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    Plant the Young Snivy & Verglas the Brave Undead Snover | [Laverre, Ace]


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    Plant the Young Snivy & Verglas the Brave Undead Snover | [Laverre, Ace] Empty Plant the Young Snivy & Verglas the Brave Undead Snover | [Laverre, Ace]

    Post by Dandelion Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:12 pm

    Plant the Young Snivy & Verglas the Brave Undead Snover | [Laverre, Ace] RdX3lGM

    Plant the Young Snivy & Verglas the Brave Undead Snover | [Laverre, Ace] V8xFZar

    Plant the Snivy
    Unprotected Innocence
    Theme Click Clock Wood (Spring) - Banjo-Kazooie
    Text Color #2fc014
    Item Red Pokemon's Sweatshirt with a Rubix Cube in the pocket and a small spider-shaped Necklace with an Everstone set in it.
    Biological Gender Male
    Gender Identity Male - He/Him
    Age Child
    Species #459 Snivy, The Grass Snake Pokemon - Grass Type
    Height 1‘08‘’
    Weight 14.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Black:: It is very intelligent and calm. Being exposed to lots of sunlight makes its movements swifter.
    Pokemon White:: Being exposed to sunlight makes its movements swifter. It uses vines more adeptly than its hands.
    Level 13 - Leveled via RP
    Ability Overgrow
    Nature Quirky
    Characteristic Often Scatters Things
    Moves - Leer (Level Up)
    - Tackle (Level Up)
    - Vine Whip (Level Up)
    - Magical Leaf (Breeding)
    "I never knew that there was a whole big world out there..
    and all the good and bad things in it."
    History On the northern half of Route 2 in Kanto a Pokemon egg lay abandoned. Its parents, a brave Servine and Roselia, had valiantly fought for its safety but both perished defending their unborn child. Their bodies had long since been dragged away and eaten by the time it was ready to hatch, the violence already fading from the landscape. The baby, a Snivy, hatched alone.

    Blinking at the touch of the sun the child drew in the world around him. Yet something was already wrong, a deep instinct telling him that there should of been... something, waiting for him. Puzzled, the Snivy waited for whatever that something was, carefully hiding away close to his hatch-place in apprehension. He was patient, sitting quietly and photosynthesizing, but he grew restless of waiting as all children do. When he couldn't stand it any longer the child ventured out to explore the forested route, positive that he could find what he was looking for. There were few survivors in the area, probably thinking that a forest was a dangerous hideout, but the ones who resided there were kind to the young Pokemon. They told him he was a Snivy among other things, that he was looking for "family" or something, and the current epidemic that was terrorizing the world. The innocent child didn't care about, or simply didn't understand, the danger they tried to warn him about. Everything seemed happy to him aside from missing his family. He didn't understand why he didn't have a 'mother' or 'father' or why those he talked to ran away when they finished talking, so he sat down and gave it a hard think...

    He was green, and his tail was a leaf. His body smelled like the grasses around him and he could even make leaves. The sun was like food to him, just like the plants around him.. Suddenly it became to clear to the child: he must be the baby of the plants! A special Plant, that was what he was! With that, he named himself Plant, a child of the forest. Nature was his family, the trees, shrubs, and even the sky, and this satisfied him. Pleased and brimming with childly innocence, Plant set off to play, scampering around the forest like some sort of wild thing. Looking for anything that seemed fun he found that in the form of the nearby town. What could be more fun then a city full of collapsed buildings? With so many stone towers and and odd objects he was going to greatest time ever! The grass type explored the abandoned territory with excitement, always knowing his forested family and home was nearby.

    After a while going home to the forest at night grew tiresome for the child. He found a nice copse of trees right in Pewter and made that his nest. Living alone in the city, as no one seemed to want a screaming childs company, and learning it like the back of his green hand, Plant was surprised when Pokemon he had never seen before started to show up. One was a Snover and the other was an Ariados. The Pokemon quickly became his friends and, without realizing it at first, even more for Plant. The Ariados grew to be a mother to him and the Snover, a brother. Heart soaring at his new discovery of family it was all the more heartwrenching when a terrible accident happened. For the most part the cold stone city was not attractive to undead, but not that day. After fleeing from an argument with his mother Plant returned to find her in the claws of an undead Sandslash.

    She died not long after in the youths arms, leaving Plant alone with his adoptive brother. While he still had a companion the loss hit him hard. Harder then anything he had ever felt before. Plant broke down; screaming, crying, and fighting in grief that he did not understand. Offering the child only a short period of mourning Verglas announced that he needed to keep moving in search of humans, threatening to leave the starter completely alone once more. Frightened by that prospect the Snivy agreed to join him when a massive rainstorm hit. The children were waiting out the weather when two more Pokemon arrived in the desolate town along with a ruthless undead Kabutops, the latter probably driven out by the rain. While the new pair fought the demon the boys took the chance to escape, pain gnawing at Plant's heart with each step. With rain pouring down around them he said goodbye. Goodbye to his home, to his fighting new friends, to his mother, and everything he thought he knew.

    The pair continue to travel, meeting new Pokemon and seeing new places, as they search for humans in Verglas' rescue mission. But as the days tick by things seem to be getting harder and harder...
    Bulbapedia "Snivy is a bipedal, reptilian Pokémon with a slender build. Most of its body is green with a cream underside. A yellow stripe runs down the length of its back and tail, and it has yellow markings around its large eyes. Two curved yellow structures that resemble leaves or small wings protrude from its shoulders and bend backwards. Its slender arms have three fingers, while its tiny feet have no digits whatsoever. It has a large, palmate leaf with three prongs on the end of its tail. This tail is capable of performing photosynthesis, which allows Snivy to move more quickly. However, the tail will begin to droop when Snivy loses energy."
    Appearance Species wise, there is nothing defining Plant from another Snivy aside from his eyes. They are an orange-brown color, just like his mothers, in contrast to the usual red. There is a burn faintly scarring his right side though it is fading slowly as his scales shed.
    He wears a red sweatshirt as well as a small necklace, both of which he found in Pewter.
    Accent Youthful, high for a male due to age.
    Devotion "Worships" trees. Without proper knowledge of the legends he has come to find the biggest of trees to be those he honors. The great sycamores and mighty oaks, as he puts it.
    Motivation Assist Verglas in his mission.
    Personality - Young Plant is first and foremost a child. He has lived without parents nearly all his life and had to learn and amuse most things on his own.
    - Childish and easily amused Plant loves to watch things drift in the breeze and explore anything new. He is very proud that he has been able to take care of himself and likes to tend to Verglas as well. He has been needing more and more care recently that Plant is glad to give.
    - Kindhearted and sweet he enjoys making others smile. Away from his home its bit harder, as he doesnt know the terrain or what to expect, and often finds himself anxious, but it is still a joy for him to strive for.
    - Like above said being so far from home has been a hard adjustment. While plants are a comfort being in a strange place with them is still rather terrifying. He is slowing growing more cautious as they explore, finding a lot of things to be more dangerous then he had originally believed.
    - Set to his assumptions/ideas Plant strives for goals that are usually heartfelt and personal, refusing to listen to any others.
    - While he will listen to others he's really not used to authority or being told no. He finds it difficult to know how to react to such positions.
    - To him, evolved and larger Pokemon are hunters, predator, and/or adults, and usually undead fit into these categories. As such he has merged them together and has yet to truly see undead as anything but predators. With so many of these dangerous Pokemon about he is fearful of big Pokemon at first, and with good reason.
    - While its not too difficult to earn his trust he has learned not to be foolish. More then once Pokemon have tried to take him away from Verglas or vie versa, causing a growing fear in strangers.
    - However, he is easily influenced by those he does trust.
    - He has a growing fear of fire after receiving a terrible burn in Pewter.
    - Since the events of Pewter nightmares have began to plague his dreams with rapid frequency. Often he wakes screaming, crying, or both.
    - Between poor sleep, long travels, and worry for Verglas Plant's energy levels have dropped off severely. He's pretty sluggish some days and has come to rely on traveling upon Verlgas' head and trusting the Snover in a fight (if it cant be avoided).
    - Longing greatly for his missing mother Plant's heart often aches for her. While he grieved after her death the mourning was interrupted and many of his feelings went unresolved. With no proper outlet or closure the emotions threaten to choke him and often cloud his judgement when they surface.
    - Highly protective of brother, Plant refuses to acknowledge him as a monster. He is simply sick and needs help. Anyone who jabs at Verglas ether verbally or physically will receive the same from the courageous Snivy. He may be small and weak but he will go to great lengths to keep his brother out of danger.
    - Aware that Verglas seems to be getting more tired and distant as well as smelling of mold. Its highly concerning but the child dares not bring it up nor does he know what to do about it.
    Team notes Temporary
    Affiliations Verglas: His adoptive 'brother' and the most important person in his life.
    Name Origin He is literally a plant.
    User Notes ❀ Father was a Roselia, unaware younger brother of Lilly the Snivy and Rush the Servine.
    ❀ He has several profiles but this one is his original.
    ❀ His height/weight have been slightly tweaked but everything else should be the same but with some sprucing up and updates from RP.
    ❀ For clarity, all of his items were picked up in Pewter.
    ❀ Base by eeveecupcakegirl, while the original image was created by crayon-chewer.
    Development Notes Lose everything that has ever mattered to him.
    Break his tiny heart and realize he has always been alone in this world.

    Plant the Young Snivy & Verglas the Brave Undead Snover | [Laverre, Ace] 9ZstMUt

    Verglas the Snover
    Theme Click Clock Wood (Winter) - Banjo-Kazooie
    Text Color #4fd9ff - Pokemon Crystal Color
    Time of Infection Five months ago
    Item Bandage on his right arm, and a green scarf on his left.
    Gender Male
    Age Child
    Species #459 Snover, The Frost Tree Pokémon - Grass/Ice Type
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 111.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Heartgold:: During cold seasons, it migrates to the mountain's lower reaches. It returns to the snow-covered summit in the spring.
    Level 16 - Leveled Via RP
    Ability Snow Warning - Summons Hail when the User is in battle
    Nature Brave
    Characteristic Often lost in Thought
    Moves - Powder Snow (Level Up)
    - Razor Leaf (Level Up)
    - Double Team (TM)
    - Grass Whistle (Level Up)
    History The Snover were a naturally curious breed. One year they discovered that while they had migrated to the lower peaks of the mountain for the colder months a human house had been built on the mountain they called their home. Understandably curious about the new neighbors a few whispered rumors spread around the Snover clan, the Frost Tree Pokemon eagerly clustering around the strange footprints the humans had left behind. There were two them that lived in the log hut; a man and his daughter who had built it in hopes of one day turning the rough hut into a world famous ski lodge. The Snover watched from a distance as the man made plans and phone calls and his daughter tried to point out that some of the trees seemed to be moving.

    It was the girl who made the first efforts to introduce herself to the clan of Frost Tree Pokemon. More than anything else her passion was rock climbing and the sheer cliff faces of the mountain were the best. As she ate her lunch overlooking the snow covered valley she was watched by a lone, young Snover peeking shyly out from behind a snow covered mound. Chewing a chunk of homemade Oran Bread the girl saw the very tips of pine green fingers sticking out. "Hey there, little guy." She said softly as the Snover quickly peaked around the hummock and pointed to itself.

    "Yes, you. Want some Oran Bread? Here, try a bit." Shuffling along the edge the girl breaks off a chunk of her lunch and leaves it on the cold stone ledge. Carefully the Snover edges closer and scoops up the bit of bread, shoving it straight into its mouth and smiling at the taste. "Glad you like it." The girl says and takes one step too far back. She slips on a patch of nearly transparent ice on the rock face, slipping back over the edge. The Snover swiftly rushes towards her and grabs at her arms. The climbing rope clicks tight as it halts her drop and the Snover helps pull her back over the edge. Her bag had fallen over, spewing debris of personal items over the rock face, but the girl is fine. As the Frost Tree Pokemon checks she's o.k. the girl picks up a red and white orb from among them the clutter. "I guess I'd better keep a brave guy like you handy." The Snover disappears in a swirl of red energy.

    "Verglas, come on!" The girl, much older now, calls out behind her. The snover swiftly shoves the last of his Oran Bread in his mouth and grabs his climbing rope. The girl's father hasn't touched his breakfast yet, he is still in the middle of trying to negotiate the move of some ski equipment. Apparently some strange activity in the wild Pokemon has been causing delays. "Sure thing, have fun sweetie," He replies absentmindedly, "Send Verglas to get me if something goes wrong." She smiles, "It won't." The girl rolls her eyes and shuts the door behind her. "O.k onward to the Northern Ridge then." she tells her Snover. Verglas smiles to show his consent and the two set off. It is a glorious summer's day with bright light reflecting off the shallow snow fall and the Northern Ridge isn't too far away...

    From the dark pines comes the sound of howling and the girl looked up in alarm as Verglas tilted his head to the side in confusion. Although he was a young Snover, only six rings old, he knew that Mightyena didn't normally venture up this far. "That's strange.." The girl unslings her coil of rope, hammering her first anchor into the rock face. "Let's get a better look." Verglas is just starting to shimmy up the rock face beside her when the first of the Mightyena pack emerges from the woods. It is a large male with a larger bite wound across its throat. The dark grey of its fur had become swathed with large patches of purple and its eyes gleam red as it sniffs the snow. The fur on its neck bristles at the scent of human prey. Blood drips from its long yellow fangs.

    Swiftly the girl starts to climb, knowing her only hope is to get up further than the wolf-like Pokemon can jump. The Mightyena throws back its head in a long echoing howl that is returned from many throats as the rest of the Mightyena pack slinks from the woods in eagerness of the hunt. The pack leader crouches low against the ice and starts to run towards her. The girl can't climb fast enough, she can see the malevolent glow in the Dark Type’s eyes. "Verglas!" She cries out desperately and the Snover leaps down to defend her. The Frost Tree Pokemon lands heavily on the Dark Type's back, using his mighty weight to force it down into the snow while stinging the fur of another with a Powder Snow attack. The Mightyena growl and start to circle the young snover, puffed up with aggression.
    "Verglas, Double Team!" The girl orders as she climbs a bit higher, glad her father had bought her the evasion raising TM for the little Ice Type. She can already see the start of the ledge where she had first met the Frost Tree Pokemon years before. Verglas obeys, moving swiftly enough to cause his image to blur in the eyes of the strange pack. One charges towards what it thought was the Snover and finds its paws hit nothing as it collides with the snowy rock face. It whimpers in pain and struggles to regain its footing.

    Then the pack attacks all at once and although most catch nothing but air one fixes powerful jaws around the Snover's arm and crunches before tossing the dual type aside. Verglas lands heavily on his back, eyes starting to water from the unfamiliar pain. The girl can almost reach the ledge.. "Try putting them to sleep with Grass Whistle." She orders and the Snover plucks free a blade of grass peeking up beneath the snow fall and starts to play. First one Mightynea starts blinking rapidly, its steps wavering until it slumps back down in the snow, then another and another until Verglas's frantic playing of the tune finally fells the last dark type, its bloodied teeth only a few inches from his shaking form.

    The girl hauls herself onto the ledge, letting down a rope for her brave Snover before hauling him up too. She examines the deep marks the red-eyed Mightyena's bite has left on Verglas's arm. "My poor little guy." She coos, looking in her pack where she finds a roll of bandages and dresses the wound, stroking the Snover's mountain like cap. "We've got to warn dad about those things. I've never heard of a Mightyena pack with red eyes before.. Espcially not this high in the mountains ether." A brief howling is their only warning that the Mighthyena Verglas had driven into the rock face had recovered before the Shadow Ball attack smashes into the ledge above them. The rock face cracks and starts to fall.
    A jagged boulder strikes Verglas across the face, leaving a long bloody slash wound, while a pointed stalactite pierces his other forearm. The girl is nearly entirely buried in snow, a large chunk of the fallen stone smashing down on her chest and breaking her ribs in an instant. Only her head and one arm is left protruding by the time the bright dust clears. Verglas coughs and waves away the cloud of billowing grey dust. Frightened off by the falling rocks the Mightyena pack flees back into the woods.
    Verglas tugs the girl's hand, pointing to let her know it is safe to go. She doesn't respond. Her fingers are starting to go cold in the frosty air. The Snover brushes his fingers over her face but the girl doesn't move. Her body is trapped by the large chunk of fallen stone and mountain of snow. Verglas decides he will wait here until she can get up. His hand wound drips blood bright red blood so he takes the extra green scarf from her bag and tries to tie it around the bleeding wound like the girl had bandaged his other wound. The result is nowhere near as clean, a haphazard mess, but it'll do. Every now and then he carefully nudges her, trying to get a response, but receives nothing.

    As the days pass the Snover's eyes slowly start to turn red without his notice. His wounds heal slowly and then stop healing altogether. As the days become months patches of dark purple like bruises begin to appear on his squat little body. His thoughts become stranger and less coherent. Sometimes in the night he can hear the howling of the Mightyena pack and he presses closer to his trainer on the small remaining bit of platform of the mountain ledge where the two had first met. The girl had told him that if they were kept cold sometimes people could be revived even after they looked dead. Someone would come looking and when they did she would wake up and everything would be fine..
    The little snover did not know that the girl's father was long since dead. The Mightyena pack had broken into the log cabin house and torn him to shreds on the desk he had sat at. He did not know that no human would come to rescue them because they had abandoned this place, deeming too dangerous to traverse. He did not know about the disease slowly making its way through his icy form that would soon consume his body and drive him to stray and consume the flesh of others.

    He did not feel it when his heart finally stopped beating. It was only then that the little Snover began to stir. If no one would come then he would be a brave Snover and travel further down the mountain than any one of his kind had done before in search of help. He would go find some help for his trainer, for the nice girl who made him Oran bread, and everything could go back to normal..
    Following the mountain paths that only a Pokemon could navigate correctly Verglas climbed down the mountain. He left the familiar snow drifts and snow berries of his home to the places where the hot, thick air was dense and oppressive and he saw, in the distance, the shapes of buildings not unlike the log cabin on the mountains.
    Here was where he could find help. Verglas eagerly rushed forwards, eyes hopeful.

    His travels took him to very distant places while the only humans he found were those long since past. He arrived in Pewter and met a Snivy there among some other Pokemon but yet again no humans. The grass type grew oddly close to him during his short stay and, as Verglas prepared to move on, he invited the Snivy to join him. The starter accepted with little question and the grass types moved on soon after. Still he searches for humans, for help, but his thoughts grow ever clouded..
    Appearance Verglas' eyes are a deep bloody red and his normally pale white skin has been darkened by patches of purple and red undertones from the infection. As both a grass type and an undead he has little care for any dirt or grim that also sullies his skin.  A deep red curving wound runs around his left eye from a rock fall and refuses to heal. A puncture wound on his upper left arm has been wrapped with proper bandages by his trainer while the other arm has a bloodied green scarf covering another wound. The scarf was washed and retied by Plant but the blood has stained its green color.
    His brown feet and dark green hands are red at the ends from the infection and drying blood. The three peaks of his head are rounded from his young age. His brown tail is a bit longer than usual for his species.
    His movements have slowed down as he moves away from the cool climate of his usual mountain home. Air warmer then he is used to has taken a toll on his body, making him sluggish in thought and movement.
    The infection has really wracked his body by this point. He reeks of rot, finds his vision blurring, muscles unresponsive, ect. While he has avoided most overexertion too much on his body will cause it ro literally fall apart.
    Personality | Quiet | Dazed | Sedated | Non-confrontational | Determined | Resolved | Naive | Ignorant | Distant | Unstable |

    Verglas was still very young when he first became infected and still has trouble understanding exactly what has happened to him. No one has really confronted him about it, most likely because he is so young, and those who have were too rash for him to understand. Shouting "He's one of them! He's infected, he'll kill you!" doesn't do much to help him understand either.

    His Ice Typing has helped slow the spread of the infection so his mentally is still largely sane, and he tries to suppress his desires to consume any and all meat. Usually he will go for those he finds freshly dead or accidentally kills first. He is not very good at killing either, even as an infection ridden creature, so stealing kills from others i a must have. Verglas will eat berries if others prompt him too but they never fill his appetite and taste foul, much like ash or dust. In summer he insists on offering the row of berries that grow around his waist as food, not realizing that anything that eats them will become infected.

    His youth makes him a bit naive as well as too trusting. He is generally a completely docile Pokemon, his own curiosity of others overcoming the disease's desire for blood. He does as asked and doesn't look for conflict. The infection has severely fogged his head though, and usually he feels like he is sitting in a cloud, only his mission remaining clear.

    He is vicious if attacked. The training he received mixed with the infections angry tendencies cause this gentle Pokemon to be a force to be reckoned with. The hailstorm from his ability is triggering, causing him to lash out further. After a battle if he finds someone hes taken a liking to dead he may try to preserve in ice to keep them safe from the infection forever, believing they can be unfrozen and cured when the humans come back.

    His wandering nature and desire to search results in him moving from town to town almost randomly in search of help for his trainer. Nothing seems to keep him in one place that long, other then the possibility humans. He is not overly careful in his movements, blundering around and moving an unusual path between towns.

    He is generally not very talkative unless prompted. His entire mental process is becoming a cloud and usually only Plant's pestering can snap him back for the time being. The bloodlust in him is becoming increasingly hard to ignore, the hunger unbearable, but he can not spare his time foraging when his human needs him to finish his mission.
    User Notes ❅ Verglas means a thin film of ice on rock.
    ❅ Adopted from Kaze, Original Profile.
    ❅ Image by ShadowGoth.

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