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    Cecilia the Shiny Ralts [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] [WIP]


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    Cecilia the Shiny Ralts [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] [WIP] Empty Cecilia the Shiny Ralts [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] [WIP]

    Post by Min Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:37 pm

    Cecilia the Shiny Ralts [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] [WIP] LuluRalts

    Cecilia [-blind]
    Text Color #74BBFB, Blue Ice
    Theme Song
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Adolescent
    Species #280 Ralts, the Feeling Pokemon
    Height 1'04" / 0.4m
    Weight 14.6 lbs. / 6.6 kg
    Pokédex Entry If its horns capture the warm feelings of people or Pokémon, its body warms up slightly.
    Level 18
    Ability Trace
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Thoroughly Cunning
    Moves - Teleport [Learned]
    - Psyshock [Learned]
    - Heal Pulse [Breeding]
    - Lucky Chant [Learned]
    Appearance A young shiny Ralts. Other than her shiny coloration, there is nothing outstanding except for the fact that her psychic aura is a bright, vivid orange.
    Personality Cecilia is an intelligent, well-though, and profound child who dwells on trivial topics a little too much. She thinks things through many times, always striving for the happiness of everyone around her--even if they are complete strangers. Her wish to satisfy everyone around her, although a great positive trait, comes with it's own consequences. This easily clouds her judgement, and even if she absolutely does not want to do something, as long as it makes the other happy, she will say yes. She has an inability to reject anything, even when she knows very well that she is near her breaking point. She almost constantly seeks praise from others, always unsure of whether what she's doing is right or wrong.
    Cecilia is selfless to the point where she will completely ignore her own needs for others. If needed, she would even willingly amputate her own limbs or give her own life to make sure someone else is satisfied, and when negativity is directed towards her, she will start to get stressed much more easily and might even break into fits of crying and try to patch things up.
    She is severely paranoid--which greatly contradicts her need to satisfy absolutely everyone. She is a very fearful Ralts, scared of anything and everything, and she views the world around her as a potential threat. Even to those she puts great trust in she will constantly doubt and worry that they might turn on her. In fear of this, she also tends to be clingy to those that she likes the companies of, and doesn't like to be separated from others. She also has a very hard time approaching strangers face-to-face, often getting extremely flustered and stressed to the point where she becomes angry. As an alternative, she will speak to others from distances away using telepathy.
    Cecilia, as stated before, is a very knowledgable Ralts. She is an avid thinker and enjoys mental stimulation--especially solving problems and riddles. She also tends to be very violent when angry, easily resorting to physical [or in her case, special] attacks, or at least, wanting to. She can be stubborn at times, but as long as an opinion has reason to it, she's very flexible in debates and conversations.
    Cecilia is a 2-part act, essentially. She is a shadow, therefore she requires a 'light' in order to function properly and for her to interact.
    User Notes
    • Both her parents knew Heal Pulse, so it was passed down when she was born.
    • Contrary to what her name suggests, Cecilia isn't blind at all. Ironically, she has a perfect 20/20 vision. However, she prefers not to use her sight but instead relies on her emotional abilities as a Ralts to sense others. She does not believe in judging books by their covers, and does not care what someone looks like in the least.
    • Being relatively young, Cecilia still has yet to fully master the arts of teleportation, and will often end up teleporting to places which she didn't mean to go to. The usage of Teleport requires a much higher amount of concentration for the young Ralts, and overuse will cause great stress onto her body.
    • She despises the cold, and is much more sensitive to it that others.
    • Likewise, she also absolutely hates water. Enough to the point where she could be described as a hydrophobe.

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