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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Geo the Undead Haxorus


    Geo the Undead Haxorus Empty Geo the Undead Haxorus

    Post by Guest Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:03 am

    Geo the Undead Haxorus 2qbun4o


    #612 Haxorus - Axe Jaw Pokémon

    Approximate time of infection
    First week of infection.

    Known Moves
    Dual Chop
    Dragon Rage



    “Life is a fragile thing and should never be wasted.”

    It was a phrase his mother always told him when he did something stupid way back when he was still a wild Axew living in the caves of Unova. He was taught that you had to cherish the life that you had, since it was the only one you got, but he never understood the meaning behind it, not even as he grew and eventually left his mother and the rest of the cave pokemon to travel the region.

    A few months after leaving his home he found a hurt kid who had to be no more then 8 years old. He was told to be worry of humans, but he couldn’t bring himself to ignore an injured child who seemed to be all alone. He went over to it and started to try and cheer it up by saying some dumb things, he knew the human had no idea what he was saying, but it seemed to know what he was trying to do. Night had fallen and no one came for it, and he didn’t want to leave it all on its own, so as it started to fall asleep, he curled up next to it and fell asleep along with it.

    The next day he woke to the sound of calling, and he knew it had to be the adult humans looking for there lost child, they where a little ways off but he knew he had to give them a sign that they where over here. So he ran over to them and started to gesture that they follow him, it seemed to work cause as he ran to the still sleeping kid, they followed. When they saw their child they where so happy, just like his mother was every time she saw that he was unharmed when he fell off a ledge. He couldn’t help but smile, the kid was finally with his parents. He’d been living with the family ever since.

    Years had passed and their son became a pokemon trainer with Geo as his starter pokemon. They battled there way to the top in the Unova pokemon league that it was time for a change, so they packed there bags and set a course for Johto. They arrived a few days before the infection hit, so nothing was wrong at the time. Geo was a Haxorus by now and as strong as ever, but he knew something was going to happen, but he didn’t know what, or when. Then the infection hit. He and his trainer where able to keep them at bay for a few days, but on the third day of the infection, he got infected. It happened when he protected his trainer from a rogue Garchomp. It bit down on his left arm hard enough that it felt like it was going to snap, and that was when he was able to slice the beasts head off with his razor sharp tusks. He felt fine at the time, but about a day later he started to feel the effects start to kick in. His tail started to drag on the ground and his head hung low. He looked like he just lost a battle. Then, he collapsed. Dead.

    His mothers phrase kept going through his head the entire time he lay there, he didn’t understand how it was possible when he was no longer part of the living, but he suddenly snapped open his eyes. He was no longer the pokemon he once was. He was different. He began to stand up. His trainer had been kneeling next to him, tears still showed in his shocked face as he looked up at his once dead pokemon. A small smile started to form as his expression turned from shock to relief. He started to stand up, saying how he was so happy that he wasn’t dead, but Geo didn’t care much for the words he was speaking, instead he took his tusk and stabbed his trainer through the chest, killing him almost instantly. As he removed his axe-like blade, his trainer started to fall to the ground, no longer alive. He looked down at the lifeless corps, then looked off at some of the pokemon that had just witnessed what had happened, fear, was all he could see on their shocked faces. He merely grinned and said but one thing,

    “You are going to die…”

    User Notes
    Blades appear to look worn down and useless, but are still sharp and deadly.
    Is only able to say ‘you are going to die,’ other then that its just meaningless growls and roars.
    His green scales have turned purple due to the effects of the infection.

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    Geo the Undead Haxorus Empty Re: Geo the Undead Haxorus

    Post by Suicune Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:14 am

    Very nice.
    Definitely approved.


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