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    Reeves the Deino and Thread the Adopted Aerodactyl [Hearthome, leader]


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    Reeves the Deino and Thread the Adopted Aerodactyl [Hearthome, leader] Empty Reeves the Deino and Thread the Adopted Aerodactyl [Hearthome, leader]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:40 am

    Reeves the Deino and Thread the Adopted Aerodactyl [Hearthome, leader] TuqPpg

    Reeves and Thread
    Hex Color Reeves (#4973ab)
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #633/ Deino, the Irate Pokemon
    #142/ Aerodactyl the Fossil Pokemon
    Height 2'7"
    Weight 38.1 lbs
    139.0 lbs
    Pokédex Entry They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds.
    A ferocious, prehistoric pokémon that goes for the enemy's throat with its serrated, sawlike fangs.
    Level 40
    Ability Hustle
    Rock Head
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Hates to lose
    Proud of its power
    - Bite [Learned]
    - Toxic [TM]
    - Dragon Pulse [Egg]
    - Dark Pulse [Egg]

    -Take Down [Learned]
    -Fire Blast [TM]
    -Sky Drop [Learned]
    -Iron Head [Learned]

    History "You're just as disgusting as your mother..."

    From the moment of his birth, Reeves was regarded as a mistake. A stain upon life. His mother was somewhat not aware that he was in fact her responsibility, and his father, an arbok, regarded his son with nothing but animosity. Though his mother's care was at her own convenience, his father was always indifferent to hateful, making Reeves' childhood a hell of negligence and hate. With time, Reeves soon found he didn't care.

    The family belonged to a trainer, a naive boy who could not understand the dark relations between his pokemon. They were trained, and the arbok enjoyed having the most use in battle. Reeves' mother was second, and the boy trainer was eager to train her and her son to be, what else, the best. With only three pokemon, he knew it'd be a challenge, but was optimistic.

    Reeves' parents soon found victory, and his mother even evolved into a Zweilous. Dissension settled further onto the family, straining relations as her two heads bickered and fought with not just each other, but everyone else. Reeves and his father saw the trainer switch to just using her, leaving the arbok in a foul mood, and let out his frustrations on Reeves. Choked, strangled, starved; the arbok pit his cruelest actions onto the small deino, cursing the day he'd allowed his egg to hatch.

    While Reeves had no real strength of his own, he learned to hide and run, using his senses to the fullest when evading his abusive father. His heart, his mind, everything began to shut itself off from his father's cruel words and malicious actions, keeping himself safe from a figure that should be protecting him. He did manage to find comfort with his mother, whenever her two heads weren't trying to bite at him.

    However, soon, even this small comfort would be stolen from him. His mother soon evolved again, into a hydreigon. At first, it inspired hope within the little dragon, as she exclaimed that she could finally see. He longed for vision, to see exactly what everyone else could. However, this hope was soon shattered as she roared with fury, and began to attack others viciously, their screams of pain and horror, the stench of blood telling Reeves what was happening.

    "You see?!" his father cried as he was surely battling with his much stronger mother. "She's a fucking monster! A demon! A hideous demon!" Reeves felt himself picked up bu his father and carried -for how long he wasn't sure- and as the roars of his mother faded, he was set down. He could tell by the strong reek of blood his father was injured, badly. "Now... I'm going to kill you so you don't turn into a demon like she did..."

    Out of instinct, Reeves fought back, self-preservation the only thing on his mind. He won, his father's wounds too grave to continue. With that, Reeves fled the scene, all traces of his broken childhood gone with the faded roars.

    When the epidemic erupted not long afterward, he treated everything like his father; out to kill him. He knew only the ragged breaths of their kind, the stench they brought with them. He has survived through careful planning, strategizing, and intelligence.

    Brought back into existence from a fossilized state by the government, Thread was instantly recognised as a blessing with his incredible, natural aggression. Volatile and possessing an undying lust for violence, the young dragon was almost immediately swept up in a vigorous training schedule. Required to battle the most fearsome opponents daily, the Aerodactyl rarely had time to catch his breath as his mind and body was constantly being pushed to their limits. But deep down, the youth knew that all the pain, the effort, would pay off in the end – as a result, he remained deathly obedient to his handlers. Always enthusiastic, Thread’s bloodlust only increased with age, the years of battling soon moulding him into the perfect, killing machine.

    When the first few years of training came to an end, Thread, alongside a small, elite collection of other graduates, was sent into what was considered a more important training programme – obedience. Whilst a sadistic fiend in battle, Thread was always gentle, respectable towards the humans around him. An awe of the intelligent creatures had been established in his minds years earlier, his loyalty unquestioned as he passed the following year’s training with ease. Top of the class, it was here that Thread first met Darius – a rather arrogant Bastiodon also fortunate have passed the initial training process. Thread disliked him immediately. Unlike the majority of the group, Thread didn’t need threatening. He knew what the humans were capable of, punishment revealed in the form of becoming an ‘avox’ – a tongue-less servant – and respected, admired, the power they had shown to harness.

    Thread’s first job following graduation was as an interrogator’s companion. Spending the majority of his existence in one of the few government buildings in the region, the Aerodactyl was used as a means to extract information from human captives unwilling to talk. He quickly learnt to love the lifestyle. As long as he didn’t kill them, the dragon had the freedom to create the most intense pain possible and when they finally started screaming, yelling their secrets, Thread was rewarded. In the years in the macabre line of work, the Aerodactyl had made a fearsome reputation for himself. He’d grown into quite the sadist, his methods of torturing growing ever-inventive as he dedicated his very existence to obeying the humans with the addition of his own violent twist.

    Having spent a number of successful years in the occupation, a powerful and well-respected individual as he travelled the regions as work demanded of him, Thread was eventually recruited to assist in another government matter. Talk of uprising in districts belonging to the government, the small communities of pokémon were in need of some discipline, some brutality to keep them firmly in line. Thread was a prime candidate, soon travelling to the lowliest area of district 12 to take action against the rebellious followers. On arrival, he and a small group of creatures who had accompanied him on his mission to reinforce order, found the place in shambles. Their predecessors had grown weary, slacking as they let the cretins of the area run riot – rules near obliterated. Disgusted, Thread was soon enlightened that an old ‘friend’ was responsible for the damage, Darius, and that it was his job he would be claiming as his own. Unable to disguise the twisted pleasure in knowing what lay in wait for the Bastiodon, Thread felt no pity for the future avox.

    Taking control of the district, Thread was a merciless, cold-hearted and cruel leader. Obsessed with power and the rules he was responsible for applying, the dragon would accept nothing less than complete obedience to his every command. To achieve such perfection, he was always willing to bring his violent tendencies into play and soon referenced his encyclopaedic knowledge of torture to ensure a peaceful community. Keen to make public displays of wrongdoers, the Aerodactyl was famed for his brutality and two notable methods of disposal – one involved lashing offenders with his speared tail, the other dropping them from great heights. A stark contrast to the old enforcers, the dragon had restored order through the fear that coursed through the community’s veins.

    His work came to an end with the arrival of the epidemic. In the chaos, the community rebelled, as terrified of the undead as they were of Thread’s tyrannical rule. Rapidly losing control of the situation, watching a colleague die in the fray, the Aerodactyl’s temper true temper was revealed in all its monstrous glory. The rebels he didn’t slaughter ran into the jaws of the undead – the dragon assisting in the total elimination of the ‘unworthy’ with the assistance of the beasts of the epidemic. Eventually fleeing the scene, the community stained red as the infected feasted on the gory remains of his people, Thread returned to the government alongside the only survivor of his team, an aging Skarmory named Cray.

    On arrival, the Aerodactyl was shocked to find the building completely abandoned. A few corpses were littered about the place, undead skulking the bloodstained hallways, but otherwise, it was totally empty. Lost, Thread and Cray took to the skies devoid of purpose. With no orders, nobody to obey, Thread simply set his sights on staying alive. Training hard to keep his strength up, the dragon quickly began to despise the new world – the complete lack of civility, of order. But soon took comfort in the Skarmory’s presence and his obedience to his orders, albeit under a rather fragile mutual respect. Disgusted by the chaos, Thread had since travelled in search of other survivors – those who can sympathise with his desire for control or prove weak enough to be controlled.

    With Cray’s recent betrayal, fleeing the scene amidst battle, Thread is left not only seething but also, for the first time in his life, vulnerable.

    Appearance Reeves is a rather unremarkable Deino; one wouldn't really be able to tell him out of a crowd of his own kind. However, should the onlooker spot him moving, his unmistakeable, signature scowl marks him for his identity, as it almost never leaves him, his face eternally displeased with his surroundings. He walks with his head low and tends to slink about, his moments more feline than anything.

    Larger than average, boasting a powerful frame with a more than impressive wingspan, Thread appearance gives immediate insight into the dangerous persona he possesses. His skin, particularly tough and gravelly to the touch, is of normal colouration. Almost handsome, the Aerodactyl is surrounded by an air of superiority tainted by his lust for power, whilst he looks out with cold, grey eyes.

    Personality Almost always angry, the closest thing this little deino will ever know to happiness is mere content or neutrality. Even with his young age, he is impeccably smart, and knows better than to depend on optimism, sunshine, rainbows and Arceus fluff. The world is what it is and won't waste the time or effort into deluding himself.
    He is a survivor to the extreme, relying on only himself, as he believes everyone else will betray him to further their own life span, since that's really what he would do himself, and what has happened in the past.
    Reeves is extremely practical and does not tend to hold onto things for sentimental reasons. Not that he has anything of sentimental value, but if there were, he'd let it go. To him, sentiment is pain, and being a deino, he feels that he goes through enough physical pain than having to deal with it in the labyrinths of his own ego.
    It should not be mistaken that Reeves doesn't have emotions; he does. However, because of his past and his mentality on how to survive, they are rarely allowed to surface, other than anger or irritation. Emotion is a sign of weakness, that his guard is down, and only around those he truly trusts will he open himself up enough for that to happen.

    - Physically Strong – An Able Battler
    - Intelligent
    - Strategic
    - Loyal
    - Rational
    - Impulsive in times of Stress – Reckless, Unpredictable
    - Power-Hungry
    - Alert
    - Sadistic as Fuck
    - Longs for Order & Control
    - Short-Tempered
    - Superior Attitude
    - Bossy
    - Aggressive
    - Emotionally Cold
    User Notes
    -Extremely intelligent. Tends to analyze what he can derive from his surroundings almost immediately
    -Because of his lack of sight, he uses his other scents to make up for it. Therefore, his hearing, his sense of smell, sense of taste and the vibrations in the ground and the air around him all give tells to what's going on. When one of these is hindered, however, he goes into a slight panic attack.
    -Is not keen on evolving, since he knows what Hydreigon are and what they are known for and capable of. He fears becoming a monster, but other than not evolving, doesn't take much measure against this likely outcome.
    -Has developed a means of echolocation to make up for his lack of sight.
    -Because of his serpentine father, he'll hiss at intruders or to ward away trouble.
    -Original Profile here

    -Based off and named after Romulus Thread from 'The Hunger Games' series.

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    Reeves the Deino and Thread the Adopted Aerodactyl [Hearthome, leader] PCP637Reeves the Deino and Thread the Adopted Aerodactyl [Hearthome, leader] 635Reeves the Deino and Thread the Adopted Aerodactyl [Hearthome, leader] 196

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