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    Sealand the Umbreon (Acuity, Sinnoh)


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    Sealand the Umbreon (Acuity, Sinnoh) Empty Sealand the Umbreon (Acuity, Sinnoh)

    Post by Jay Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:49 pm

    Sealand the Umbreon (Acuity, Sinnoh) 30upoh3



    Text Color:

    A scarf with the Sealand flag design on it.



    #197: Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokemon


    60 lbs

    Pokédex Entry:
    When darkness falls, the rings on the body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby.





    -Helping Hand
    -Protect (TM)
    -Return (TM)

    Before Sealand was born, his father, a majestic albino Houndoom known as Obsidian, was a young hound hoping to make a name for himself in the world. Allied with his trainer and best friend, they sought to conquer the Sinnoh League and win the title of Champion. They actually almost accomplished the feat, until a nearly-fatal accident during the Championship match broke Obsidian's backbone and caused him to lose all feeling in his back legs. Now unable to even move right, Obsidian was forced to give up his goals and settle down into a 'normal' life. So the Houndoom and his trainer got a home in Sandgem Town, away from the noise and bustle of the cities, where they could finally get some peace. But Obsidian became frustrated and restless, his body too hard-wired for battling. He couldn't just lie around for the rest of his life, but broken backbones don't mend.

    In an entirely different region, Sealand's mother, a stunted, spiky-furred Flareon known as Johanna, was not in the same situation. She had been abducted from her home not too long before, and now found herself trapped inside a dark, tramped cage. She had no idea where she was or where she was going, but Johanna was terrified beyond belief. What if her kidnappers killed her?
    For better or worse, that was not the case. Johanna was released just to be shoved into yet another cage, but this one had other Pokemon in it. A weary-looking Raichu introduced himself as Iraku, and also introduced an Ivysaur as Trinity, who was apparently mute. But what broke her heart the most was the tiny Eevee named Charm. Johanna could tell that the little one had been a cheerful soul before being taken here. With only those three for company, Johanna could only wait to find out what would happen to them. Minutes became hours, hours became days, time passing became agonizing. Then Trinity was taken first. Nobody ever found out what actually happened to him-they were kept from being able to see their surroundings-but the distant screams they heard could not be a coincidence.
    Trinity never came back.
    It became a fact to them, even if they didn't know all of the information; they were going to die.
    Next to be taken was Iraku. He fought, struggled with all his might, but there was no conquering the humans, the tormentors. Desperate now, Johanna once again tried to break free from the cage-and it worked. Miraculously, both she and Charm were free, from the cage at least. Johanna could tell that they were in some sort of human structure, with low ceilings and extremely dim lighting. Leading the Eevee along, she began to search for the way out. There was always a way out, right?
    Johanna and Charm managed to avoid being sighted for a long period of time, but then the tables turn against them. They were caught, by sight, and a terribly-scarred Arcanine was sent after them. His heavy paws made the whole building shake, his howls were the call of the devil. Johanna knew the exit was around here somewhere, she knew.
    Suddenly, the air heated up and an explosion rent the world apart, nearly deafening Johanna and sending her crashing into a wall. Disoriented, the Flareon got up, only to see Charm on the ground, unmoving, horribly burned. She wasn't breathing. The Eevee was unmistakeably dead. Tears began to well up in Johanna's eyes, but she could not take Charm with her-it would slow down her escape. The Arcanine had gone wild, and the humans were trying to subdue it, but Johanna took no notice of it.
    With a last goodbye to the Eevee who's life had been stolen twice, Johanna escaped. Truly escaped. The only one of the four who had made it out alive.
    Now she had nobody.

    Obsidian was trying to get some sleep on the front porch, but kept one eye open, just in case. It was supremely unlikely that anyone suspicious would pass through Sandgem, but he wasn't going to take that risk.
    A sudden movement from the town's exit made Obsidian jerk his head up, trying to see who was coming into town. A growl rumbled in his throat as he got up, dragging himself off the porch for a better view. But the newcomer wasn't whom he had expected.
    It was a Flareon, covered in old scars, looking defeated. Obsidian was surprised at how thin and weak she looked, and barked for Nicolas to come outside.
    The Flareon weakly looked up at Obsidian, eyes dulled, before collapsing. That was when Obsidian dragged her to the house by her scruff, unable to move the Eeveelution any other way. Nicolas came outside, alarmed, and carried the Flareon inside for Obsidian, no questions asked. It was obvious she'd been through hell, and Nick wasn't the kind of person to just leave somebody, human or Pokemon, to die.
    The Flareon started to improve, only slightly, and the two decided to let her stay until she got fully better and moved on. When she was strong enough, the Flareon told Obsidian in a shaky voice that her name was Johanna. Obsidian didn't hang around Johanna too much at first, but then she began to tell him stories of her past, her life with a kind family who had loved her. But Johanna never spoke of anything else; she seemed to be unwilling to tell Obsidian something. He never pushed the matter, but it worried him. Something terrible had happened to Johanna, he just didn't know what it was.
    Johanna got much better staying with Obsidian and Nick, and started to bond with the Houndoom. She didn't want to leave him, not now, not ever. Was that....love? Johanna couldn't identify the powerful emotion that kept her by Obsidian's side, but she believed it was love. She loved the Houndoom, and he loved her back.

    Three years after the two had met, they received the happiest news in the world. They were going to have a child. Johanna was overjoyed, the happiest Obsidian had ever seen her before. She was so eager to be a mother, but he knew she would be a great one. He resigned himself to being a great father; all children needed the guidance of both parents, after all. They prepared themselves for when the egg would hatch, when their child would enter the world.
    Even with all the euphoria, misfortune struck once more. The egg would hatch at any day now, but Obsidian had come down with a terrible, fatal disease. He was already dying, but still he fought, wanting to see his son or daughter. Johanna was heartbroken; she didn't want the love of her life dead and gone from this world. And there was still something she wanted to tell him. She had to.
    In what was probably the last hour of his life, Johanna told Obsidian everything. Her abduction, the time spent in captivity, the death of her friends, the escape, her terrible years afterwards, until she had met him. He took the news well, but she could see guilt in his eyes. Regret, for not knowing until now.
    The egg was hatching. Obsidian was fighting for his life.
    As the desperate struggle went on, the shell cracked open, and a baby Eevee was now visible. Johanna carefully removed him from the shell, and Obsidian gazed at the newborn in wonder.
    "Our son, love," Johanna said to Obsidian.
    "I-I'm so glad I got to see him, before...." his voice broke, whether from the illness or the pure joy, no one will ever know.
    "His name?" Johanna asked, a last request for her true love.
    ".....Sealand." Obsidian knew it was an odd name, but it fitted his son perfectly.
    "The sea is where freedom is," Johanna looked at Obsidian intensely, and he stared back. Locked together. An eternal bond.
    As his breath began to leave him, Obsidian felt tears rolling down his cheeks. But they were not of sorrow. Joy was all he felt; it overshadowed his grief.
    It was there Obsidian died, leaving Johanna and Sealand behind.

    Johanna raised Sealand alone. They had traveled to the Johto region, away from Sinnoh with all of it's sorrows. She taught her son how to be strong in both body and spirit, told him stories of his father, even stole Technical Machines to teach her son how to defend himself better. Johanna knew that he would have to go out on his own one day, and wanted Sealand to be ready. She handled the role of both mother and father, loving her son without exception. They were very close, bonded with sadness and happiness alike.
    Until the day Johanna was killed. It was a wild, vicious Arcanine that had done the deed, snapped her neck like it had nothing but chicken bones in it. Sealand saw it all, and his heart seemed to burst with grief and fury. The Arcanine, howling with triumph, ran off, on the hunt for more prey.
    Sealand couldn't do anything about it. He buried his mother near a copse of trees, crying, wishing that life didn't have to be so cruel. She was the only family he'd had, and now his mother was gone too.
    Sealand was completely numb. He wandered, without thinking, into Violet City, and bumped into a big black dog. She introduced herself, rather coldly, as Wy. The girl was really hostile towards Sealand, but he acted super-friendly and energized. He wanted to be Wy's friend, anything to block out the grief he'd come to know. When Wy had been attacked by a freaky Ninetales, Sealand had beat the crap out of it for her.
    She'd warmed up towards him after that.
    And so they became friends. Sealand enjoyed nothing more than traveling with Wy, forgetting his past experiences, helping her with all the fighting they had to do. He loved having a friend, albeit a rather overly-serious one. When the Epidemic struck Johto, Sealand thought of nothing more than keeping Wy safe from those monstrous Pokemon. Only he met his match during a fight with an infected Dragonite at the MooMoo farm; in the chaos, he became seperated from Wy and knocked out cold.

    Sealand drifted in and out of consciousness for an unknown length of time. When he finally, really woke, he was at an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar bird Pokemon. Frightened, he jumped up, looking around. They were in a snow-filled city, that the bird (Lock) said was called Snowpoint.
    "Snowpoint?" Sealand was confused.
    "Yes, Snowpoint. I brought us here to Sinnoh all the way from Johto." Lock informed him.
    Here to Sinnoh.
    Ignoring the warnings of the bird, Sealand raced off, alone, into unfamiliar territory.
    How was he going to get back to Johto?
    How was he going to get back to Wy?

    Sealand is an extremely short Umbreon, standing at only two feet tall, rather than the three feet average of a normal Umbreon. He wears a thick scarf around his neck that has the Sealand (the real micronation) flag design on it. Sealand has darkish-blue eyes and rather spiked fur. His legs are very slender and he has a rather slim build, which he got from his mother. Sealand is very energetic, and is often seen bouncing around and trying to get other people's attention. He's usually seen with a smile on his face.

    Sealand is very friendly and enthusiastic, and is always trying to get others to notice him. Because of this, he does tend to annoy the more serious or irritable Pokemon he meets. Sealand likes respect, and anyone who doesn't give him respect, he tends to get very angry at. Sealand is quite good at hiding his sadness and wants to become a very powerful Pokemon one day. He has a lot of energy and sometimes feels embarrassed by how short he is. In all, Sealand just wants to be friends with everybody, even if they are extremely rude to him.

    User Notes:
    .His mother, Johanna, was raised by British people, and that's where she got the accent from. Because she had the accent, Sealand started speaking the same way-though his voice is rather like a child's.

    .His goal is to return to Johto and meet up again with Wy, even though it seems impossible to him.

    .His mother was the one who knew how to use TMs (from her time with Obsidian and Nicolas), and stole three of them for Sealand.

    (I'm sorry for the ridiculously long history! DX)

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    Post by Guest Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:05 pm

    I hereby recognize Sealand as a country. |D

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    Post by Mewtwo Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:29 am

    My only note is that you need to state somewhere in the profile he was adopted.

    You are fortunate I already knew he was, but it is required.


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    I always forget that, xD Fixed.

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    (Profile Mods, due to my being absent for so long while this profile was adopted and re-posted please see the character back to its original place on the team if it has been taken off. He should be right after the Feraligatr. Thank you)


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