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    Some Questions (Closed)


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    Some Questions (Closed) Empty Some Questions (Closed)

    Post by Dandelion Sun May 26, 2013 6:12 pm

    1. Does eye color count toward shiny tickets?

    2. Does putting one character in the safehouse when you have multiple count for your total time if you later need to put all of them in later?

    3. If a character is harbed do you lose special tickets (shiny, mutator, ect)?

    4. Can Ghost Pokemon hatch from eggs?
    Can an NPC die and become a ghost? (Then they can die again for mental torture |D)

    5. Can a Pokemon with gender specific evolution evolve into its the opposite (i.e. Female Burmy into Mothim), but it happens in the RP? (Asking for it to be placed on a mutator ticket on the team sheet along with the new image)

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    Some Questions (Closed) Empty Re: Some Questions (Closed)

    Post by Min Sun May 26, 2013 6:32 pm

    1. Yes, I believe. However as long as the difference of coloration of the Pokemon is under 25% you should be fine. VuV

    2. There have been instances before of this--but if you already have a character in and then you put another character in I do believe the deadlines remains the same. I'm not actually entirely sure on this, however.

    4. If it can happen in the games, then yes. They can hatch from eggs.
    As long as they're npc, I think. A character dying and then becoming a ghost is not allowed [considered godmodding], but I'm not too sure about NPCs since it's not really a character.

    5. I believe so, yes. As long as you have a mutator in hand.

    As always, wait for the admin's final say. VuV

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    Some Questions (Closed) Empty Re: Some Questions (Closed)

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