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    Post by Jirachi Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:38 pm

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    Saffron City| |Afternoon

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    "It's been a while, hasn't it?" she mumbled under her breath, looking around the abandoned city. She remembered this place well from her previous visit--a memory that she would not easily forget. Her gaze looked down at the scars across her third eye, a small frown forming on her lips as she recalled what happened here. She had met many survivors, notably the Luxray whom asked for a wish. She had certainly been the interesting sort, remarking about how she pixie would be unable to grant her wish. Yeah. You're right. But I can at least try to grant something, try to make someone happy. Had been her reply at the time, she remembered, and the legendary almost wanted to laugh at herself for saying such things. She had come a long way from then, she knew. No longer did she feel empathy nor remorse--and pleasing others was the farthest goal from her mind.

    Floating around the streets, she froze at the sound of wingbeats. Had a flock discovered her? Whipping her head to the source of the sound, she stared in surprise at the massive pink beast that flew. It closely resembled an Archeops, disregarding the multitudes of ribbons, bows, and the purse it held in it's jaws. Watching curiously as the Pokemon landed, Jirachi studied it for a few more moments. Was this one of those 'mutations' she had heard about? The pixie remembered hearing about a few Pokemon whom evolved into things unknown, but never once had she witnessed one before now. She looked on with slight awe, wondering if she should approach it. I should probably see if I can find other Pokemon first--that thing may not be friendly.

    Sneaking past the Archeopteryx, she headed towards the Northern gates of the city. Her mind scavenged the area, detecting other survivors. She carefully floated towards the building, noticing a Zoroark drinking from...a juice box? From this distance, she wasn't sure. She could detect others too, somewhere around the area, but where? Hiding behind a tree, the Legendary decided to wait and see if the Zoroark would attract the others--perhaps then she could approach.

    (OOC: Sorry for the shitty post, I had written a longer, nicer one but then for some reason the browser went back and I lost all of my typing... ;A; )

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    Post by Guest Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:57 pm

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    +-+-+ Apolonia | Saffron City (Northern Gatehouse) | Afternoon | Post Count 10 +-+-+

    ~~ Current Illusion :: Male Ninetales (name: Radosław) ~~

    There seemed to be nobody nearby, for Apolonia's senses were keen and could usually detect even subtle presences. They found nothing, smelled nothing, saw nothing. And the rain omitted any suspicious sounds. But T could not have been lying when he noticed something in the foliage. He was a Human machine, anyways.... Unless he was really decieving her? That was always a possibility. Nonetheless, she turned back down to T and called out to him quickly. "I'm searching out a little ways more. Just stay here, T, if you want."

    Having said her words she returns her focus to the forest before her and leaps towards the direction of the city. She stalks across the branches, her gaze readily ahead but her thoughts focused upon scanning the area. There was nothing to be noticed in the forest, so whatever creature was there might have been frightened off by T's outcry. 

    She continued along in one direction until she made it to the Saffron City northern gatehouse. When something shifted upon the rooftop, she stopped in her arboreal travel. Perching carefully behind a layer of foliage, she stared across the small clearing separating the forest from the building. Standing at its visible side, she could see a creature. It was a Zoroark. When she had found him, he had been drinking from a human can he had possibly gotten from the box on his person. Upon the zoroark's chest, she could see an absence of black fur and a raw patch of naked flesh at the center where it would normally be. His red mane had no discoloration, and the perspective she was standing from allowed her to see that his eyes were of a normal zoroark blue. 

    However, all of these details came at a cost for Apolonia. Her ninetales form was easy to distinguish from the outlying foliage of the trees. She had not made any sound in her approach, but her golden fur was very distinguishable from the leafy cover. By this time she had at least resolved, however, that the zoroark was either very recently infected or not infected at all. 

    And if hee was uninfected, he probably knew he was trespassing near her territory. This zoroark might be a rival looking to steal her food and seize the local forest for himself. And she would not let that happen. Out of instinctive habit, Apolonia stood upon the branch glaring down towards the encroacher. Her overall appearance seemed ominous rather than outright terrifying, for her unflinching gaze was entirely focused upon him. For now, this was simply to judge the zoroark's character. If the zoroark tried to attack, he would be mercilessly killed. If he proved harmless, she might hear him out before driving him away. (At least, that is how she has always has dealt with other people ever since the world turned savage. Maybe he was simply looking for shelter?) Although she still retained her false male ninetales form, Apolonia's true appearance would be readily visible to him. In a voice which would sound undeniably masculine to all but the zoroark before her, she demanded the Zoroark's intentions. "You enter my territory, zoroark. What do you want?"
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    Post by Moon Moon Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:02 pm

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    Saffron City||North of Saffron City {Near North Saffron Gatehouse}||Afternoon ((7))

    "KEERT-No. I don't think it's an ambush! He seems to be sitting idle on top of-"
    He rushed rushed over to the Monster Fox His electronic eye dilated dramatically in terror, his pupil almost engulfing the entire surface area. And just barely he was able to croak out 
    "Wait, I see something else out there, it looks like some kind of bird?" No way...Those dimensions can't be right... "-KRRRSSSH- I think we have bigger prrrroblems than another one of those canines. I need to get a better assessment of his proportions before making any conclusions."
    In an attempt to reach a better vantage point, the Artificial Pokemon made use of his anti-grav modules and elevated himself to just above his vulpine companions reach and let out a soft humming noise as he hovered fixedly.
    The sound of his own physical and mental processes had calmed the Normal type some, and he only flinched slightly when the fox asked him the next question.
    "Hmm? Your curious about my optical equipment?"
    "I'm a bit pressed for time here, so I'll give you the layman's version of it: I see the heat and or cold given off by Pokemon and objects. Heat penetrates most objects so I can even see Pokemon when they're otherwise obscured, I can even see through concrete up to 25 centimeters in thickness. It's pretty reliable, most of the time anyways.

    "Wait, I think I got an adequate viewpoint on it. Give me 30.5 milliseconds."
    He focused in, silent with concentration. But then suddenly, he burst out
    He screeched in alarm.
    But not even the sight of a massive prehistoric monster on his inflow of information could prepare him for what came next.


    In what he could only describe as...Demonic. The Sentry could not see the being, but he could feel the power that radiated off of it in waves and he could not help but feel small. It was indescribable, but somehow similar to that what he felt from the hell-hound that had paid them a visit earlier, and held the same amount of terror that he experienced from the Harbringer, what he was getting from this thing was more like what one would experience from encountering an Eldritch abomination of unspeakable ability.

    "Mother of Einstein!"
    He gasped out with terror filled awe.

    The roar echoed throughout the area, bouncing off of the buildings and trees, making it impossible to accurately discern the location of the abominable beast that it originated from, but the Sentry after a moment to further asses the info on the sound, he had a good enough impression to figure out that it was farther to the North, and getting closer. And that he needed to get the heck out of there
    OH HEAVENS NO "Let's take our chances with the bird!"
    Glancing back to make sure the fox was following him, he zoomed off as fast as possible to the gatehouse to the south to hide in it's debilitated depths.

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    Post by Kaze Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:40 pm

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    Saffron City (Near North Gate) ☆ Afternoon ☆ 2

    Strong claws gripping at the facade of the building the Archeopteryx sighs prettily and strokes a clawed forelimb over the long pink plumes he was so proud of.
    His shoulders tense as the pretty white and pink human crafted bag is picked up in his jaws and with a single flap of his mighty feathered wings the ancient pokemon is airborne.
    The bright ribbons he had woven into his plumes flutter in the air, if it wasn't for the considerable muscled bulk of his body he could have easily passed for some exotic feminine beauty.
    His pale eyes scan the forest below for some signs of movement and he isn't expecting what happens next.
    A loud blood-curdling roar splits the air in half, a sound that echoes loudly from many directions.
    It makes the golden buildings seem to quake or maybe that was just his own head.
    Oh, this place was far too harsh for a lady!
    Holding the purse tightly in his raptor-like jaws Kujaku flaps his wings powerfully, laying his body flat to reduce air resistance.
    He can't stay around with such a beast like that in the city. If there was any living Pokemon that might be persuaded to help a girl out they would have been eaten by now.
    Floating near effortlessly on the thermals of the sun-baked pavements (or at least effortlessly compared to the struggle he used to have to get airborne) Kujaku lets his eyes scan the trees below for some sign of the noises source or some safe place to shelter.
    Instead he sees a sign of movement in the trees below and allows himself to dive a little closer.
    It seemed too small to make such an earth-shattering cry but was it friend or foe?

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    Post by Jirachi Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:31 pm

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    Saffron City| |Afternoon

    The pixie perked up at a yellow figure emerging from the foliage of a tree, standing on a thick dark branch as it glared down at the Zoroark. It was a Ninetales, a strong, well-built male who spoke to the dark-type. "You enter my territory, zoroark. What do you want?" Jirachi looked at the two in interest, teal eyes carefully watching the scene before she watched a Porygon burst out. "-KRRRSSSH- I think we have bigger prrrroblems than another one of those canines. I need to get a better assessment of his proportions before making any conclusions." she squinted in disbelief. Surely it couldn't be the same one she met before! It had almost been two years since then, it couldn't be--it was impossible. The one she had encountered so long ago had already been falling apart from infection, the one in front of her couldn't possibly be the same Pokemon.

    "KRRR-WHAAT IN THE NAME OF GODDARD IS THAT THING!?!? WHUAHHH!!! IT'S -KRISHAW- 30 FEET IN SURFACE AREA!" she almost leaped from her hide when she heard the alarmed shout from the Porygon, followed by a loud, vicious roar. It wasn't long before the infected suddenly zipped past her, heading for the southern gate of the city. Blinking in surprise, the legendary quickly gathered her thoughts, glancing down at her dirty hands before frowning. Stretching her arms, she sighed, before slowly floating upwards into the sky and to the center of the city, following the distressed Pokemon. "I wonder what that roar was, though." a short, devious smile formed on her lips. "It sounds like a good experiment."

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