colour- #F9C3C8
Species- Miltank
Level- 50
Ability- Thick Fat
Attack list-
-Body Slam (Learned)
-Milk Drink (Learned)
-Heal Bell (TM)
-Toxic (Learned)
**Stolen from Wes' stash before he was arrested
Quote "Why are all men idiots?"
Rui was born in Johto but unfortunately her parents died when she was still a young child so she has very little memory of her time there. Instead she was sent to live with her grandparents, her only living relatives, in another region called Orre. Life was simple and fair in Agate, you work for what you are given and everyone pitches in to take care of one another. It was a little lonely sometimes to be one of the only children in the entire village but her grandparents made it bearable.

When her powers began to grow Rui couldn’t accurately describe them or even control them as Pokémon’s emotions began to read off of their bodies like glowing beacons, auras of every shape and color confusing the developing child’s already fragile state from the loss of her family. Even people began to ebb and flow with the strength of their emotions but, unlike the Pokémon, she couldn’t see theirs. That didn’t stop the sensations from being any less traumatic, however.

It took years for her to gifts to settle and become less overwhelming. Rui had to train herself on how to focus and study each aura she spotted, making various notes in journals scattered all over the house. She learned early on that any time she brought up her gift people got freaked out or despised her for it so after a particularly nasty incident she and her grandparents decided that it would be best if she simply kept it secret. It sucked not being able to talk to anyone about what she could see or do outside of her family but if the small scar under her hairline was anything it was a reminder of just why she had to.

Though, as children tend to do, Rui became restless as she grew up. She adored her grandparents but as a teenager the monotony of seeing the same people day after day, of doing the same things all the time, settled in and she and began to yearn for new adventure. Her wish was granted to her by an opportunity to go to Phenac City on an errand for her grandparents. The errand was simple enough but it got her out of the village, yet as she was starting to head that way she noticed a strange aura surrounding a Pokémon being used by two men. Concerned she asked about it and rather than the friendly faces she was used to at home the men became enraged and threw her into a literal sack.

They kidnapped her.
And put her in a bag.

Luckily for her as she was being hauled off an exotic young man with darkly tanned skin and golden eyes rescued her, and despite trying to immediately ditch her afterwards Rui ended up helping him out with the strange aura-ed Pokémon. Her ability to see what was wrong and with the young man’s strange device they were able to rescue the Pokémon, their success prompting Rui to insist on going with the other youth to find more. His name was Wes and within only a couple of days of meeting him she was already smitten. She followed the young rebel across the region like a love-struck puppy, rescuing Shadows and eventually ending up catching his attention as well and long enough to fall into his bed. This was the worst mistake she could have ever made.

Wes was a drug addict and a serial cheater. While he never hurt her physically after a year together it became more than obvious he didn’t care about her emotional well-being at all. One night she even found him in the middle of a drug fueled orgy with people she had never even seen before when she came over to confront him about another incident of him cheating. A fight ensued but he couldn’t even be bothered to stop what he was doing to argue properly, forcing Rui to flee from embarrassment and shame to the nearest train, the sounds of laughter haunting her every step.

Once back home Rui didn’t come out of her house for weeks. It wasn’t until Wes’s face stopped appearing on tv that she even felt confident enough that she would be able to go outside without seeing him. With a newfound grasp of her powers thanks to all of her traveling with Wes Rui dedicated herself to productivity instead of hiding. She had the skills to tell when people were in pain or miserable even if they didn’t say it and the ones she found it most prevalent were in those who were ill, injured, or dying. Wanting to ease their suffering the way no one could ease her own Rui moved to another region and studied fiercely until she was a registered nurse, only coming back home after her schooling and taking up residence in a small clinic to aid those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford such care.

Years passed this way and the monotony settled in again, but this time Rui was at peace with it. She was helping people and they depended on her. It gave her a sense of peace to know that she had a purpose. But, like with all things in her life, things were about to get turned on their head once again. A strange illness had been cropping up across the region, affecting both human and Pokémon alike. While the humans often presented with flu-like symptoms it wasn’t apparent what was making them sick until it was too late, and the disease always proved fatal. The only common connection was that almost all of the infected had been bitten or attacked by a Pokémon before they fell ill. Not long after the world fell into full blow chaos.

The warnings came too late for most. Phenac fell practically overnight, Gateon’s ships sailed out without even being full as the city was swarmed, and even Agate couldn’t escape the nightmare once the Pokémon within the gentle town and surrounding forest attacked. The only thing that truly spared the greener part of the region was that wild Pokémon were very few and once the food ran out the turned trainer Pokémon moved further south to the more populated cities. Rui barely had time to get in and out of Pyrite before it too fell, the town of hardened trainers actually able to hold their own more than most others.

What few of Wes’s Pokémon Rui had been able to gather when he had been arrested were now all that she had. Too terrified of losing them too, and uncertain how to even properly coordinate with a Pokémon as she had never been a trainer, Rui found herself often alone as she continued to struggle to reach Agate. Brew was one of the only ones allowed outside of their Poke Ball because she would watch Rui as she slept to keep them all alive. Armed with little more than heavy pipe she had found Rui was all but defenseless as she traveled the barren wasteland that was her home region, and no matter how close she got Agate was beginning to seem more and more impossible to reach.
Accent American South
Appearance Rui is no longer the slight, timid girl she was during her time with Wes. Now she is a strong, smart, confidant woman who has seen too much hell to allow the world to bring her to her knees again. Her fiery hair is barely contained in a half-hearted tie to keep her bangs out of her face as she tends to her patients while her piercing blue eyes are ever watchful for those in need, only softening in the sight of loved ones.
Religion Arceus, though Celebi is held in great regard where she grew up in Agate and holds a special place in her faith. It also helps she has actually seen Celebi before.
Personality +Sassy+
-After being kidnapped, robbed, and following a moron for nearly a year, Rui has become disenchanted with life and its surprises.
-Very feisty but is now able to back it up herself instead of needing a savior
-Hides a sharp tongue to go along with her sharp mind that shows itself whenever she is annoyed

+Easily Provoked+
-Sensitive to the needs of others and can get quickly aggressive if she feels others are being selfish
-Impatient pretty much with people in general. Nobody has time for drama.
-Emotional. ‘Nuff said.
-Easily Embarrassed, especially if anything to do with her naïve past is brought up. Or her love life at all.

-Extremely Sentimental; tends to hold onto anything with decent memories attached.

-Imaginative with plans, often uses creative means to get out of sticky situations. Prefers to use her mind over her fists though she is capable of both.
-Blames this on Wes because she had to recreate nearly her entire life after he brought hers crashing down in a blaze of debauchery and scandal.

-Refuses to admit it, and likes to pretend like she is completely disinterested after what happened with Wes, but does still believe in love and dreams of one day finding it.
-Also refuses to admit she is still in love with Wes despite herself and everything that happened.

-She will go out of her way to help people or Pokémon, especially if they are hurt or sick. In fact that is one of the main reasons she even went into the medical field.
-Empathic almost to a fault due to her ability to sense auras.
Affiliations Wes (The Bastard Ex)

[url=Venus]Venus (The Terrifying Idol)[/url]

[url=Celebi]Celebi (The Agate Shrine Legend)[/url]

[url=Nascour]Nascour (The Psycho)[/url]

[url=Ein]Ein (Evil Bastard Who Makes Shadows and Had Her Kidnapped That One Time)[/url]

There is probably more but can't think of them at the moment
User Notes -Did not agree with Wes' method of naming every single one of his Pokémon after booze but, regrettably, she found she couldn't change their names. The names have since grown on her as pleasant reminders of the times she actually enjoyed Wes’s company.

-Had worked previously as a surgical nurse before training to become a clinical nurse specialist, was almost finished with her training when the outbreak happened.

-Her aura ability, unlike actual aura Pokémon, is limited only to Pokémon. She can feel the auras of people but can’t really see them, whereas for Pokémon she can see them clear as day.

-Rui has zero experience as a trainer so to keep them safe almost always Wes's Pokémon are kept in their balls. Daquiri sometimes insists on carrying Rui if she is tired but primarily Brew is the one looking out for her.

-Brew very recently evolved into a Mismagius to protect Rui. She had originally wanted to wait to find Wes before evolving but a particularly nasty fight caused her to use the stone Rui got her anyway so she would be stronger.

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