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    Plea the Yamask [inactive]


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    Plea the Yamask [inactive] Empty Plea the Yamask [inactive]

    Post by Negative10 Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:13 pm

    Plea the Yamask [inactive] Plea

    Name: Plea
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Level: 26

    Will-O-Wisp (learned)
    Hex (learned)
    Haze (learned)
    Ominous Wind (learned)

    Ability: Mummy: If you are touched by an opponent, you make their ability Mummy.
    Nature: Quiet
    Characteristics: Often lost in thought
    National Dex No./Species: #562 Yamask / The Spirit Pokémon

    Height: 1'08"
    Weight: 3.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry: These Pokémon arose from the spirits of people interred in graves in past ages. Each retains memories of its former life. (White Pokedex)

    Item: None

    He was an average human, someone who blended in with the crowd and enjoyed life as it was. He had a paying job, a loving wife, and a roof over his head. He was content with his life, and he was more than happy to stay where he was, just as he was. He didn't need more in his life other than all the things he already had.

    It was with these thoughts in mind that he continued his life with flourishing happiness, living day by day with an optimistic outlook. He knew that others looked upon his life with jealousy, seeing it as perfect and free of troubles. He didn't allow them the joy of seeing him knock them back, and took in their jaunts and jeers at work without another word. Being lenient on the jealous was his downfall, however.

    He was wandering through the streets, walking his Lillipup in the dying sunlight, when he noticed that he was being followed. Though it was discreet, he tried to outrun his pursuers, but to no avail. It came to a huge surprise to him when he was somehow cornered within an alley and... with pent up contempt and want for his wonderful life, he was stabbed multiple times by his coworkers at the abdomen. They ran away, not knowing that the days following would be life-changing rather than life-ending for the man they just stabbed.

    But he lay within the alley, shouting a plea for help. "Someone, anyone... please..." His voice echoed into the open air, but no one replied, nor did anyone come to his rescue. After nearly an hour of watching his life pour of him, he let his tears fall. He didn't want to die, he didn't want his spouse to hear that he was murdered, he didn't want tears shed because he was no longer there. He clung onto each breath he took, continuing his plea for as long as he could.

    After some time, his breath ceased and his eyes closed with finality.

    When he awoke, he was a smaller figure with a mask that resembled his face. He should have been elated to see that he was alive, should have gone straight to his wife and tell her that he wasn't dead, but all he felt was sadness creeping up as he stared at the mask. Has no one heard my plea for help?

    Quiet and unsure, Plea is hardly ever heard, seeing no reason in trying to raise his voice or make his opinion known. Often self-berating and second guessing his choices, he is indecisive and allows others to take action. He desires love and attention just as much as he fears betrayal and backstabbing. Upon meeting new people, he is wary and frightened; he wants to help but understands that others easily take advantage of kindness. Plea has no will left to live, nor to try and survive, yet the idea of death still terrifies him.

    Plea looks like any other Yamask -- his mask a perfect resemblance of his face as a human, and a grave reminder of the life lost. He is seen looking down to his mask and crying softly. Plea cowers at the prospect of confrontation or otherwise, and dislikes battling. He is known to hold his mask close to him protectively. He floats with an air of misery, with his head ducked and eyes drooped.

    User Notes:
    - Adopted!
    - Saving for the day I feel that I've redeemed myself B]]

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