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    Lady Siren The Adopted Absol (WIP)

    Moon Moon
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    Lady Siren The Adopted Absol (WIP) Empty Lady Siren The Adopted Absol (WIP)

    Post by Moon Moon Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:43 pm

    Lady Siren The Adopted Absol (WIP) Y024ijU
    Art by myself.

    Sheridan "Lady Siren"
    Text Color #999999
    Item A white and red mask, thick hanging amulet
    Gender Cisgender female
    Age Aged adult (Mid sixties)
    Species #359, Dark type, Absol, the Disaster Pokemon
    Height 3'11"
    Weight 106lbs
    Pokédex Entry It sharply senses even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict natural disasters. It is a long-lived Pokemon that has a life-span of 100 years.
    Level 65
    Ability Super Luck: Super Luck raises the ability-bearer's critical-hit ratio by one stage, from a 1⁄16 chance to 1⁄8 for regular moves.
    Nature Serious (Neutral nature)
    Characteristic Strong willed (SpD IVs)
    Moves -Perish song (Start)
    -Future Sight (Leveled up)
    -Night Slash (Leveled up)
    -Curse (Breeding)
    History "You see Sheridan, there is so much evil in the world. Too much for one man to stop. You and I, we are only a dot on the map of evil in the world...we have a duty, reason, to devote our lives to exterminating this evil. There is too much, it will consume us. But we will die trying."

    Born to an unstable mother, Sheridan was whisked away before she was old enough to know what was going on. Her father was a powerful Espeon, long having dealt with hardships, he was a filthy creature but brilliant. At an early age he realised that his daughter had a disability, unable to hear. Over time it was learned that she was completely deaf, and while she was able to read lips well enough, there was something remarkable able about the young Absol. She was able to project thoughts. It started with 'Daddy. Am hungry.' but as time dragged on, she was able to speak much more through her telekinesis than out loud. She grew to dislike speaking in general, but she also was ashamed of her being able to speak through minds. Her father was not the most sane, he kept them locked up underground and never allowed her to play with the kids her age, but on some occasions Sheridan snuck out despite it being forbidden.

    They mocked her, called her ugly names. Freak. Bat face. No ears. They were uncreative but it hurt the Absol. She cried after one particularly bad time and snuck back into her den. She never questioned her father after that. At an early age, though, he worked on educating her. The Espeon told his daughter of the Evil, the great Evil that threatens all life. Lying, cheating, stealing, lusting, envy, all of it was connected. Pokemon and humans alike were all Dammed. He spoke of the Pokemon God, Arceus. And he taught her of the Pokemon Devil, Giratina himself. He spoke of warped morals, views in black and white. Sheridan listened loyally, eating it all up. Her father had been right about the children, he surely was right about the rest.

    Growing into her preteens, Sheridan loved her fathers teaching, hanging off of every word. But as she grew up, the teachings became less informative, and grew more sinister. He spoke of the Evil, that no one was safe, and they needed to be stopped. Punished for their sins. Even them, an Absol and Espeon, were marked for they both bore the Curse technique. They were Dammed, but it did not mean Redemption was out of reach. Sheridan saw more and more from her father's view and by the time she was facing her late teams, he was training her for battle. They needed to know how to defend themselves against the Evil, he told her. Be capable of punishment. They were servants of Him, the great Arceus, and were to carry out His will. Sheridan loved her life, their purpose. She strived to please her Master. She would be one to meet him, grace Him in the afterlife behind His golden gates, after she earned her own redemption. She was cursed, but it did not mean she had to burn. She would fight her way out of such a fate with teeth and claws.

    From a young age she learned her own tricks, unique to her and different from her father. She had the sharp eyes that some number of Absol were born with, able to see weak points with growing precision the more she trained her eyes. By the time she was twenty five Sheridan was joining her father on hunts for the Evil. They would join a community, watch. Observe. On the third day they would pass judgement on who was Good or needed punishment. They went on for years like this. Sheridan was able to perfect her Perish Song punishments. Always silent behind her father as he introduced them and spoke of coverups for their true identities as Reapers. When she entered her early thirties, a punishment went wrong. They had missed one Pokemon, a Krookodile reacted violently to the punishment of his mate. The reptile snapped the Espeon's spine before she could retaliate, slitting his throat with a Night Slash.

    Sheridan mourned then. Not only had she lost her only companion, but the world was rid of a Turning Good. She was confident that the Espeon had not yet done enough; she knew he was being punished by Giratina himself. But she had to keep working, hunting the evil. For many years she did just that, calling herself Lady Siren. From that time until the day she dies she never told another soul her real name... the only exception was a creature who went by the name of Uboa.

    He was the only individual whom she had ever met who shared her views, in fact he resurrected ancient teachings. He had plans, creating a group of the enlightened. Sheridan was the first one to find the Ditto, and she decided to follow in his ways. In turn he gifted her with her own mask, to match his, in order to physically symbolize their rebirth and knowing of the truth. It took many years, but in turn Sheridan was able to understand Uboa as well. After years of spending so much with him, even the weak psychic was able to decipher his screaming mind enough to speak privately with him through a connection of minds. Sheridan became his right hand man, in a way. The two were as close to friends as they could be with Uboa running the new world enlightenment, and neither were creatures to grow close in traditional means anyway. But the trust she felt for the Ditto was strong, she would have given her life for the cause if it came to that. He taught her of a foreign concept before their time working side by side; Redemption.

    Never before being able to comprehend that an Evil could be trained and turned, the Absol obsessed over the fact. And in the years she aided Uboa and worked alongside their brothers and sisters in arms, she came to believe to an extent. But with the coming of the Epidemic, her work was suddenly shifted along with the others. The end was upon them sooner than they anticipated, but there was no panic. Only very precise planning. In the chaos that followed their scrambling to find a way to bring the end, Sheridan became separated. On her own for the first time in years, she traveled freely and slipped dangerously close to her original views. With the apocalypse, there was much Evil to be punished and no time for the gift that was Redemption. She has silently continued on her work, not actively seeking out her past companions but keeping an eye out for them.
    Appearance "Absol is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon with a dark blue to gray body covered in white fur. It has a ruff around its neck and chest and a tuft on the top of its head adorned with a single blue-black oval. It has a feline face with almond-shaped, red eyes, a scythe-like tail, and a sickle-shaped horn on the side of its head. Its broad feet are equipped with three claws each, and spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its front legs.

    Absol lives in the mountains far from civilization, and rarely ventures down from its alpine home. Using its horn, Absol is able to sense even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict when a natural disaster will occur, and will try to warn people when one is approaching. This often has the unfortunate effect of Absol itself being blamed for the disaster."

    This Absol is certainly unique in comparison to other of her kind. For starters, she is completely black and white, the normally blue parts a startling onyx back. Her eyes remain the average deep crimson, a stark contrast against her black skin, but her entire face is hidden behind a foxlike white and red mask.
    Her body is scrawny and thin, unhealthy looking, with dirty fur. Around her neck she wears an old, coveted amulet shaped with a sideways eye.
    Personality Silent, borderline select mutism, will never speak unless spoken to, a huge introvert and intellectual- she will think long and hard, over and over, in her mind without ever speaking it out loud
    Strict black and white mindset, only good and evil, no grey in the world
    Adamant on beliefs, undeterred and unmoved by people who disagree with her- "They are the ones that are wrong or blind" kind of mindset
    Alone, prefers to be by herself, does not crave companionship-- in fact avoids groups of Pokemon
    Racist and judges heavily- dark type Pokemon are born Demons but allowed redemption, ghost Pokemon are being given a second chance at Salvation, Pokemon who hurt, steal, lie, cheat in her eyes are Evil, Pokemon that are martyrs, hurting, young are Good
    Heavily religious, believes herself to be a servant of the Pokemon God, and will rarely call him Arceus, more often Father, Him, Master, and among those lines, alternatively Giratina is Evil, the Pokemon Devil, and will curse his name or claim that Evil Pokemon are under his influence
    Only recently been able to acknowledge that some can be saved even after being Evil, still unsure about this in the long run, will stick with her traditional Good and Evil values
    Extremely socially awkward, too serious to get jokes, very literal, creepy-- but does not entirely notice how others view her, nor does she care

    Views Uboa as a role model, looks up to him, trusts without hesitation
    Used to his seemingly unexplained behaviour, has spent years helping keep him on track-- tries to make sure he stays on his right track
    Follows his lead loyally, his number one supporter
    User Notes -Brand sparkly new OC
    -Father was an Espeon. Curse was passed down to him from his own father.
    -Completely deaf and unable to hear. She gets around by reading lips, but a
    So processed telekinesis powers. She is able to speak telepathically through minds at will, but not much else.
    -Night Slash has a high crit ratio, so along with her ability, she will make a critical hit 1/4 times she attacks. I will be writing this as her eyes are sharper, almost like she has heightened senses, that aid her in landing critical hits. On the other note, she is very opposed to fighting unless left without any choice, either defending herself from undead or putting down the sinners.
    -Due to have the Future Sight technique as well as the natural sense for disaster of all Absol, Sheridan truly believes she is a psychic like her father was. She is just in fact an Absol and is Dark type, but believes firmly that she is a pure psychic type due to having minor telekinesis powers, unlike other Absol. Along with that she believes to have other psychic abilities like seeing the future, seeing auras, as well as seeing Evil and Good in each individual.
    -What Sheridan does is she will be alone for a long time, then join a group that will welcome her. She watches everyone in the group, reserving judgement until shes sure, then will brand everyone either Good or Evil. The Good she will protect while she will attempt to kill the Evil. Once the Evil is punished, she will move on.
    -She is hella creepy, due to her joining a group and being silent and just watching for sometimes days on end before striking the Evil in her eyes. Very unnerving in general.
    -To kill the Evil she sings Perish Songs in their ears while asleep and will stay until they are dead to make sure the Evil is gone. Since she has never been able to hear, the attack does not have any affect on her, a fluke that makes her able to sing it without any danger to herself. Alternatively, she never gives out her real name, strictly going by Lady Siren or the Lady.
    -The amulet was a gift from her father when young. She was told it holds immense power and is a very strong protection charm.
    -Collaborated history with myself originally regarding the Cult, Uboa the Ditto is also my character. Profile.
    -Adopted from Rixcs

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