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    Lexie the Azurill [inactive]


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    Lexie the Azurill [inactive] Empty Lexie the Azurill [inactive]

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    Lexie the Azurill [inactive] 298
    Temporary Image

    Lexie [Man's Defender]
    Item Pink Bow
    Gender Female
    Age 4
    Species #298 Azurill, The Polka Dot Pokemon
    Height 0'08" / 0.2m
    Weight 4.4lbs / 2.0kg
    Pokédex Entry Its tail bounces like a rubber ball. It flings that tail around to fight opponents bigger than itself.
    Level 8
    Ability Thick Fat
    Nature Jolly
    Characteristic Impetuous and Silly
    Moves - Sing [Breeding]
    - Charm
    - Tail Whip
    - Splash
    History "Hehehehe! Let's all play together!"

    Lexie was born post-epidemic, being nurtured in a close-knit clan of living water types. She and her twin sister, Molly, were born to a stunning Lapras father and gorgeous Azumarill mother, both former contest Pokemon. The two Azurills were optimistic and eager, both holding an insatiable curiosity. Being born after the infection they had no idea of what a normal life was like, being told that crazy weird-smelling Pokemon with glowing red eyes were only sick innocents. Unlike her sister, however, Lexie believed in the lies and set her goals to make friends with the undead to make them feel better.

    On her first attempt the young Azurill had approached an infected Chikorita, but before she could speak her parents had immediately grabbed her and killed the grass-type. Lexie was shocked, unsure of what had happened but decided to keep quiet and still be her jolly old self. She would constantly go around the tribe, laughing and singing while helping others with their duties. A favourite pass time was also to play a game of tag with her sister, who was reluctant to do anything but train. Molly loved the world, and believed the world loved her back. If anything Lexie was always caught up with her optimistic views and delusions of the world.

    Then one day, a mod of undead began to attack the small tribe. One by one who witnessed her friends die, and eventually, her parents. They were split up in the chaos, Molly going with their mother while Lexie went with their father. The father, in order to protect Lexie, flung her into the waters and commanded the child to swim. She instead, has submerged herself and hid herself on the river floor, quietly watching as an infected came and murdered the Lapras. When the unded were gone, she silently emerged from the river, shaking and crying in fear. She took her father's bow as a keepsake, before running away frantically.

    She dived into the waters and began to swim as fast as she could, heading to where one would call Castelia.
    Appearance Lexie is a perfectly normal Azurill, albeit very a little delusional. She has a pretty pink, blood stained bow tied around her tail, and a large grin is always on her face. No. Matter. What.
    Personality Lexie is extremely optimistic, making even the worse things into something happy. She's always bubbly and happy, jumping about everywhere and singing. The Azurill also tends to be a bit delusional, and if someone acts similarly to her mother or father she will call them mother or father respectively.
    User Notes
    • Has a twin sister named Molly.
    • Tends to be a bit too happy.
    • Speaks with a English Accent.

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