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    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team))


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    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) Empty Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:02 pm

    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) PGTKRbi

    Text Color #CC1100
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #197/Umbreon/Moonlight Pokémon
    Height 3'03”
    Weight 59.5lbs
    Pokédex Entry When darkness falls, the rings on the body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby.
    Level 50
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Mischievous
    Moves - Last Resort (learned)
    - Shadow Ball (TM)
    - Assurance (learned)
    - Psychic (TM-learned in RP)
    History Some years  ago, Yoru was born. A small kit alone in the world he had to fight to survive, making the child grow bitter and angry. He had no knowledge that he wasn't like other Eevees, since he had never seen another one like him before. His fur was flecked with silver and grey, making him appear almost dingy and washed out. Never once did he realize that his odd pelt color, which sparkled when the light hit it, was the reason he had so little camouflage in the woods. Years went by this way, with him always alone. It wasn't until his teens that he trusted another Pokemon enough to call his friend, and it was something he still regrets to this day. Vicious, a silver Ninetales with a mean streak, became like a brother to Yoru. Together they joined a small gang of renegade Pokemon, and as his feelings of companionship grew he finally evolved under the light of the full moon. But what stood where once and Eevee had sat was no normal Umbreon, but a sleek and powerful Vulpine.

    Fur black as pitch with crimson red rings that glowed under the light of the moon which had blessed his evolution. His new form was intimidating to say the least, and as his crimson eyes lowered to gaze at those down below they were stricken with fear at the devil called Yoru. He grew quickly after that, his partnership with Vicious making them a devastating team against any who challenged them or their gang. But not everything can be perfect, especially not when it came to Yoru.

    Badly injured after a battle in the slums, Yoru stumbled to the home of Julia, a sweet and nurturing Espeon who was at the time Vicious' girlfriend. The pair fell in love while she nursed him back to health. Yoru decided to leave his team and trainer and elope with Julia. Realizing that his best friend had essentially gone soft and fallen for his girlfriend, Vicious gave Julia a painful ultimatum: either murder Yoru, or have her and Yoru face death for their betrayal. Worried for Julia, Yoru  managed to fake his own death by engaging in a showdown  alone in a church against a rival, allowing him to drop off of Vicious's radar. He waited for Julia at the graveyard so they could escape and be free, but she never showed. Devastated and terrified of facing his former friend Vicious, Yoru ran and never looked back.

    About three years later Yoru met a former cop turned bounty hunter Jet Black, and while he had never trusted humans before something about the tall, gruff man made him second guess. After a few days of Jet coming around the two became partners. Yoru moved onto Jet's ship, the  Bebop, and the two  worked together for  years out of that boat, joined by a female trainer named Whisper and her two Pokemon after a while. Yoru didn't warm up to them very quickly, not really fond of kids, but eventually he grew to tolerate having them on board. Over the course of working with Jet he met a  female Vaporeon who drove him absolutely batty, often times ready to kill her for her annoying behavior, but somehow wound up tumbling around with her enough times to father a child. A daughter. Not really one for responsibility he left her in the care of her mother, reminding himself that he hated kids and women with attitudes. And that Vaporeon was all attitude. But he did visit the kid often enough for her to know that she had a father until tragedy struck and she went missing.

    After his daughter's disappearance he didn't get out much other than to work with Jet, not really up to accidentally making any more kids. He was better off as a loner anyway. It was a decent enough life, if somewhat chaotic at times, but once again Yoru's excellent track record caught up to him. The Epidemic struck and he and Jet got separated, causing the Umbreon to be once again out on his own. As he traveled he came across a group of Pokemon who weren't trying to eat him and, while saddled with a kid in the group, decided to stick around. He ran into an old acquaintance of his named Armonia but the two didn't get much of a reunion before an Undead attack had everyone scattering. He lost the shiny Rapidash and has been trying to find the group he left behind ever since.
    Appearance Thin in appearance with fluffy ebony fur and crimson red rings. He is sleek for an Umbreon and his fur is rather unkept but still soft to the touch. Frequently he is seen with a bored or lax expression, the look only changing when he is angry or serious. When it does switch his glare is accented by the frightening and intense glow of his crimson rings, making him capable of striking fear into his enemy. Comes across as a total pushover but his slackened posture makes it easier for him to decieve his enemies.
    Personality Yoru believes the waking world to be a dream, that all of life is a dream. It is a  philosophy based on the ancient samurai ideals of immediacy, such as considering oneself as dead and the idea of death being an awakening from a dream
    Yoru's attitude of living in a "dream-like" existence is displayed by his careless behavior and his nonchalant attitude towards dangerous or outright fatal situations. Once a female he had rescued, in a grand display the nearly got him killed, made mention that she was not sure if he was joking or not, to which he responded that he "gets that a lot".
    When he is not working or practicing his skills, Yoru is very laid back and listless, often a source of tension for his teammates. Despite his open and honest opinions, he keeps much of himself hidden. Often so well that others don't seem to realize that despite being with him forever they actually know very little about him. Some occasionally refer to him as a "lunkhead" due to his attitude, and generally he just takes life as it comes, but that doesn't stop him from working to make his life easier.

    The three things he hates most are "kids, animals, and women with attitudes." So he can not for the life of him figure out how he fathered so a kid with a woman exhibiting the two others.
    User Notes -Adopted, original profile
    -upped his level slightly from original due to RP battles
    -since Swift was not a legal move for him I changed it to Last Resort, coincides with his new level
    -His history did not work with his age since it said that he was born during the Epidemic, so it has been edited almost completely (reworded a few parts about his hatching but that is mostly the same, added in a relationship to get his daughter Reine (Rped by Silverishness))
    -Revamped to have a personality more based on Spike from Cowboy Bebop
    -He is not sure if his daughter is alive or not

    Last edited by Mewtwo on Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:34 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Replaced Protect with Psychic per RP (9/14/15))

    Age : 36
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    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) Empty Re: Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:04 pm

    Yoru is ready to be moved to PC for approval.

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    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) Empty Re: Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team))

    Post by Victini Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:44 am

    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) RGgji6G

    A tiny note is that Last Resort is a Normal-type move, not Dark. ;]


    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) VictiniYoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) TGJeE
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    Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team)) Empty Re: Yoru the Umbreon *Adopted* ((Saffron Team))

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