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    Eevee Questions -Closed-


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    Eevee Questions -Closed- Empty Eevee Questions -Closed-

    Post by Dandelion Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:51 pm

    Radeon (Which is sexy)
    If an infected Eevee evolves into the pure poison Radeon, what happens? Does the infection go dormant, vanish, or continue?
    Would the Eevee not be able to evolve into one because of the infection?

    (I know we aren't supposed to be in 6 Gen mode (and I probably wont be getting those games anyway) but Im curious)
    With the new Eeveelution being released, what if its a type is that of an approved fakemon? Will we be keeping our fakemon and have that type be special with two branches or will we have to dismiss it?
    -As in, Sylveon is a Bug type and we would have no more Aracheon, or a Flying type and Avieon ect.-

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    Eevee Questions -Closed- Empty Re: Eevee Questions -Closed-

    Post by Suicune Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:41 pm

    If an Eevee is infected and evolves into a Radeon, then the virus then goes dormant. The virus' progress will stop.

    As for the fakemon, any pre-existing evolutions that we have that conflict with the new gen will be voted on by admins.
    If we like our existing pokemon more than the official ones, we will keep ours. The amount of work our artists put into fakemon will not be discounted simply because of new official pokemon.

    For most of them, we will try to adjust and make them branch if we can, but for the Eevees, we will probably have to choose one or the other.


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    Eevee Questions -Closed- Empty Re: Eevee Questions -Closed-

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